Author’s note: You guys are quiet yet reading and that’s good, but I would like to know what you think is going on with Austin?

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This part of the story is no longer available in this blog post. To find out how to read Ravenous, please go to


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8 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter14

  1. Get it Chon! I never realized how anorexic affected even someone that not already small in size. The fact that she feels so poorly about herself shows her low self esteem. I glad she is getting some courage. But it’s a shame it with Dorian even though I don’t know if I like his crazy character or not. But he seems to be opening a new world for Chon that she could only image. That damn Austin he has a life but won’t leave her alone. Can’t wait to read the next few chapters.


  2. I’m so glad for Chon, I need her to keep stepping up for herself, she notices her problem with Austin, now to keep him out of her face is great! Both he and his fiance is sneaky. I guess now Austin going to use her brother to “put her in her place”. I hope she doesn’t let anything her brother says take away for her new found self-esteem. I hope she realizes that when people know you need them for something (getting her money) they use you to the fullest!

    1. i hope so too but as I’m writing, there’s something nagging me about Dorian. I know you’re like but you’re the writer you should know, but this feels all new to me again.

      1. I suspect Dorian using Austin also, and when Cho finds out, she is going to be really hurt, it seems that Dorian thinks that nothing can touch him and he has his feelings in check…….I hope Chon gets under his skin in a major way!!!

  3. I think Dorian is a crazy alpha male who probably has some form of abuse in his childhood that has caused him to act this way. Chon is intriguing to him and he does have some sort of feelings for her. He obviously has awakened something in her which seems to give her a little more confidence. Austin is just a low down dirty user of women. He likes making Chon feel insecure and if he told Dorian about his sexual escapades with Chon he is even lower than a snake. He’d use any one to get ahead. After all Chon helped him to get his job.

    1. I mean he hangs out with Onxy that says a lot about Dorian and his problems. He probably is definitely using Austin. But I just hope he is not also using Chon she is way to vulnerable right now for that.

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