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“You first,” he offered.

“Why?” she asked warily.

   “I’m trying to be a gentleman.”

Chon immediately decided to get back to her questions, which prompted the game. “Austin’s cheating on Tracy with others?”

“Other than you, yes. Debra was his for a second, but she had a taste for the oddity. She like lots of toys. Makes it seem like she’s not cheating.”

Chon was shocked. “How do you know?”

“That’s two questions, and you forgot to say truth or dare, but I’m to assume you just wanted the truth.”

Embarrassed a little she couldn’t remember the rules of a silly game, she said, “I’m not very good at this game.”

“My turn,” Dorian said, “Truth. You’ve only been with Austin?”

“Yes,” she said without hesitation, relieved about the easy question.

“Elaborate,” he urged. “So I don’t have to ask why.”

Shrugging, she said, “Honestly, my self-esteem, my strict upbringing, and just my busy schedule. I desire to own my own business desperately, and I’ve closed myself from guys. Austin’s my brother’s best friend, so he has that ease of getting to me, but I’m completely over him. He’s getting married. I don’t want that drama in my life.”

“But you still have feelings for him.”

“Now who’s asking two questions,” she caught him.

“It was more of a statement than a question,” Dorian pointed out quickly. “But understandable. Your turn.”

“Are you sleeping with Tracy?”

“You already know the answer to that. Why use a turn or questions you already know the answer too. I left the evidence in the trash, so you could see what kind of person she is.”

Chon was shocked by this response. “So you’re trying to drive me into Austin’s arms?”

“Is this your truth?”  he asked tiredly.

She shook her head. He was right. Why waste good questions on silly things.  “Why are you so mean, Mr. Zane?”

“I’m not mean, I’m only bored with life and it’s not from some childhood trauma. My father died from lung cancer when I was fourteen. Smoked like a train. My mother lived off his insurance and was able to put me through school, remarried, and that husband died while I was in college. I have always had a high functioning brain. Excelled at anything I’ve put my mind too. Life just bores the shit out of me unless I see someone miserable. It’s fun.

“It’s cruel.”

“It’s a matter of opinion.”

Chon wanted to slap his face again. “Your turn,” she said not wanting to speak to him anymore.

“Dare,” he declared. “Take your hair down.”

Chon thought the request was rather simple, but she didn’t mind doing so. Keeping her mid back length thick pitch black hair with way too many curls in the tightest ponytail and tucked under was just a habit.

Grandmother Wei would spend hours complaining about how nappy Chon’s hair was while dragging a brush through the strands. The pain of getting her hair combed as a child made Chon detest her hair growing up and wearing it in a ponytail twisted around just got it out of her way.

He intently watched as she took her hair down as if he’d been waiting for this moment forever.

“My turn?” she questioned when she was done unwinding the hair knowing it was flying free with curls and wildness. She must look crazy, but he didn’t look disgusted.

Dorian Zane looked bothered as he nodded.

“Other than seeing people miserable, what fascinates you?”

He smirked and had to look away as if he were hiding something. Using the napkin to wipe his mouth after taking a long drink from his water, he said, “I take pleasure in eating. I’m spoiled most of my life, so I’m very picky about what goes in my mouth. I choose wisely, but once I find the taste of something I like, I can never get enough of that. That’s my weakness. I just want to eat and eat and eat.”

Chon didn’t think anything was wrong with eating and sat back satisfied with his answer. Indulging every once in a while in binging was a guilty pleasure of hers as well.

“My turn?” Dorian questioned surprised.

“That’s how the game goes unless you want to be nice and give me another chance, just because.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Never,” he snipped, resting his chin on his fist with his elbow on the table. “Dare. I dare you to allow me to feed you with your eyes closed.”

“What are you feeding me?”

“Are you even allowed to ask that during the game?”

“I don’t trust you, Dorian Zane.”

A sensual deep dark chuckle came from him as he lifted a sliced orange from his plate. “And no biting.”

She bit on her finger nervously. “And if I don’t?”

“No refusal on dare or you won’t like my punishment.”

Rolling her eyes, she said, “Fine, Dorian.” Closing her eyes, she opened her lips ready for him to just stuff the fruit in her mouth. After a few seconds, nothing touched her lips. A few more seconds and she said without opening her eyes, “I’m ready,”

“I’m taking my time,” he said.

A few more seconds passed and then she felt the heavy sweeten pineapple syrup from the meal and the taste of the orange rub on her lips. She had to quickly lick her lips, which encircled his thumb at the same time while sucking the piece of fruit into her mouth.

She could feel his fingers lingered just a moment by her lips, but she didn’t open her eyes until he gave her permission.

Her heart was racing again looking into dark brown eyes with flecks of taupe. They were serious. Angry? No, just intensely serious.

   Swallowing the fruit after thoroughly chewing, she tried not to show how her breathing had been affected by something so innocent. Eating was just eating, right?

   “Your turn,” he said.

   She couldn’t think at first, but then she said, “Dare.”

   An eyebrow raised from him in deep curiosity. “That I didn’t expect.”

   Chon felt maybe it was time to make Dorian Zane uncomfortable. “Take off your tie,” she announced.

   “That’s it?”


   Dorian didn’t break eye contact with her, and he certainly didn’t look uncomfortable as he removed his tie. After he neatly folded it, he laid it on the table next to his plate.

   “Satisfied?” he questioned.

   Chon nodded perturbed no profound reaction had come from him. Why did she have a feeling his head would just explode, or a transformation would happen when his tie was off? “Yes,” she said. “Your turn.”

   “Good, because I’m hungry.”

   Their plates from dinner had not been removed, but she was sure all the food was cold by now. “Then you should call the waiter. Or would you like me to get them?” Chon started to get up, but Dorian placed his hand on her thigh to stop her. “I think you need to feed me.”

   “That’s the dare?” she questioned.

   “Yes. With your fingers.” He pushed his plate forward.

   All that was left on his plate was a half piece of pineapple drenched with the tangy sauce.

   He even leaned forward and spread his fingers still on her thigh.

   She was warming from embarrassment to a strange heat moving between her legs. Was this because she wasn’t wearing underwear?

   Not daring to move her chair, she leaned forward as well and picked up the piece of fruit feeling the stickiness coat her fingertips.

   He was watching every move she made and parted his lips just a little, so she had to insert the fruit. The feeling of the top of his teeth brushing up against her skin made her shiver, but she wasn’t cold.

   His lips firmly gripped her index finger and thumb while his tongue slowly worked over every millimeter of her skin inside his mouth.

   When he finally released her fingers, Chon took a sharp breath in. What seemed to have taken a lifetime had only been a few minutes, and the heat between her legs had gone to a sweltering temperature.

   She drunk all her water and jumped up to refill her glass.

   “Could you refill mine?” Dorian asked politely.

   Chon avoided his eyes, not daring to show him how she had been affected by something so innocent. There had to be a mass look of panic and confusion on her face as she tried to sort out why her body was doing these strange things, and she was feeling these strange ways.

   She couldn’t forget Dorian Zane was evil incarnate and he had deliberately made her life miserable for his delirious sense of pleasure!

   She hated him! She was not attracted to him.

   Her body was just experiencing some warped sense of happiness that coincided with the good food and agreeable atmosphere.

   Dorian didn’t say anything more after his request for water. When she glanced at him as she returned to her seat, he didn’t look the least bit affected by what had just transpired.

   Chon was still fighting off the sudden rise in temperature of the room!

He still didn’t seem as affected by her dare as she had been by his and she was determined to think of something to knock him off his stone kilter. Yet Chon wasn’t good at this game. Dorian Zane seemed to be an expert.

   As she eased back into her seat, she asked, “Are you ever excited or scared by anything, Dorian Zane?”

   He genuinely smiled keeping her heartbeat aflutter. “Would this be your truth question?”

   “Yes, Are you? Have you ever been scared? Or overly excited?”

   “I was scared of life until I met this woman. She broke me. Made me tough as nails after she made me her bitch. I love her and hate her at the same time.”

   She noticed he spoke in present tense. “That’s possible? To love and hate someone at the same time?”

“You do the same.”

“I-” She was about to disagree, but knew he was right. “Is she still in your life?”

“That’s two questions, but I’m in a good mood, so I’ll answer it. The woman dumped me like a bad habit. I think she saw I was in love with her and she didn’t want that, but she never goes away.”

To know Dorian Zane had been in love was odd. The man looked like he couldn’t give a damn about anyone else.

“And your heart was broken?”

He shook his head. “Onyx made me realize the one thing I don’t want.”

“And that is?”

“True love. It’s a waste of time. It’s distracting.”

“That wasn’t real love you had with her if that’s what it makes you not want.”

“And you know true love?” he questioned. “Is that what you had with Austin?”

“No. I don’t declare myself an expert. My mother, she… She loved my Da. She wanted to become a better person when he was apart of her life. She was so at peace when he was with her.” Chon remembered that small amount of time she had been with her mother and how all the things Grandmother Wei had said about her mother was the opposite of what Chon remembered.

Her mother had been good natured, always laughing and giving love in hugs and kisses for her daughter and for Da. Not the selfish whore Grandmother Wei always talked about.

“And what happened? They lived happily ever after?” he asked his tone of voice dripping with sarcasm.

“No, drugs killed her. Da chose family honor instead of his heart. My mother took a lot of narcotics, sold her body and eventually died. Her heart couldn’t take being away from him.”

“What happened to your father?”

She knew this was another question, but unlike him, she didn’t point this out to him. “I like to think he died of a broken heart, but my Grandmother said he was weak. He died the day after my Ma, in his sleep. I never got to say goodbye to either one of them.”

Dorian moved slightly away from the table and reached under her chair to pull her around and closer, so she faced him. “Why’d you just give me your panties?”

Chon wanted to die in embarrassment all over again as he took the underwear from his coat pocket and set them on the table between them.


All rights reserved. 2016(c) Sylvia Hubbard


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