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Chapter 19

Silence… After she had accepted Dorian’s deal, there was just silence behind her.        

Chon turned to see if he was still there.

   Dorian Zane’s eyes almost glowed. He had the most perplexed on his face as if he couldn’t believe she had agreed to the deal. “You do understand what you agree to?”

   Nodding, she said, “I’m agreeing to two supposedly pleasurable nights on a trial basis with you to see if we’re compatible in a no strings attached short term relationship.”

   “No emotional attachment will be allowed, Chon,” he said in warning. “I don’t do public displays of affection, and this will be kept private. Our arrangement is an entirely discreet relationship.”

   She wondered why was he acting as if he still couldn’t believe she had agreed. “You act as if I’m about to back out from the deal or expecting more than what was discussed.”

   “You seemed too easily to coerced.”

   “I’m not some silly ninny and looking for marriage, and the discretion is entirely acceptable, Dorian and the fact that you irritate the hell out of me helps keep me realistic about this opportunity.”

   He didn’t even flinch about her irritation comment. She continued explaining, “I’m also highly analytical when it comes to business deals, Dorian, and I know if I look at this like a business contract I can logically access this would be agreeable to me. A friend told me I should experience another to get Austin out of my system and instead of going to some stranger, I think experiencing something with you would be a lot less messy. I don’t intend to get emotional with you, and I think I can stay physically aroused if you don’t open your can of sarcasm and unfunny wit.”

   He winced. “That will be difficult to contain myself, but I think I can manage.” He held out his hand, and she shook his strong palm. “We’ll start tonight, but for now, let’s go eat.”

   Now it was her turn to look surprised. “Tonight?” She thought she’d have a couple of weeks to get used to the idea.

   “Yes. You’re staying here today and tomorrow. We might as well get the trial run out of the way to understand our relationship at work.”

   Now it was her turn to clarify. “You do understand there’s no penetration, right? That was the agreement.”

   “I understand a lot, and I’m the one that demanded that, but do you, Chon?”

   Why did that statement send odd shivers all over her body? She was confused as to how he planned on giving her any more orgasms without penetration. True, he had done it once, but the man couldn’t be lucky every time. Maybe this was also a way to make Dorian fail at something. He was just so damn cocky about everything and getting to a point where he wasn’t able to give her what she expected and seeing that look of personal disappointment on his face was going to make her happy. True, she was sacrificing morals and values by being naked with him, but for some reason, it would be so worth it.

“Fine,” she agreed, hoping he had not done that inner thought trick he was famous for doing.

   He took a deep breath and fixed his clothes even though he looked perfectly fine. “I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself.”

   What? Dorian being thoughtful?

   She actually looked at the clouds to see if pigs were flying, but was even more confused when she didn’t see this magical miracle.

   Dorian wasn’t nice for just any reason. There was always a catch to his generosity, and she was on pins and needles wondering what he was going to spring on her.

   When he started to turn away, she called him, “Don’t you think a handshake is impersonable? Shouldn’t our deal have been sealed with a kiss, hug or something?”

   He snorted. “No.” And he walked away.

   Chon didn’t know how she should feel about that cold attitude, but she looked down at the card to distract her thoughts. Would this lawyer really be able to help her?

   She had left her phone in the room and she tucked the card in her shoe so she wouldn’t just hold it in her hands and lose it some place. Collecting her thoughts again, she walked back into the dining room where the second entree was now being served.

   “I can have the servers bring out anything you’ve missed,” Skye said.

   “Oh no,” Chon said. “I’m fine. I’m really just used to a Lean Cuisine and then to bed.”

   Jaelen snorted rudely.

   Dorian was sitting back in his spot and Chon refused to look at him as she ate small portions. She noticed as small talk passed around the table, Jaelen gave them both looks as if he was observing them for another purpose.

   The dinner was delicious. Chon had never eaten a seven-course meal before in her life and now understood why the portions were small. She contributed to some of the small talk going around the table. Dorian or Jaelen didn’t contribute to anything but often glared at each other as if arguing with their eyes.

   When the meal was done, Skye said, “If the women would please adjourn with me in the library for tea and cake, we’ll leave the men to their play time.”

   The women seemed eager to get away, and Chon followed them into the library where she had just been dragged by Dorian. As she was about to be the last one to enter the room, someone grabbed her arm.

   “Who the fuck are you?” Jaelen demanded to know in a hiss. “You actually agreed to sleep with that ass?”

   She was startled that he knew, but when had Dorian told him? Dorian wouldn’t have made some grand announcement and Dorian had stressed the relationship would be discreet.    

   “How do you-”

   Jaelen cut her off. “You can read the obvious satisfaction on that ass’s face.”

   She kept her voice low as the women in the room begin to talk. “Why are you so  worried about who Jaelen sleeps with? He’s a grown man and I’m a grown woman.”

   “Because he’s still hung up on his ex, but you probably don’t even know that because you could care less who you’re sleeping with.”

   His words were certainly cruel, but she had a feeling this man just thought he could say anything he wanted without caring about anyone’s feelings. Definitely just like Dorian Zane.

“I’m aware she broke his heart, but our relationship is still none of your business.”

“Oh, it’s going to be her business when I tell her.”

“What should it matter who you tell?” She said with a nonchalant shrugged and then pointed her finger at his chest. “But I don’t think Dorian will appreciate your big mouth, Mr. Gates.”

He brushed her finger away. “Your gumption won’t be so high when she comes through and finds you.”

“I could give a fig’s ass,” she snapped before walking in the room.

“Finally!” Kimberly said and closed the door. “We have a million questions to ask you, Chon Tolbert.”

Chon looked at bit confused because at the table none of them seemed that interested in her, but all of them now looked very eager to see what she was going to say.

“What questions?” she asked.

“First, what made you accept an assignment for Dorian Zane?” Abigail questioned. “I didn’t want to say anything at first, but I know how difficult the man is to work with. He’s a creative genius, but on a personal level, I know Dorian can make anyone’s life miserable on purpose for kicks. At least my William doesn’t do it on purpose; he just has that effect on people.”

“I needed the money and the contacts for another business venture,” Chon said. “I want to go into the wig business. I’m used to working with difficult creatives and yes, he’s a challenge.”

“Well, that’s all I need to hear to tell you I’d hire you in a second if you’re interested in becoming Jaelen’s assistant,” Kimberly said.”I’d pay you well.”

Chon was honored at the opportunity. It was dream job she was looking for and was flabbergasted at the offer. “I just accepted a contract for five more months with Dorian.”

“Well, that’s fine,” Kimberly said. “I can hold off that long if you would love to job. The hours are very flexible.”

If she could work with Dorian, she could work with anyone at this point. “I would love that!”

“Be careful what you wish for,” Skye said miserably. “I think Kimberly really is the only person that can deal with Jaelen.”

“Jaelen seems like he’s just the same as Dorian,” Chon said defensively.

“Onyx Heart deals with him,” Abigail pointed out.

The room got oddly quiet and Chon looked at Kimberly and Skye who seemed to avoid eye contact all of a sudden.

“Who’s Onyx Heart?” Chon questioned the room.

Kimberly put her face in her hands, while Skye groaned.

Abigail sighed. “I have a very big mouth, don’t I?”

“Yes,” Skye said quickly.

“More tea?” Kimberly asked Chon who had yet to finish her first cup that had been poured for her as soon as she entered the room.

“No. Who’s this Onyx?” she demanded to know again.

“Why’d you have to open your big mouth, Abigail?” Kimberly asked offensively. “You know just saying her name will …well, you know.”

“I’m not the one who’s allowing her husband to be friend’s with her,” Abigail said defensively.

“If we could just stop talking about her altogether, I think I’d like that the most,” Skye said uncomfortably. “I’ve just gotten in the fold and haven’t gotten used to her, yet.”

“She has a right to know,” Abigail said to Kimberly.

“That’s up to Dorian,” Kimberly said. “Not us.”

Chon stood up from her chair and stopped her foot. “Who is Onyx Heart?”

The room grew quiet again each woman looking at each other accusingly, until Abigail said quietly, “She’s Jaelen’s best friend…and Dorian’s ex-girlfriend.”


   There were recent entries of those initials. He was still seeing Onyx Heart? There could’ve been an amicable break up.

   Why was this so impactful? She wasn’t going to get emotionally involved, but she had to know at least there was proprietary responsibilities from both sides. She had no intentions of seeing anyone while engaging in this deal and just the idea of him seeing Tracy also while he was seeing her would turn her stomach.

   “I’m just glad Dorian has a normal female that can put up with him,” Abigail said. “Onyx wasn’t my favorite person.”

   Skye chuckled. “Yeah, there are the knives she carries all the time.”

   “Knives?” Chon questioned.

   “Stop scaring the woman,” Kimberly reprimanded Skye. “Plus, Chon is just working for him not having sex with him.”

   Chon’s eyebrows only rose at this remark. She wasn’t revealing anything with the risk of more getting back to Onyx Heart.

   “Obviously, Chon hasn’t met Onyx Heart,” Kimberly pointed out.

   “Right,” Abigail agreed. “Otherwise we’d been visiting her in the hospital by now.”

   “I don’t think Onyx sees her as any competition. She is quite arrogant.”

   “Why would she have a problem with me?” Chon questioned. “Whether Dorian and I were involved, she’s his ex. She broke it off with him.”

   “That doesn’t make him any less her property,” Kimberly answered. “She’s very possessive, but not jealous. She only tolerates me because Jaelen’s her best friend, but her lovers have not been given the same privilege.”

   “She acts as if she owns them?” Chon guessed.

   “She feels she does.”

   Chon shifted uncomfortably.

   “Please, let’s change the subject,” Skye said, rubbing the goosebumps on her arms. “Just thinking about her gives me the chills.”

   “Tell us more about your new business venture you want to go into,” Abigail insisted.

   This was a good subject for Chon. When she started talking about her passion, she just didn’t care about the time, and when Dorian entered the room two hours later, she was shocked.

   So were the other women.

   “Is there a problem, Dorian?” Skye questioned concerned.

   “No, Skye. I’ve come to retrieve my assistant.” He looked directly at Chon. “It’s time.”

   A hot shiver ran through her body, but on the outside, Chon looked remarkably calm and relaxed.

   “You’re working on the weekends, Dorian?” Abigail questioned. “Do you ever not work?”

   Dorian didn’t stop looking at Chon as he said, “I like to keep myself busy.”

   Chon rose from her chair and walked up to Dorian. When she was almost to him, he left the doorway and just expected her to follow. She wished the room of women goodnight and followed him up the stairs back to her room.

   When she entered, he handed her a key. “I thought you would feel more comfortable with this.”

   “What’s this?”

   “A key to this room. Just return it to Skye before you leave. They are used to having people in the house with items that are valuable. I have a key for my room as well. They know I keep my projects out and ready to be worked on.”

   She took the key in gratefulness.

   He continued. “You have thirty minutes to wash up and wait for me on the bed.”

   With that, Dorian went out the room and left her alone.

   He was dead serious. Tonight was the night, she was going to see either Dorian Zane fail miserable or she experience pleasure she could have never imagined.

   Both scenarios made her heart palpitate hard and she had to take a moment to sit on the bed and push herself not to faint in excitement.

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Ok I just want to know the extent of his relationship with Onyx and will she confront Chon at some point, also I hope that some crazy way Chon actually get under Dorian skin to the point that he questions his feeling about Onyx……just my thoughts. Look out Chon your life about to change. Who else thinks that the “no penetration” plan won’t work?????

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