Author’s note: this was a bitter sweet chapter for Chon. You meet her brother finally.

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Craig was only five foot ten and had the handsome Japanese features, which Chon had always envied; Pristine white skin, slightly slanted eyes, small nose and thin lips.

Other than her eyes that did have the slight slant, but also the wideness to them, she had gotten none of their father’s features, while Craig was the epitome of American Japanese everyone in the family was proud.

Opening the door to her well-dressed brother, Chon almost felt underdressed despite her business attire. His black eyes similar to hers gave her complete eye contact just briefly and then looked behind her as if he was going to see someone else.

“What are you doing here?” she questioned.

“Is that how you greet your brother?” he asked annoyed.

Chon forced a smile and hugged her brother stiffly, but still didn’t move away from the door so he could just walk in the house.

Today she wasn’t feeling so docile like usual when her brother was around.

   “Why haven’t you been answering your phone?” her brother demanded.

   “You haven’t called me,” she defended.

   “I know I didn’t,” he said apparently. “But Austin’s been trying to reach you. Told me you’ve been acting strange since you started working for that asshole.”

   “I’m okay,” she said. “And there’s nothing wrong with me.”

   “Why are you so ungrateful to Austin?” he questioned.

   Of course, Austin only told his side of his story to Craig, but she was unsure how much her brother knew since speaking with Dorian last night. She remembered Dorian’s words, ‘They are joined at the hip.’

Would her brother put his friend before his sister? She knew deep down he would because Craig hardly considered her a sister. Damn, Dorian for opening up her eyes.

Responding to her brother, Chon said, “I thanked him. I let him know I appreciated the opportunity he afforded me, but I won’t allow him to make me a pawn for information.”

   Craig tsked in significantly. “We’re talking about Dorian Zane.” his tone of voice sounded as if they were talking about a mutt dying in the street. “The man is a selfish evil asshole. He doesn’t deserve your respect for him as a human being, Chon. He’s a manipulative prick, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants.”

   There was a lot of hate for Dorian Zane from Craig and if she were trying to suck up to her brother any alliance with Dorian Zane would not be well liked by Craig at this moment.

   Bravely, she defended Dorian Zane despite all the mean things had done to her. “He’s a client, and I’ll uphold any and all standards Granny Wei taught me.” She knew saying this would defeat any manipulative argument in favor of what Austin wanted. “Are you here to convince me to go against my teachings for the sake of friendship, Craig?”

   He narrowed his eyes, and she could see he was torn between friendship and family. “Of course not,” he said stiffly. “Aren’t you even going to invite me in the house I bought you?”

   She smiled uncomfortably and moved aside to allow her brother to walk past her and into the house. He had only bought the house when she always nagged him after college for her inheritance and would deliberately walk into his room when he had company.

   Craig had chosen to keep the building where they had grown up. He rented the stores below to retail while he lived in the four bedroom loft above for a space fit for a king. Their father owned lots of property and once he passed Grandmother Wei had sold most of it and put it in trust funds for Craig and Chon, which she remained over until her death. She allowed Craig to get his inheritance but gave him guardian over Chon’s until such time Craig formerly stated to the lawyers his sister was responsible and deserving enough to have her trust.

   Checking the time, Chon knew she still had a couple of hours to get over to her client’s house and head to Thaddeus Newman’s event for lunch. She noticed how her brother still scanned around as if searching for someone or something.

   “What’s this?” Craig asked, pointing at the package she had for her client.

   “It’s a piece I was working on for a client.”

   “I thought we talked about your silly hobby,” he chided.

   “You talked, Craig, and I listened,” she emphasized. “But we never came to any agreement; Just you, telling me what to do.”

   “Are you trying to be like your mother?”

   Chon was used to people bad talking her mother. “I have her talent at wig making.” She went over to her desk and brought over to him her business plan she’d work so hard on. “I have a perfect business plan you should look over.”

He looked down at her plan as she was talking and didn’t bother to read anything.

Continuing, she said, “I learned a great skill from her that’s useful, and I enjoy. That doesn’t make me a bad person, Craig.”

   “What else did she teach you? How to be a whore on the streets? Steal other people’s men?” he sneered, grabbing her arm harshly. “Or how to cook up drugs? I heard she was particularly good at that.”

   Snatching her arm away, trying not to allow his viciousness to upset her, Chon knew exactly the type of woman her mother had turned out to be once her father turned his back on her.  “I plan to open my own business, Craig. I have an excellent opportunity… business-”

   “Can it, Chon!” he ordered, not wanting to listen. He let her go and tore the business plan she handed him into small pieces. “In a few weeks, I have to write a statement, but at this rate, what I see of our behavior, I don’t think it’ll be favorable.” He tossed the pieces of her business plan up in the air like confetti.

   Devastated at the possibility of having her brother barely dole out her money to her and not give a fig about her dreams, she desperately tried to convince him. “Doing hair has nothing to do with what you think about my mother.”

   “What I think?” he snarled with an evil chortle, walking up on her. “Your mother was a known whore all over the streets. She allowed anyone and anything between her legs.”

   Chon tried to turn away, but he grabbed her shoulders and forced her to face him. “You’re only going by rumor and what Grandmother Wei wanted us to believe.”

   “It’s the truth!” he raged. “When Da came back a changed man, hating my mother and forcing him to raise some bastard, I knew your whoring mother had done something to him. I had to lose my mom because of your slutty mother. When I was old enough, just before I went off to college, I went on the streets to find her. She was so easy to locate because so many men had been up in her filthy cunt! I wanted to know what had driven Da into her arms, made him addicted to her. I found her in a pool of dirty water in the alley.” Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out ten dollars and threw the money at Chon’s feet. “I tossed her ten bucks, and she let me pound, even in her ass, so hard she bled.”

   Chon gasped in disgust and turned her face away, but Craig dug his fingers in her chin and forced her to look at him.

   “Then I pumped that bitch’s mouth with her ass cream all over. She didn’t care. She was so damn filthy and so damn nasty and so damn high, she didn’t fucking care. Is that what you want to be, sister? A disgusting dirty junkie whore just like your ugly stupid mother?”

   Chon couldn’t hold back her anguish anymore and threw up. Craig let her go in time before any of her vomit got on him.

   He smirked wickedly. “Your mother’s pussy was so hot even though I had to double sheath my dick from all her diseases. Does your pussy get hot, Chon, like that?” He snickered. “I’d fuck her again if that bitch wasn’t dead-”

   “Shut up!” Chon screamed, punching him as hard as she could in the chest. “Get out!”

   “This is my house!” he sneered. “My name is on the title because you want to follow your silly dreams. You have skills and talents from Grandmother Wei to make more than enough money, but you choose to squander on something stupid. Give it up, or I’ll make sure you never see one damn dime, and I’ll put you out on the street so you can end up like your slut mother.”

   He stormed out the door as she sunk to the ground sobbing.

   Chon knew she wasn’t crying because how awful her mother had fallen in life, but she cried because Dorian Zane was right.

   Craig was going to use any excuse and any means necessary never to give her a penny of that inheritance.




All rights reserved. 2016(c)Sylvia Hubbard


5 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter15

  1. My chapter 15 was not about Chon’s brother. It was about the morning she awoke after being out with Austn. What happened? Please resend Chapter

  2. What a sneaky, shameful and deceitful brother Chon has. His nothing going to give her any money. Her best bet either try to move on without it or try to fight her brother for what’s rightfully hers. I can’t belief he had so much hate for something that had nothing to do with him. Can’t wait for the next chapter I definitely don’t want Chon to revert back to an even lower self esteem.

  3. Well I’m mad, I knew Craig was a worthless loser, and the things he said only made him look bad, I wish someway she could have recorded what he said to her. I hope the next time she sees Austin she punch him in the face!!!! Please let this be a wake up call to her and don’t let her lose the little bit of courage he gained. Dorian has his own agenda but I hope she tells him what happened….

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