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Chapter 18

Someone cleared their throat at the bottom of the stairs bringing Chon back to reality. How Dorian always manage to mute the noise to the outside world was a mystery to her?

   “We’re all waiting to eat, Dorian,” Thaddeus said.

   Dorian took her hand and escorted her down the stairs. She instinctively wanted to snatch away. The feeling of being so close to him was so personal and intimate. His words swirled in her head over and over again. A new deal? A secret deal?

   What could he teach her that Austin hadn’t?

   The pictures from the Internet suddenly crammed into her brain and a sheen of sweat came to her forehead just as they entered the dining room where three other couples were seated at a large dining table.

   Two she knew or were familiar with – Thaddeus and Skye, Abigail and her husband. The third couple was nicely dressed African-Americans. The woman looked pleasant with the kind brown eyes and the man cut her and Dorian a cold look of annoyance.

   ravenousDorian helped Chon to her seat right across from the new couple. He whispered, “We can talk about our deal later.”

   “About damn time!” the man sneered.

   “It’s okay, Jaelen,” the woman beside him said, reaching over to comfort the man’s hand next to her. “You didn’t want to come anyway.”    

   “I wouldn’t miss a chance to see Dorian trying to act like he wants to be normal, Kimberly. I should have known he also wants to be the center of attention.”

   “You still sound jealous of me, Jaelen,” Dorian quipped, sitting beside Chon.

   “Of you? Never, Dorian Zane. The day I’m jealous of you is the day when pigs fly.”

   Skye cleared her throat. “Thaddeus, before we scare poor Chon away, we should at least make introductions.”

   Chon’s head was reeling about what Dorian had whispered to her when she had sat down. There was just too much happening all around just like the other night. Why did he confuse her so much?

   Thaddeus chuckled, “Yes, Chon. You’ve met Abigail McPherson Stone. And this is her husband, William Stone. Currently, they live in Davenport, Ohio, but an upcoming business venture with his detailing, restoration and auto design company might move them to our great city of Detroit.”

   William only smirked with his golden eyes piercing Chon as if he could read every dirty secret she kept. His smirk seemed comforting enough, but there was something bone-chilling scary about him.

   “You didn’t tell her the good part,” Jaelen said.

   “Jaelen,” Abigail urged silence.

   “What good part?” Chon inquired because she needed something to take her mind off her raging sexual thoughts.

   “Nothing,” Skye said. “Charges were dropped a long time ago against William, but Jaelen seems to think to let everyone know William is the son of a serial killer and that he was accused of killing some people is amusing.”

   “Oh dear,” Chon said, avoiding looking back at William, feeling a little scared.

   Dorian reiterated. “He was formerly charged with serial murders in Davenport similar to how his father killed, but it was just someone framing him.” Dorian winked assuredly. “He’s harmless unless you’re trying to keep him away from his wife. He hasn’t killed anyone in a couple of decades. Right, William?”

   Williams only grunted.

   Chon didn’t know if Dorian was pulling her leg or not, but she couldn’t believe the type of person Abigail was that she’d knowingly marry a murderer.

   “Apples don’t fall from the tree,” Jaelen said. “So be careful, Chon.”

   “Well, I pity Kimberly if that’s true,” Dorian shot back. “Because your father left his wife for a younger bitch.”

   “Fuck you, Dorian, because your parents got the wrong child from the hospital. Your ass couldn’t be decent to save your fucking life, you sick, cynical son of-”

   William cleared his throat, and the bickering between Dorian and Jaelen instantly stopped.

   Thaddeus continued with the introductions. “And this is Jaelen Gates and his wife, Kimberly.”

   “Jaelen owns and runs Gates Spa in Downtown Detroit,” Skye explained.

   “Nice to meet you,” Kimberly said. “Thaddeus was highly impressed by your organization skills and my husband has unfortunately scared away his last assistant.”

   “She had a nervous breakdown, love,” Jaelen said proudly.

   Chon giggled realizing the reason Jaelen and Dorian bickered so much was that they were most likely the same type of person.

   “He pays well,” Kimberly said rolling her eyes at her husband’s causticness. “I’m starting to think I’m the only woman who can put up with him. She winked playfully at her husband. “I’d do it, but we never get any work done when I’m at the office with him.”

   “Which is why you have a million children?” Dorian quipped.

   “Don’t be jealous because you’re shooting blanks,” Jaelen sneered.

   Dorian shot out of his chair like lightning about to rage, but William stood also.

   “Boys, we’re eating,” William said coolly. “I’m hungry. You can wrestle like dogs later.”

   The room fell quiet.

   Dorian sat back down gripping the table like he wanted to break the wood under stress.

   “We’re not going to ruin another occasion for the women, which is why Dorian hasn’t been invited again until now.”

   Thaddeus nodded to William in thanks. “Let’s start dinner,” he announced.

   Doors from the kitchen opened and servers came out with plates of hot food.

   Chon looked at Dorian and saw the tension building in his body. She remembered what Kimberly had done to Jaelen. Chon bit her lip before she reached over and let her pinky brush up against his small finger.

   He closed his eyes with a deep frown on his face. There was a storm brewing in his soul, and she could almost feel him fighting everything inside of him to hold it back.

   When he did not acknowledge her finger touching his hand, she was about to move it away until his pinky lifted and wrapped around hers.

   The little contact seemed to send lightning bolts from her hands up her wrist, through her arm and then spread like a warm wind inside her body. She had to close her eyes at the amazing connection she suddenly felt.

   The feeling whooshed through her chest, down her stomach, and between her legs. A sudden wetness seeped out, and she gasped unexpectedly.

   Standing up, she excused herself from the table. The only way she knew where to go was her room and headed back down the hallway and started towards the stairs.

   Suddenly, a strong hand gripped her arm and dragged her away from the stairs into a room where a balcony was. The cool air of November hit her face, and she needed this so much.

   Turning to the person who had guided her there, she saw the serious eyes looking dead at her. Dorian didn’t look angry because she had left the table, probably embarrassing him and he didn’t look annoyed in the least.

   Concern? She guessed. It was so hard to gauge what he felt when he looked so damn serious all the time.

   Dorian Zane’s hands were shoved in his pockets, and his body language looked hesitant and unsure.

   “Thank you,” she said taking a deep breath of November’s fresh air. “I was feeling dizzy.”

   “I know,” he said.

   She turned away from him and leaned on the balcony edge trying to keep the peace in her head. “Everything is happening so fast for me. I’ve never had so many emotions and conflicts in my life all, at once.”

   “In your lIfe?”

   Nodding, she said, “Before… Things felt alright.”

   “Dull,” he corrected her

   Damn him for being right.

   He continued, “But predictable. Orderly. Organized.”

   There he went again reading her thoughts.

   “There’s nothing to be scared of, Chon.” He sounded as if she should know this.    

   Turning to him again, she asked, “How would you know? You don’t know me, Dorian Zane.”

   “Life is supposed to be lived, not organized. Not handled and not predictable.”

   She needed to return to their conversation at the top of the stairs and exactly understand what he wanted from her and what she could get from him.  Now that her thoughts were calming down, she could think about everything and the opportunity he afforded her.

In a way Andi was right, Chon needed to know another man to understand what Austin had done to her was wrong. Otherwise, Chon might be prone to fall into Austin’s arms again, married or not. The familiarity made her stay with Austin and replacing him with someone else, might be the key to never letting her guard down with him again.

Dorian Zane could be the best idea and not some random stranger on a card. “And that’s what you will do for me?” she asked, responding to his advice. “Help me live my life?”

   He walked up to her. “I can show you that you don’t have to wait for life to happen to you. You can just go out there and take what life has to offer.”

   “I’m doing fine.”

   “You’re unhappy and dull.”

   She protested. “I’m not!”

   “Liar.” He moved closer, and she could feel that electric pulsing return between her legs. “Let’s agree to be honest with each other, Chon.”

   How the hell was he was making her body pulse when he wasn’t even touching her? She was fascinated by the ability he had over her body.

   Was he doing this on purpose?

   Was this just an involuntary reflex on her part? A heat of the moment feeling because of what could happen… Those pictures? No, Dorian Zane didn’t look like the kind of man that would be so intimate, passionate and sensual. He seemed to know more than what Austin did, and anything was better than the nothing Austin often gave her.

   Austin had never affected her so intently.

   “Having a physical relationship with a client is not very smart on my part, Dorian.”

   “True, but like I said we could benefit from the relationship.”

   “Why me? You could have anyone you wanted, Dorian. You’re handsome, wealthy and wanted.” She thought about his infidelity with Tracy.

   He smirked. “You think I haven’t wanted something else?”

   She could almost feel him rattling around in her brain again. “Be honest, remember?”

   He hesitated, but then said, “I tried to deny wanting you when I first laid eyes on a picture Austin showed me last year of you. I tried to think I didn’t want anything to do with you. You were Austin’s woman, his property… I didn’t want his sloppy seconds.”

   His tone of disgust made her shiver. “But you even had sex with Tracy.”

   “Using her mouth is not sex. You were different though, and even I had to wonder why Austin kept coming back to you. I still wonder, but I needed to have you to understand why I feel this way.”

   “So you manipulated the system to get me to work in your office to get closer to you?”

   “Yes,” he admitted. “I needed to see you and experience you for myself, so I could try to get you out of my head, but working for me isn’t enough, Chon. I need more. I need you.”

   She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You act as if you’re doing me a favor.”

   He smirked. “I’m doing both of us a favor, Chon.”

   “I can’t.”

   He sighed in disappointment. “You’re not shy, and you’re not scared, so what is it?”

   “If Craig ever found -”

   “Fuck him.”

   “He’s my brother, and I have to uphold moral standards if I want my money.”

   “What if I found another way to get the money without that dick of a brother?”

   “That’s impossible,” she said. “I’ve tried other lawyers. I’ve tried everything, and I must uphold the requirements.”

   “There’s always a way to skin a cat, and I know a guy that can help.”

   “Who?” Chon questioned warily.

   He took a business card out and held it out to her. “He’s a trust lawyer and knows everything about your circumstances. I told him everything I knew.”

   “How’d did you… Austin?” she said answering her question. When he nodded, she said, “And most likely he knows everything because of Craig, right?”

   Dorian nodded again.

   She remembered Dorian saying Austin and Craig were joined at the hips. “Why are you so interested in my trust?” she questioned suspiciously.

   “I’m not interested in a measly fifty thousand dollars. I could make that drawing a concept on a napkin for a client,” he flipped. “I just don’t want anyone else having control of you, and I needed to know how to cut the ties your brother has over you.”

When she attempted to take it from him, he said, “If you want this, you have to make the deal I want, Chon.”

   “We’re bartering for sex?” she exclaimed. “Didn’t I just tell you I have a moral clause to uphold.”

   Dorian sucked on his teeth in annoyance. “If I didn’t want you so much, woman, I wouldn’t work this hard for you. Are we negotiating?”

   She looked at the card he held and squirmed from the heat still between her thighs. “What are the terms?”

   “Two nights, no penetration and I’ll give you the best damn orgasm you’ve ever experienced.”

   “You’re lying now, Dorian Zane,” she sneered. “You can’t possibly make a woman orgasm-”

He cut her off. “Be careful what you don’t think it’s possible when you have the audacity to compare me with limp-dick Austin.”

She shut her mouth. “Orgasms aren’t going to sway me. I could get any man to teach me things, Dorian Zane.”

“Really?” he asked putting both hands on her hips and turning her, so her back was to him. With a gentle nudge, she slightly leaned over the edge of the balcony gripping the banister. His mouth moved to the nape and the hot breath he emitted made her legs buckle.

She almost passed out and screamed at the same time as the hot tip of his tongue seemed to sear her skin, but it was far from painful. He licked her skin from her hairline down to her shoulders and damned if that electricity was building to a crescendo she needed so bad, until…

Dorian stepped away from her abruptly, and Chon thought she was going to die. Matter of fact, the dissatisfied groan her throat muttered explicitly told him she wanted more of what he had done.

But how the hell had he done that? What the hell had he been doing?

She knew about hot spots, but Austin hadn’t discovered one single hot spot in the whole time she had been with him. This man had only known her less than a month, and he had…

What the hell? Was she leaking?

Dorian put the card around her body and leaned in close from behind. “Deal, Chon Tolbert or not?”

She took the card weakly and whispered, “Deal, Dorian Zane.”


All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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And what do you think the two days will involve?


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