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Chapter 28

Chon wasn’t sure how much time had passed before light knocking was heard on her bedroom door. From the bathroom, she could see Skye peeking her head inside and smiling apologetically.

   “I was worried when you hadn’t come down right away,” she said holding a tray with fruit, coffee, and juice. There were also two outfits over her shoulders. “I brought you something to eat.”

   Holding her robe close, Chon said in a tightly controlled voice, “I was coming. I’m just… I’m feeling a little flustered.”

   “Worried about things?”

   “Yes,” Chon said honestly. “I just have a lot on my mind.”

   Skye was dressed in a light skirt and shirt with comfortable shoes. Her hair was swept up with tendriled curls shaping her angelic face and making her lavender eyes pop. She placed the tray down near the bathroom door on a small table by the settee and came to lean against the doorway. “Well, it’s quite understandable you are stressed.”

   “Really? Why?” Chon inquired, surprised Skye could be so sympathetic.

   “Well, you’re with Dorian. He could stress Mother Teresa.” Skye must’ve seen Chon was struggling to put on makeup to look presentable and came into the bathroom to take the blush brush from Chon’s shaking hand. “Take a seat and let me,” she insisted.

   Chon sat on the toilet seat and let Skye apply the makeup.

   “On top of that, I don’t know how I’m supposed to face him today.”

   Skye smirked. “You don’t face with Dorian. You either deal with Dorian or love him.”

   “How do you know so much?”

   “Why do you think my husband gets along with him so well. Other than an injury he suffered during college, Thaddeus hasn’t had a hard life, yet people find him to be overly annoying in the sarcasm department. Now he’s genuinely giving which is the exact opposite to Dorian, but they have their background of growing up in an urban town destined not to succeed in careers as black men. They share a lot of the same struggles, and that is why they get along. I think Dorian genuinely feels Thaddeus is like a brother from another mother. In any case, over the time we’ve been married, I’ve had to deal with Dorian. Now he has never been disrespectful towards me, but friends, other family members and anyone else isn’t given that same respect.” She stepped back to look at her artistry on Chon’s face. “You have a remarkable smile, Chon. I see why Dorian can’t keep his eyes off you and if probably frustrates him to no end, he can’t make you smile for him.”

   Chon blushed remember last night and the many times she had orgasmed with a big ole smile on her face. She remembered how he seemed more rambunctious to bring her to more peaks.

   Her heart skipped a beat just remembering the intensity of last night.

   “I can see he affects you too,” Skye observed. “It’s okay to hold back how you feel from him, but give him a little hint now and then. Most of all, give him what he wants.”

   Chon didn’t know how she could give him sex while in front of everyone.

   Skye chuckled. “Gawd, your face is so readable, Chon. Not that!” she giggled. “Give him the second thing he likes to do. Talk about himself. Talk about what he does to you. He’s an arrogant ass.”

   “I already know that about him.”

   “You know him as a client, but as a man, do you?”

   She never really thought deeply about this, but as she pulled in thoughts from last night and knowing what might come in future decisions of her life about Dorian, Chon could see how she didn’t know this man as intensely as she thought. There was a whole different labyrinth to Dorian that he rarely showed anyone.

Last night, Chon had the honor of seeing some of that man and damned if it had not been an honor.

The man had given her a side of him very little saw and seeing him today would probably not only be nerve wracking for her, but for him as well.

He would act natural… or a natural ass.

Chon was grateful for Skye’s insight into the mysterious Dorian. “Thank you, Skye, for that and doing my makeup. My nerves are on edge this morning.”

“No, problem,” Skye said easily. “Honestly, I need Dorian to be happy because that makes my husband happy. When Thaddeus is happy, he makes me even happier.”

“So what about Dorian’s ex-girlfriend?”

Skye rolled her eyes in exasperation. “I wish I could take care of that problem for you, but I can’t unfortunately. Onyx is a curse upon any man, and I’ve pitied Dorian this past year since she decided she would twist him in a ball of shit and dump him out.”

“Wow, that was graphic.”

“That’s how he felt and looked.”

“Good thing he didn’t smell too.”

Skye burst out laughing. “Thank Gawd, but whatever you are doing is good for Dorian. I have never seen him look so amendable before in my life and he just can’t keep his eyes off of you.”

“Really?” Chon had not seen this.

“He looks at you when you’re not looking. He tries to pretend he’s not, but he is.” Skye stepped back to look at her work on Chon’s face with a satisfied smile. “I have a jumper and some comfortable shoes you can wear, plus a light jacket.”

“Isn’t it rather chilly to be playing putt putt golf?” Chon asked and then pointed out, “It is November.”

“Around the game area there’s a solar powered heater, and there’s built in solar powered warming plates on the ground all designed by Dorian,” Skye said proudly. “He’s patented a design for parks and gardens to be utilized in the winter months.”

Chon was very impressed and was a little curious as to the secret behind Dorian’s environmental indulgence. He didn’t look like a guy that would care so much about the environment.

Her stomach rumbled in hunger.

“I’ll let you eat and get dressed,” Skye said. “We start in thirty minutes so please don’t take too long.”

“Thank you, Skye,” Chon said again.

   “No problem,” Skye said before leaving her alone.

   Chon touched her stomach nervously to quell the hunger and the tension. Would it be possible after one time she could be pregnant?

   She’d always used condoms with Austin. And Kimberly wanted her to meet with Dorian again. This time, Chon would be insistent. No use taking any more chances.

   Getting her clothes on trying not to think about what could be a problem in the future, she ate quickly, while putting on her clothes. This weekend was a treat, and she could lose a perfect network opportunity if she didn’t try to focus.

   Skye and Thaddeus greeted her as soon as she walked out the balcony doors thanking her for coming. Skye looped arms with Chon and started to direct her around the yard to introduce her to other couples that had arrived.

   Chon remembered Michelle from yesterday and also introduced to her brooding husband, Anthony. He was introverted, but Chon could tell he adored his wife indeed.

   “Their story of how they met is about as strange as Kimberly and Jaelen’s,” Skye said just as Kimberly came over to them to greet Chon with a mischievous wink.

   Michelle blushed.

   Kimberly said, “I wouldn’t say their story is stranger than ours, plus don’t get Jaelen started. He loves to brag about how his wife raped him.”

   Everyone laughed except Chon. She was confused.

   “But it’s true,” Jaelen said proudly.

   “Are you guys pulling my leg?” Chon asked not sure if she should take this conversation seriously.

   “Deadly,” Jaelen said. “I filed charges against her and everything.”

   “Jaelen, you’re scaring her,” Skye said.

   “Why would I lie when the truth is so interesting.?

   Kimberly was right. Dorian and Jaelen were very related.

   Skye nudged Chon away and moved over to a couple that looked like they had just arrived. “This is Jacoby and Phoebe Knight. Jacoby has done fantastic computer networking for a lot of our companies here, and you’d love Phoebe, she runs an administrative virtual assistant service, but she won’t give anyone to Jaelen.”

   “A company?” Chon asked, genuinely interested because talking to female entrepreneurs was always so educational.

   “Yes, it’s a new venture. I’ve assisted others, and I want to teach other women my skills,” Phoebe happily answered as she shook Chon’s hand.

   “I’m Chon,” she introduced herself, making sure she gave Phoebe a business card.

“Oh we’ve all heard the buzz about you,” Jacoby said with a smile. “The little wonder that could help with Dorian. You must be a genius or magician.”

   Jacoby was a gorgeous black man, and Chon had to wonder how had Phoebe landed a man so magnetically handsome, yet as she spoke more with Phoebe, she could see the woman was amazingly witty and smart.

   He excused himself from the women and Skye had to attend to some event stuff leaving Phoebe and Chon alone to speak more of Phoebe’s venture and Chon’s experience.

   “I’m looking for a partner, so if you’re interested, please let’s sit down. I’ve heard of your skills in the business and what you’ve helped Dorian. I find that amazing. I’m finding there are a lot of small businesses out there that need assisting but don’t exactly know what they need. I’ve love to have you come aboard even just to see what I may be missing for our customers and any expertise you can offer.”

   The opportunity was magnificent.

   “She won’t be working for anyone until I’m done with her,” Dorian said coming up on them.

   Phoebe suddenly looked uncomfortable and made excuses to leave abruptly.

   “You make people very uncomfortable, Dorian,” Chon reprimanded with a teasing smile.

   “Do I make you uncomfortable?”

   That serious look was in his eyes, and she started noticing she wasn’t uncomfortable at all, she was tingling.

   “Far from it, Dorian Zane,” she admitted, realizing she wanted to lean up and kiss him, but held herself back.

Dorian was wearing some nice dark washed jeans that fit him gorgeously. Chon had never seen him in casual clothes, and he did look out of sorts, but sexy at the same time.

Waiters were going around handing couples who were participating their golf clubs.

“So will you be my miniature golf partner?” Chon questioned trying not to pay too much attention to his dress and especially his proximity. Both were making her moist.

   “Do you want me to be your partner, Chon?”

   Dammit, why did it sound so damn sexy the way he said her name. Not only did he pronounce it correctly, but he would put this deep inset that made the middle of her thighs tremble. “I could be if you want me to be.”

   “But for how long would you expect me to be your partner?” he asked.

   Why did it feel like they weren’t talking about putt putt golf?

   The waiter came by and handed Dorian two clubs. Dorian didn’t stop looking at her as he took the clubs.

   “Until we win?” she guessed.

   “And if we don’t win this game?”

   She snorted. “You only play games if you already know you’re going to win, Dorian.”

   He smirked and looked down at her lips.

   The urge to kiss him again came, and she felt his urge as well. He wanted to do a lot more than kiss her.

   She tried not to blush and turned away grabbing a Mimosa off a tray as another waiter passed.

   He clicked his tongue and whispered in her ear from behind. “Careful, you might end up not remembering today.”

   Turning around, she was about to bite his head off, but Dorian had moved to two very similar looking men. Chon bit her tongue to suppress her urge to tell Dorian to Fuck off.

Dorian introduced her. “Jerome and Tyrone, I’d like you to meet my newest assistant, Chon.”

The one that seemed a little edgier than the other said, “You’re introducing a woman? How much did he pay you, darling?” This one took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

She snatched her hand away from his lips displaying her displeasure by his comment.

The other only quickly took her hand and apologized. “You’ll have to excuse my brother, Tyrone; He’s a little bitter.”

She realized these were the brothers mentioned from last night. “I’m sorry for your loss,” she said feeling bad about being rude for snatching her hand.

“Thank you, but Tyrone was an ass before his wife died,” the other brother said.

“That must’ve been horrific for both your wives to die at the same time,” Chon said.

“She was-” Tyrone started to say, but Dorian cut him off.

“She will be missed,” he said abruptly. “Chon, it’s time to get into position.” He nudged her away from the brothers who were whispering vehemently to each other.

“Did I say something wrong?” she questioned.

“No,” Dorian said. “They just have strong opinions on various things.”

Chon looked back over her shoulder to see Tyrone looked truly angry until a little girl came over and insisted he pick her up. His whole demeanor changed as he took the girl in his arms and hugged her close.

Jerome came up beside Dorian and Chon to look up at a small podium where Skye was stepping up to with a microphone in hand.

Skye was giving brief instructions to all the players and showed off the prizes for the winners. The top prize was a private cruise with Bellini Entertainment Enterprises through Jared Parker’s Marina in Florida. All expense paid for two weeks.

“I want to thank Alejandro Bellini and Jared Parker for their support of our event by giving this prize. Neither could be here, and I do want you to keep Alejandro in your prayers,” she said.

“Why?” Chon whispered to Dorian.

“A week ago he left to check on a possible vacation resort in Colorado and no one’s heard from him since,” Dorian said.

Jerome added, “Three days later, his half-brother disappeared on

a vacation to a winter resort.”

“Do disappearances often happen in their family?” she inquired worriedly.

“If you’re a Bellini, I would say it might be kidnapping,” Jerome said with a tease.

She didn’t understand how someone could tease about something like that, but this whole crowd had a weird sense of humor about everything. “I hope I didn’t insult or hurt your brother with my condolences.”

“He’s just tired of charades,” Jerome shrugged. “He’s swore the next time we get married we won’t care what others think. I’m inclined to agree.”

That statement was confusing, but she decided not to question him. At least they were both willing to move on with their lives even though she could tell their deceased wives meant a lot to them.

As handsome as they both were, finding someone shouldn’t be a problem if they were looking for someone.

“Did you guys have anyone in mind?” Dorian inquired looking worriedly.

“Ty is too caught up in the kids to care of looking, but I’ve got some idea.”

“Poor woman,” Dorian said.

Jerome only chuckled as they continued to listen to Skye.

Now Chon was just really confused and was glad that it was time to play golf. Each couple playing lined up and pulled a strip from a dark bag which had a number. This piece determined when the couple would play and how the scores kept.

Chon and Dorian were standing behind Jaelen and Kimberly.

Over his shoulder, Jaelen said, “My wife says I owe you an apology, Chon.” He sounded amused.

“Do you think you owe me an apology?” Chon asked.

“No,” he said quickly but was quickly nudged by his wife. “But she thinks I do.”

Rolling her eyes in exasperation, Chon said, “If you don’t believe, Jaelen, then please don’t do me any favors.”

“Good, because I didn’t want to.”

This man needed to be knocked off his mighty horse, and Chon wanted just to blurt out she had screwed Dorian despite Jaelen’s intent to make sure that never happened.

Going behind his back today again just made seducing Dorian even better.

“I will apologize for the win I’m going to snatch from Dorian today though,” Jaelen said and sounded sincere.

“You’re under the impression I need my partner to beat you, Jaelen,” Dorian said.

“You won’t come close,” Jaelen challenged.

“Oh good lawd,” Kimberly said.

Chon was feeling Kimberly’s exasperation with the two of them and suggested, “Why don’t you two just pull out your dicks to see who’s bigger.”

“That’s something you’d like, isn’t it?” Jaelen sneered.

Dorian and Chon were about to say something until Thaddeus jumped between them and said, “Why don’t the women go pick numbers while I talk to the two of you.”

Chon followed Kimberly over to Skye.

“I see they’re getting along,” Skye teased handing a glass fishbowl filled with folded up pieces of paper.

Kimberly pulled one out, and Chon did the same.

“They might kill each other before the day is over,” Kimberly said worriedly. “We’re number two.”

“Thanks,” Skye said. “And you, Chon?”

“We’re four.”

“Cheer up and remember what I said,” Skye said. “Get him to talk about himself.”

Chon had so much on her mind at this point; she wasn’t sure if she could even think about asking him anything except what was on her mind.

She nodded and walked towards Dorian who had moved to the side and was looking at the course, but she could tell his mind wasn’t on the course.

“Did you enjoy last night?” he asked quietly not making eye contact with her, but just looking out at the course.

She stood beside him but didn’t look at him. Instead, she looked over at the crowd and saw how Jaelen was glaring at them as his wife talked with other people around her. Chon deliberately looked as if she wasn’t comfortable with Dorian just for Jaelen’s sake.

His ex-girlfriend didn’t worry her. The woman more or less annoyed Chon to no end.

“I’m not going to bolster your ego, Dorian.”

“My ego doesn’t need reinforcing.”

She looked at the course and changed the subject. “I heard you designed these solar warming towers and tiles.”

“I wanted to be outside in the winter without a jacket,” he explained.

“So the endeavor in which you were selfish about has made you rich?”

“Very wealthy,” he boasted. “I’ve found the more selfish I am, the more affluent I become.”

“But you aren’t talking about in regards to money are you, Dorian?” she asked.

Now he looked at her, but she refused to look back at him knowing he was giving her that intense, dangerous glare.

“You’re the first to see that, Chon.” He walked away, but his words were still with her, giving her chills and apprehension.

Had that been a compliment or a warning?

Getting to Dorian personally was going to be harder than she thought, especially when he continued to get to her first.

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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