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Chapter 14

   Chon couldn’t believe this man had the audacity just to declare himself a winner, but then she remembered this was Dorian Zane. “Who said you won?”

   “You tried to quit, clearly violating the rules of the game and the only reason you continued to play was that I threatened you.”

   “But I did the dare,” she challenged.

   “I had to help,” he refuted.

   She wanted to tear her hair out. This man was frustrating beyond belief. “We didn’t discuss the terms of a winner.”

   “That’s because you assumed you were going to win. That no quit spirit of yours is your downfall,” he pointed out. “But now that I’ve won, I should at least be given a reward.”

   “We’re not in the room anymore. I don’t have to do anything.”

   “We aren’t playing the game anymore. I’m just collecting my win.”

   She cursed hating he was trumping her reasons to get out of giving him anything.

   “How about you let me come up with a reward, and I’ll let you know.”

   “When will I know?” she demanded.

   “Soon enough.”

   The car was pulling up to the office building parking lot.

   Obviously, he had told the driver exactly where she was parked. How the hell had he known?

   The sedan parked right in front of her car as Dorian handed Gaston’s take out bag to her.

   “Are you going to have some?” she questioned knowing he was giving her both of the desserts from Gaston’s. The sweet smelling still warm bag made her high in expectation.

   “I’ll enjoy knowing you’re enjoying yourself.” He gave her a mischievous wink. “And no dawdling around in the parking lot. We wouldn’t want anyone else seeing your amazing show.”

   Chon tried her best not to frown, but it was challenging knowing full well what he meant. Taking the bag and getting out of the car, she forced herself not to look back and quickly got into her car.

   It wasn’t late, but late enough where everyone from the office should have been gone.

   She started driving home and looked in her rear view window positive she saw Austin’s vehicle behind her.

   As she got closer to home, she was even more sure Austin’s car was following her.

   Pulling abruptly in a twenty-four-hour well-lit gas station, Chon looked back to see if the vehicle in question was going to pass the business. When she looked back, the car did an abrupt U-turn, and she was too far away to see who was in the vehicle.

   Had Austin been following her?

   Ignoring him must’ve been driving him crazy. Good! It was probably driving him crazy to wonder where she was spending her time? Even if he was in the parking lot when she had gotten dropped off, he would have no way of knowing who had been in the sedan with her with the tinted windows.

   Was this Austin jealous?

   That thought made Chon smile.

   That was like a cherry on top of her oddly good night.

   Getting to her home with no suspicious vehicles behind her anymore, she took a long hot shower and sat down to collect her thoughts. The Gaston’s bag was by her, and even though she knew it was too late to eat anything, she couldn’t resist knowing how delicious they were.

   Removing both desserts from the bag, Chon could feel her mouth start to water immensely and thought about her night with Dorian Zane.    

   Could she claim a good night despite the fact, she had spent the night with the insanely evil Dorian Zane?

   Getting on the computer as she took nibbles savoring every bite of the delicious dessert, she did a little digging. Putting her computer in privacy mode, she researched what she didn’t know.

   Austin had never done oral sex. She knew about it from college. There were a lot of things from college Grandmother Wei kept from her, but Chon didn’t always investigate everything she was told about or learned. With her thinking Austin was her “boyfriend” she felt sooner or later he would introduce her to certain things.

   A sort of sexual surprise had been her hope. Austin would take her under his wing and teach her what a man should teach her about being with a man.

   Wasn’t that every woman’s dream?

   That had not been the case from the pictures she was looking at on the Internet. She was still slightly confused.

   Andi was right. Chon needed a man, a different man to give her some experience so she could understand herself and stop moping over Austin as if she had lost a puppy dog. Chon was not ready to call a gigolo and ask him to teach her.

Dorian Zane must know.

   How much did he know? And would he teach her?

   She dug in the dessert, shutting down her computer and loving every single bite of the decadent treat.

   Eating wickedly good desserts made her think wickedly good thoughts. What would have happened if the stockings had not been there? Would his mouth do what those pictures had shown?

   Placing the last bite in her mouth and sucking all the sugar from each tip, Chon moved her hand down to the front of her panties and closed her eyes. Remembering Dorian between her legs had been easy. There was no darkness; there was no mystery… There was only him.

   That look in his eyes, so serious, yet heady, intoxicating, making her want whatever he wanted.

   It didn’t take long and she hardly had to pressure herself to get to fruition. She was so wet and even more curious as to what could happen with Dorian Zane.

   He’s your client! You don’t mix business with pleasure; she reprimanded herself.

There were rules. Rules she was never to break.

   That room had been her soul permission just to let go of everything that had been grounded and beat into her. Dorian Zane had created the one thing she needed and wanted… A way to be free from everything and everyone.

   Cleaning up her dessert, she headed for her bedroom and took off her clothes.

   Chon brushed her teeth and laid in bed.

Oddly, she didn’t have the urge to go throw up after binging when she had been in the bathroom like she usually did.

Never before had she ever been able to just get to sleep, but tonight as soon as her head hit the pillow she out for the count.

   What the hell had Dorian Zane done to her?


   When she awoke early in the morning before six o’clock, her refreshed body sat up straight in bed. Chon took a moment to collect herself and realized it wasn’t just her body feeling a new, but her mind and soul as well.

   Looking down at her fingers, she couldn’t explain anything, but it felt like she saw herself from a whole different perspective.

   Checking her emails, she saw a message from Thaddeus Newman:

Good morning or Good evening, Ms. Tolbert:

(Depending on what time you read this message.)

My wife and I cordially invite you to our celebratory weekend with friends and family.

Events start at noon today and we hope you can plan to be with us all weekend long. There will be food, fun and live entertainment. Please join us.

The address to where everything started followed the message and Chon confirmed the location on her cell phone. There was no itinerary attached, so she wasn’t sure what she was going to do there. Would she know anyone?

The opportunity to be with Thaddeus Newman and his wife’s type of crowd would be magnanimous for her hair business. The money she could make just to have some of them as clients… Just to do a piece for them would be an honor. She knew this was the network launch pad she needed, yet the thought of Austin’s voice constantly reminding her Dorian Zane belonged to some kinky type of sex club kept pounding in the back of her mind.

She looked up Thaddeus Newman. He was easy to find in Detroit’s business pages, and his wife was often at his side for charity events on drug abuse and helping children in the foster system. His wife had been a foster child, but she also had her own business as well as a transcription service.

Meeting her would be a benefit for Chon and despite her reservation, she really needed to be there at this event.

For an hour, she finished up a client’s project and then worked on her budget. After formally accepting Debra’s offer by emailing the signed terms and agreements, Chon packed up the completed project and called the client to let her know she would be dropping the project off two days earlier.

Soon as she hung up, her phone rung and Chon checked the caller ID before even thinking about answering it. It was Austin’s home number.

She pressed the call to voicemail. For the first time in a long time, she felt good and not guilt for ignoring Austin.

There was no urge to binge or fret over what he was going to do or say if she didn’t answer his call.

She went into her phone account and blocked Austin’s home and cell phone number.

Putting the wrapped package by the door, Chon looked at the invite one more time from Thaddeus Newman and considered just for a moment of canceling her RSVP.

She wouldn’t know anyone and networking was just so hard for her.

There was this odd feeling in her gut telling her not to go, yet curiosity and opportunity for the event made her not cancel.

Getting dressed, she applied just a bit of makeup and instead of pulling her hair into a tightly rolled ponytail, she took a brown band and let her hair down. Brushing the strands down, she didn’t mind her arms being so tired like she usually did.

A knock on her door alarmed her since she never had company unless it was Austin.

Going to the peephole, she relaxed a little as she saw only her brother’s face looking back at her.

Why was he here suddenly?  Craig never dropped by without calling. Bracing herself for the worst, Chon opened the door.


All rights reserved. 2016(c)Sylvia Hubbard

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8 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter14

  1. Get it Chon! I never realized how anorexic affected even someone that not already small in size. The fact that she feels so poorly about herself shows her low self esteem. I glad she is getting some courage. But it’s a shame it with Dorian even though I don’t know if I like his crazy character or not. But he seems to be opening a new world for Chon that she could only image. That damn Austin he has a life but won’t leave her alone. Can’t wait to read the next few chapters.


  2. I’m so glad for Chon, I need her to keep stepping up for herself, she notices her problem with Austin, now to keep him out of her face is great! Both he and his fiance is sneaky. I guess now Austin going to use her brother to “put her in her place”. I hope she doesn’t let anything her brother says take away for her new found self-esteem. I hope she realizes that when people know you need them for something (getting her money) they use you to the fullest!

    1. i hope so too but as I’m writing, there’s something nagging me about Dorian. I know you’re like but you’re the writer you should know, but this feels all new to me again.

      1. I suspect Dorian using Austin also, and when Cho finds out, she is going to be really hurt, it seems that Dorian thinks that nothing can touch him and he has his feelings in check…….I hope Chon gets under his skin in a major way!!!

  3. I think Dorian is a crazy alpha male who probably has some form of abuse in his childhood that has caused him to act this way. Chon is intriguing to him and he does have some sort of feelings for her. He obviously has awakened something in her which seems to give her a little more confidence. Austin is just a low down dirty user of women. He likes making Chon feel insecure and if he told Dorian about his sexual escapades with Chon he is even lower than a snake. He’d use any one to get ahead. After all Chon helped him to get his job.

    1. I mean he hangs out with Onxy that says a lot about Dorian and his problems. He probably is definitely using Austin. But I just hope he is not also using Chon she is way to vulnerable right now for that.

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