Author’s Note: After this chapter, I’m a lot in love with Dorian Zane. That is all.

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Chapter 20

Chon kept looking at the time, which seemed to fly and she was just hitting the thirty-minute mark when she opened the doors to the bathroom.

   Surprisingly, Dorian was sitting on the bed wearing only a silk royal blue pajama bottom. He looked freshly shaved and showered.

   She hadn’t been sure what to put on, but she had a thigh length, satin, gray nightgown with a matching ankle length robe. She found her matching gray panties and lace bra because this was a habit of hers just to match when she could. Her hair was still in the French style, and after wiping her face, she only reapplied some lip gloss to keep her lips moist.

   When she knew Austin was coming, she used to paint her toenails, but now all her nails on her body were bare, and she had rushed a groom between her legs and calves. She wasn’t sure what was to happen, but if the other night had any indication, his face would be down there again.

   She just stood at the bathroom’s entryway and stared at Dorian as if he was going to produce some magical way of making her orgasming at the bathroom door.

   “Come here,” he ordered sternly.

   She walked to him.

   “Stop,” he abruptly said when she was halfway to him.

   She obeyed.

   Dorian stood up and walked to her. There was no hair on his chest, except down near the edges of his pajamas. Smooth, black hair ran down from his navel into his pants. His chest muscles were firm, and she could see his abs in his stomach. Thickly built, but not fat, he was delightful to the eyes.

Unlike Austin who had grown a gut over the years and Austin had hair everywhere – all over his body -including his shoulders and back.

   Dorian was magnificent. He reminded her of a male model from an underwear commercial or from a soap opera she often indulged in to get away from reality.

   Was this going to happen? She wondered.

   “You didn’t put on any lotion,” he noted.

   “I-I’m not used to …” She flustered, but when the right words wouldn’t come to her, she said defensively, “I don’t stink!”

   He smirked. “I never said you smelled. I wanted your natural smell.”

   If she were home, she would have her applied lotion in the bathroom, but since Chon was not prepared or had never been ready to receive sex, she didn’t know the first thing about what to do with her body when a man asked for sex.

   She felt incompetent, but what should she expect to feel when dealing with Dorian Zane.

   “I would have put-”

   He cut her off. “I don’t want a discussion about your smell, Chon. Like I said, your natural scent is perfect.”  He pointed to a small settee on the other side of the room. “Go stand there.”

   She obeyed and saw he headed over to where there was a stereo. From his pajama pants, he pulled out a flash drive. Once activated the room filled with soft jazz all around her. She held her hand to her chest listening to sweet sounds and smiled as her eyes closed.

   “You like jazz?” he asked, now standing in front of her.

   Opening her eyes not realizing he had come close to her, she almost backed away. She was so used to lying about what she liked; it was hard just to tell the truth. “I don’t know. My grandmother said jazz was music my mother would like and if I didn’t want to become my mom, I shouldn’t listen to it.”

   “Didn’t you listen to music when you were with Austin?”

   She blushed feeling uncomfortable talking about another man with someone she was going to know intimately. “H-He said he didn’t like noise. And it wouldn’t… Well, it wasn’t that long.”

   He lowered on the settee, semi straddling the furniture with his long legs and then took her hand to guide her down where he was to sit practically between his legs. There was a confused frown on his face. “Long enough in duration, right?”

   She nodded.

   “Wait a minute,” he asked seriously. “You didn’t make love long enough to put a song on?”

   “I didn’t keep track of the minutes, Dorian.”

   He waved this away as if it were an annoying fly. When Chon had sat down between his legs, he hadn’t let go of her hands. He took them in his and guided them to his shoulders. For her to be comfortable, she had to lean into him and allow her hands to rest on his body.

   “Touch me, Chon.”

   Damn, why did that make her horny? That leaking sensation started to happen, and she began to snatch her hands away, but he kept them firmly on his shoulders.

   “T-Touch you where?” she asked.

   “Anywhere you want. I need you to relax. You’re acting like this is your first time.”

   “I don’t regularly go around touching strange men.”

   “I’m not a stranger,” he pointed out.

   “I didn’t say you were,” she snipped. “I said, strange men.”

   He smirked, but then reigned in his emotions as if finding her sarcasm funny was misplaced on his part. “Tonight, I’m just a man. Not your boss, not your client, not someone who tries their best to make you miserable. Agreed?”

   The fact that his hands had casually rested on her thighs was not helping her think straight. “I think I can,” she said.

   “Good.” He gently squeezed her thighs. “Close your eyes, Chon, and touch me.”

   She slowly closed her eyes and then let her fingers roam over his shoulders and down the front of his chest just a little, before returning to his shoulders.

   When she opened her eyes to look at him, he looked put out.

   “What was that?” he questioned.

   Chon explained, “I was touching you.”    

   “You were scratching an itch.” He took her hands and slowly started to feel his shoulders again and then moved each one down his arms before returning to his shoulders. He then took her palms and began to move them down his chest.

   She pulled her arms away and took a deep breath. “I can do this. I know you’re trying to make me comfortable, but doing it for me is not going to help me.”

   He put his hands on the side of his body leaned back slightly and smirked again. “Touch me, Chon. Feel my body.”

   Biting her lip, she pushed away her nervousness and did as he bid. She touched Dorian Zane, growing with need in her own body with every inch of skin on his body she felt.

   Her hands moved slowly down his chest, going to his stomach and then back to his shoulders. She couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed feeling him and even her fingertips were starting to tingle.

   “You like touching me?” he inquired.

   “It’s relaxing.”

   “Good, stand up, Chon,” he ordered.

She obeyed and waited for him to stand in front of her.

When he did, he said. “My turn.” He flicked the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders.

   Instinctively, she put her hands over her breast to hold the lingerie in place. Yes, she was ashamed to be naked in front of Dorian Zane, but she’d never really been this naked in front of any man.

   He gently took her hands and pulled them down to her side. The nightgown glided down her body, and she looked down ashamed.

   His finger lifted her chin to return their eye contact.  

“I don’t know what to do,” she confessed.

   “Lay on your stomach on the bed,” he ordered.

   Her heart was beating a million miles a minute, and as she walked past him to the bed, she felt she took a million steps before climbing up on the soft queen size firm mattress.  She laid perpendicular on her stomach and rested her face on her arm high enough to watch him.

He had not moved, and his back was to her, so she didn’t feel as embarrassed as she waited. He went over to the light switch and dimmed the lights in the room before slowly turning around and looking at the bed.

   Her heart accelerated, and she was sure the room was about to spin as every step he took towards her was a step that increased her heartbeat.

   Dorian moved behind her, so his body was at her feet. She could just imagine him looking at her derriere, and she wished she has his mind-reading abilities.

   The weight of him on the bed made her tense as he straddled her thighs and she waited with bated breath for his touch.

   How was he so calm?

   Her thoughts were going crazy, and she closed her eyes to prevent herself from allowing the dizziness to overtake her.

   When his hands gently rested on her shoulders, she expelled the breath she had been holding. His hands moved slowly down her shoulders, then up again to the top of her spine and then down.

   He stayed in this area until her breath became somewhat even and she even started to relax. His palms were warm, soft and large. And his touch seemed to relax her, pull her into a state of comfortability.

   Soon his strokes went further down her back, to the middle and then down to the edge of her butt, but immediately moved back up to her shoulders. His strokes were firm, lightly massaging the muscles in her back.

   “You’re tensed,” he noted. “You’re nervous?” He sounded surprised.

   “Shouldn’t I be?” she questioned. “You’re my boss.”

   “Not right now. I’m just a man.”

   “That still makes me nervous Dorian.”

   “Ah.. yes, the inexperienced girl.” His tone sounded as if he didn’t believe her.

   She wasn’t going to argue her inexperience with him, particularly since his hands now moved over her full derriere and her breath caught in her throat. Each of his palms cupped her buttocks and moved smoothly up and down and then from side to side.

   “How many times have a man touched your ass?”

   She frowned at his crude words, yet what did she expect from a man like Dorian Zane? “I don’t get massages, and if I got massages, I wouldn’t get them from a naked man.”

   He chortled.

   “I wasn’t striving to be funny, Dorian.”

   “I know.” He made this strange snorting sound. His hands were moving more slowly over her posterior as if he was trying to memorize every millimeter of her backside. His palms were getting closer and closer to the middle, and she blushed as just the fingertips moved down the side of her crack. The pressure was firm enough not to be sensual, yet she could feel the moisture increase between her legs and small tingles that seem to radiate over her pelvic bone area. She took a deep breath to try to stay calm as he moved his fingers up and down the sides of her crack several times before moving down to her thighs.

   She blew out the air she had been holding and relaxed again.

   His palms were no longer firm though, and she didn’t know whether to be alarmed as she seemed to have even more uncontrollable wetness between her legs.

   The leaking now felt like a river, and she was starting to believe, maybe Dorian Zane knew a little bit too much about arousing a woman, and she was in for a very long night of something amazing to come.


All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard

Author’s Comments: Becoming in love with your male protagonist makes it difficult for the female protagonist cause now I’m just jealous Chon is getting the loving. LOL. Dorian’s really got some skillz other than making people feel awful.

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  1. Well well well who would have thought Mr Dorian Zane has a compassionate side. I feel like there is more to him than this aggressive side he shows everyone. I can see Chon slowly falling in love with this side of him. Can’t wait to see what happens over the few chapters.

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