Author’s note: this was a bitter sweet chapter for Chon. You meet her brother finally.

that’s about it. Read and let me know what you think.

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5 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter15

  1. My chapter 15 was not about Chon’s brother. It was about the morning she awoke after being out with Austn. What happened? Please resend Chapter

  2. What a sneaky, shameful and deceitful brother Chon has. His nothing going to give her any money. Her best bet either try to move on without it or try to fight her brother for what’s rightfully hers. I can’t belief he had so much hate for something that had nothing to do with him. Can’t wait for the next chapter I definitely don’t want Chon to revert back to an even lower self esteem.

  3. Well I’m mad, I knew Craig was a worthless loser, and the things he said only made him look bad, I wish someway she could have recorded what he said to her. I hope the next time she sees Austin she punch him in the face!!!! Please let this be a wake up call to her and don’t let her lose the little bit of courage he gained. Dorian has his own agenda but I hope she tells him what happened….

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