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Chapter 13


When she could find her tongue after a moment, she answered his question, “So you wouldn’t tell Craig. He can never know or he’ll…” She took a deep breath still very embarrassed about giving her underwear to Dorian. “He can never know I have done anything immoral. He’ll use any excuse not to give me my inheritance, and I know if I continue with a good track record, I should be getting the money soon. He said one year. On my 31st birthday, the lawyer is going to review his recommendation about my responsibility level and progress. I know-”

   He cut her off. “Your brother is an ass like Austin. Do you think he’s going to give you that money realistically?”

   Chon was at a loss for words. “What makes you think so? How do you even know my brother?”

   “He hangs out with Austin. They’re joined at the hip.”

   She narrowed her eyes at him wondering if he was telling the truth. “You wouldn’t be lying to me?”

   “The game is Truth or Dare. What reason would I have to lie when the truth hurts more?” he questioned ridiculously.

   She wanted to stop talking to him. “Is it my turn?”

   “No, you just asked two questions of me. It’s my turn, and I dare you!” he exclaimed dramatically.

   “Dare me to do what, Dorian?”

   Leaning forward with a severe look, he said, “I dare you to do a repeat performance right now in front of me.”

   If Chon had not been shocked by the dares before, this one topped the cake, and the scary part was Dorian Zane was dead serious.

   “No!” she exclaimed emphatically.

   “Refusal of a dare is not allowed.”

   Pounding her fist on the table, she reiterated, “No! No! No!”

   “Are you a coward?”

   “No! Your dare is very inappropriate.”

   “So asking for your panties isn’t inappropriate? Licking on my fingers? Licking on yours? I don’t see why this request is any more appropriate.”

   “No! Dorian Zane, you’re mad!”

   “I maybe, but the dare still stands.”

   “I won’t do that! I can’t do that.”

   “Oh, so it’s alright to do it in public view, but not for a private showing.”

   Chon knew her cheeks were flaming by now. “I shouldn’t.”

   “Whether you shouldn’t or should, we both know you did. But now I want a front row private show. That’s the dare I’ve issued.”


   “Are you quitting?” he inquired with disappointment written on his face.

   “You cannot expect me to…” She stopped talking, too embarrassed to continue. Giving herself a moment to take a deep breath, she said, “I’m not quitting. I never quit.”

   He leaned back in his chair, holding his thick arms over his broad chest waiting for her.

   Her shoulders slumped knowing he was waiting for “the show.” “Do you have to watch so closely? Can’t you go on the other side of the room?”

 Dorian chortled, “What fun would it be if I didn’t?”

   Huffing in frustration, she said obstinately. “Fine! But I’m keeping my stockings on.”

   Shrugging as he specified, “But your hand has to touch. Your fingers have to be involved, just like the other day.”

   Rolling her eyes in exasperation, she couldn’t believe she was going to do what he had dared.

   “You aren’t going to touch me!” she ordered.

   “My hands will stay where they are,” he promised.

   “And you won’t say a word,” she demanded.

   He made a zipping motion with his lips.

   Chon rolled her eyes against in exasperation as she stood up just a little to inch her skirt up to mid thigh. Closing her eyes to pretend he wasn’t there she moved her hand between her open legs. The flood of embarrassment was probably showing red all over her, but with her eyes closed, she couldn’t see what he was thinking.

   This was good because she would probably die of shame.

   Rubbing her palm between her legs under her stomach three or four times, she removed her hand and breathed a sigh of relief what felt like the worst moment of her life was over.

   “That’s it?” he questioned, heavily disappointed.

“I did what you ask.”

“No, you didn’t,” he refuted. “I want an exact replay of the show you gave the other night.”

“I can’t do that!”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not aroused,” she admitted.

“You seem to find the way the other night. What aroused you then?”

“I don’t know.. I was watching Austin with Tracy, and then I started thinking about…” she flustered.”About the last time we… I mean, Austin and I were together. It was different from any other time, even though I can barely remember.”

“How so?” he inquired.

“He never… I don’t remember what happened, but I imagined what I could.” Her cheeks were flaming, not believing she was revealing her thoughts to Dorian Zane.

“Open your legs, Chon,” he ordered.

She took a moment, but slowly opened her legs.

“Put her hand between your legs,” he continued.

Chon obeyed dropping her hand between her legs hoping he couldn’t see through her stockings.

“Close your eyes and tell me what you remember,” Dorian requested.

She spread her legs just a little and forced herself to remember. Closing her eyes help dissipate her nervousness and almost pretend Dorian wasn’t there. Taking deep calm breaths took herself further away from awareness to that place she hardly ever went. A door in her mind that upon walking through shrouded her in darkness, yet, she could feel the slight tingles starting in the pit of her stomach.

Her breath quickened for a moment as she leaned her head back. “There was candlelight, and Austin was over me… Kissing me and then… Then he disappeared.”

“Where?” Dorian asked softly.

“I…I think between my legs, but I can’t be sure.”

“What do you remember feeling?”

“Pressure… on both sides of my thighs…lots of pressure, but his touch didn’t hurt.”

Chon gasped feeling the same pressure suddenly but didn’t open her eyes.

“Like this?” Dorian questioned.

The direction of his voice had changed. He was very close, and the pressure on her thighs had become more firm. At that moment, she realized the pressure wasn’t coming from his hands… his shoulders? Pushing her legs further apart?

“Yes,” she answered, but didn’t open her eyes. Giving herself a moment, she remembered more from that night. It was as if the present pressure on her thighs had struck open another memory. “His breath. I could feel his breath… It was hot, and he was excited.”


She didn’t answer but showed him by touching the area right under her stomach where the feminine hair was just starting to thicken.

Stiffening, Chon felt a warm breath caress where she had indicated. She now refused to open her eyes exactly knowing where Dorian Zane’s face was, but not wanting him to move away.

He was there!

Down there!

And Chon wanted to faint and scream at the same time!

“What else, Chon? Tell me.”

It was hard to remember anything else, and she shook her head. “I can’t.”

“Nothing? What’s in the darkness?”

She said the first thing that came to mind. “Wetness; between my legs.” At that moment, she could feel moisture starting to soak through her stockings.

He sensuously chuckled, and she was positive even though she didn’t look, his face was right up against her, between her legs and …

The wetness was coming from her! Just like that night!

“Yes! That’s what had happened.!

Opening her eyes, she gasped in a panic seeing Dorian on his knees down between her legs.

His eyes were closed as the tip of his nose lightly pressed in an infinite motion over the area she had pointed out to deeper between her legs.

Chon didn’t want to die in embarrassment. She wanted to know what could happen next.

His eyes opened, and he looked up at her. He wasn’t the least bit embarrassed. She bit her lip, gripping the sides of the chair and locked eyes with him.

“Is this all you can remember from that night, Chon?”

Slowly, she nodded not trusting her voice to work at that moment.

“Now show me,” he commanded.

Chon didn’t hesitate as she obediently put her hand in her stockings and rubbed her palm between her legs where she knew she was most sensitive.

Without breaking eye contact, she felt her chest tighten, her thighs brace, and her back arch as an internal explosion gripped her for the longest moment.

He watched her the whole time, and when she exploded, she felt his body tighten, and that serious heated look came over his face.

Their breathing synced, stopping, starting, gasping and then releasing.

And Chon wanted to cry.

In fact, a tear ran down her cheek as her body released the ultimate eruption her body felt she had been holding back for centuries.

He moved up on his knees and cupped her face. “Why are you crying, Chon?” he questioned, using his thumb to rub the tear away.

“Because the best sex I’ve ever had was with a man I hated who didn’t even touch me,” she admitted pathetically.

Dorian chortled and damned if that didn’t arouse her again.

He drew her into his arms and she thought she felt him kiss the top of her head, but she couldn’t be sure.

For a moment, she relished in the feel of his strong arms holding her close as she came back to reality.

He reached behind him where he was sitting and pressed something under the table. “I’ve decided for you, Chon.”

“What decision?” she asked still a little disoriented.

The waiter entered, but Dorian didn’t release her from his arms and Chon wasn’t really in the mood to move away. The feeling of a man not being ashamed to hold her in public made her cry even more, and she was glad she could hide her face slightly so Dorian or the waiter couldn’t see her tears had increased.

“We’ll take dessert to go,” Dorian ordered.

The waiter nodded and then left.

Dorian looked down at her, and she thought he was going to finish answering what she had asked regarding his decision, but he didn’t. “You’re a very complicated woman, Chon.”

Now she blushed again and pushed at his chest, knowing she must look a mess.

He returned to his chair and handed her his security key to the room. “The bathroom is right out of the door across the hall.”

How had he read her mind?

She didn’t bring back up what decision he had made reminding herself to ask him later as she took the security key and started to leave the room.

“Chon,” he called, stopping her and making her look back at him. “You’re going to need these.” He held up her underwear.

Quickly, she returned to him wanting to slap the teasing smirk off his lips and snatched the underwear from his hands, before hurrying out of the room. How the hell can the man make her hate him and like him at the same time?

NO one was in the hall or the bathroom when she entered. She was glad to be alone.

Going into the stall, she realized her pantyhose were drenched, and she tossed those in the garbage. After freshening up, fixing her hair back into the tight bun and then putting on the underwear, she gathered herself mentally before leaving out of the bathroom.

Should she be glad he made her take her underwear off earlier so now she did have something to wear? Should she thank him?

Hell no!

Returning to the room, she was disappointed to see Dorian wasn’t there anymore.

The waiter was cleaning off the table. “He said to let you know he’s waiting downstairs in the car for you.”

Chon nodded, grabbed her purse and jacket before proceeding back into the hallway, down the stairs, and out the restaurant. It was a Friday night, and there was still a long line of people waiting to get inside.

It was about ten at night, and Gaston’s wasn’t due to close until one in the morning.

The black sedan with the tinted windows waited right outside the door, rudely blocking any traffic from coming by.

Of course, he would do this because Dorian Zane most likely ordered the driver to park there.

Quickly getting into the private cab where Dorian sat with a large bag from Gaston’s on the seat between them. She only gave him brief eye contact but knew he stared her down. She could feel his visual glare giving her tingles all over.

Keep it together and remember who this man is? Chon ordered herself.

Once the driver took off, Dorian asked, “What do I get for winning?”


All rights reserved. 2016(c)Sylvia Hubbard


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