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Chapter 29

The game began, and at their first hole, when it was their turn, she asked, “How do you expect to win, when you don’t know if I can play or not?”

   He shot first, and his first hit was a hole in one. “By never missing and hoping your score won’t be horrific. My only competition is Jaelen and I know Kimberly is a horrible miniature golf player. I’ve seen her practice on his courses, and it’s like she has two left hands.”

   “That’s not very nice to say,” Chon said getting into position to hit the ball.

   “The truth hurts,” Dorian said directly.

   Chon hit the ball, but it only went almost near the hole. “And how many times did it take for her to get this hole?”

   “Four,” Dorian said.

   Concentrating, Chon took a deep breath and hit the ball in the hole. “I guess we’re ahead?”

   Dorian looked impressed for a brief second. “I suppose we are unless you’re just lucky.”

   She picked up her ball and said, “I never leave anything to luck, Dorian Zane.”

   He smirked and escorted her to the second hole.

As he lined up his shot, she asked, “So what made a selfish asshole like you, actually care about the environment?”

He paused before he hit the ball. “Who said I cared about the environment?”

“You have to care to invent and create what you’ve done?” she reasoned.

Dorian hit another hole in one before answering. “I hate waste, and I hated always hearing my mother complaining about paying for gas and electric all the time.” He picked up his ball and moved out of her way so she could take her turn. “We were a middle-class family, but my mother was frugal – extreme frugality – and she wanted to pay for as little as possible. When they died, I was left with so much money to do a lot of research. Hearing my mother complain all the time became my one angst to try to stop, so I would invent ways to use solar power and understand green energy in order to keep her complaining down. As long as I was creating, her complaining became little to none.”

“You loved her.”

“I adored her to the core.” He frowned looking upset briefly. “After they died and I was trying to sell off their house, I saw how my inventions had created a valuable asset to the house, and I was inspired to keep making inventions and patenting them. College friends who got hired at large firms remembered what I did, and I was brought in to get their companies the governmental financial boost in helping the environment. Who knew my mother’s complaints would make me so wealthy?”

“Who knew?” she said as she hit a hole in one.

“I think you’re trying to impress me, Chon,” he said with a smirk.

“Is it working?” she questioned picking up her ball.

Dorian didn’t answer. He escorted her to the next hole. Dorian’s proximity was starting to get to her, and the jacket she had been given wasn’t needed.

   Dorian’s eyes briefly looked at her, and she saw he was trying not to become affected as well. Eyes were upon them and she knew Jaelen’s were the most important ones.

   Chon knew Jaelen was watching because Dorian being so distracted by Chon taking off her jacket and fixing her clothing, missed his shot. Jaelen whooped in joy immediately even though he and Kimberly were just finishing up the last hole.

   When it was her turn again, she hit the ball close to the hole and then tapped the ball for her score.

   People around them were starting to talk, and she even heard how she was almost as good as Dorian.

   “How’d you get so good?” Dorian inquired.

   The fact that he was asking a personal question made Chon smile. “When Craig used to be especially cruel to me making it very difficult for me to study while Grandma Wei was busy working, I would sneak away to this over-grown lot a block away. To my surprise, it was an old miniature golf business that went away years before I came there. After studying and doing my homework, I used old sticks and tennis balls to play the course until it was time for me to go in. A year before I graduated from high school some company bought the land and cleared it away, but I built a small course on the roof of my aunt’s beauty salon and continued to play because it made me very relaxed. I’m no course creator like Thaddeus, but my little bottles cups and hills have helped me through this game.”

   He genuinely smiled as they went to the last hole. Of course, he hit a hole in one and then looked at Chon as everyone’s attention was on them, but no one was close enough to hear their conversation.

   “So about last night,” he said as she started to hit her ball.

   Of course, the ball went completely off course. Matter of fact, it landed out of the course, and someone had to retrieve the ball to bring it back to her.

   “You’ll have to hit the ball all over again,” Jaelen said triumphantly.

   “It doesn’t matter. Chon could hit that ball three times and still beat your score, Jaelen,” Dorian snapped at his cousin.

   “You keep running that mouth to distract her she might need ten tries,” Jaelen shot back.

   Chon hit the ball over the challenging hill and sighed as it rolled on the other side but still ways away from the hole.

   “What about last night?” she asked quietly.

   Dorian was standing close to her as she lined up her shot to hopefully get the ball closer to the hole. It took every bit of effort not to look at Dorian, but she could smell him, which made her remember the taste of him and the feel of him.

   Her hands trembled a little.

   “Let’s not be coy or act the innocent, Chon. You know we didn’t use protection.”

   She stopped trying to ignore him fully and gave him direct eye contact. “I’m very aware of that.”

   “I was letting you know you don’t have to worry. I’m clean.”

   “That’s not what I was worried about.”

   “And you won’t get pregnant?”


   “Hit the ball, Chon. Everyone’s starting to look.”

   Chon focused on the ball again, but her mind was entirely focused on him.

   “I can’t have kids,” he quietly admitted.

   The ball bounced right over the hole to the other side, almost bumping out of the game area again.

   “Why?” she asked, trying to sound relieved yet disturbed.

   “We can discuss this later, but I wanted to assure you.”

   “You’ve assured me alright,” she shot back sarcastically and hit the ball in the hole. The crowd around them clapped except Jaelen who showed his disappoint in losing.

   “I think I need to get something to drink, ” she said and immediately went over to the bar to request a lemonade. She didn’t want to get drunk, and she wasn’t sure what would happen if she drank any alcohol at this moment. She feared that she probably wouldn’t stop.

   “I hear you have a problem,” a young woman said in a low voice. “A problem with Onyx Heart.”

   The young African American woman barely looked at her and barely moved her lips, but Chon was quite sure the woman was speaking to her.

   Playing along, Chon said, “Who are you?”

   “Nicole,” the woman gave her full eye contact now with a delightful smell. “My husband, Ethan Black, is good friend’s with Jaelen, so I truly understand your dilemma… Well, let me take that back. I don’t know all of it, but  know enough that you have no idea what to do with her.”

   “She’s a thorn in my ass if you must know,” Chon muttered.

   “And if I told you I could be a big help?”

   “Really? I would think you and your husband would be on Jaelen’s side to make Dorian miserable.”

   “Not when Onyx has put her nose in my friend’s business one too many times, and Onyx’s threatened another good friend of mine’s life if she won’t give up information.”

   “That’s kind of the situation I’m in. I’m going to be killed if I continually involve myself with Dorian other than business,” Chon admitted.

   Nicole leaned close. “How well do you have Dorian wrapped around your finger?”    

   “I don’t think I know what you’re talking about?”    

   The woman handed her a business card. “I own a laundromat on the west side of Detroit, not too far from here. I’d love for you to come by.” Abruptly, she walked away, just as Chon heard Jaelen order a drink on the other side of her.

   “You must be stewing happiness in your panties thinking you’re winning, huh?” Jaelen snarled.

   “How could I win, Jaelen?” she questioned. “When you do your best to make sure I don’t.”

   “I honestly don’t have a personal vendetta against you, Chon,” he admitted. “But that son of a bitch over there, I have a lot of vendetta against, and if he’s miserable, I’m happy.”

   “I’m not here to help you.”

   “Oh, you’re just here to get rich and using him for that purpose,” Jaelen retorted.

   “And is that wrong?” she asked, tucking the card in her shoe.

   “Use him all you want. He should be used to that by women.” He walked away.

   Chon was starting to REALLY dislike Jaelen Gates.

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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