I want to thank all the fans, #SneakREaders, reviewers & supporters for the success of #LoveLIkeThis #amreading

The immense amount of review input and just comment luv I’ve been receiving for my book has been overwhelming.

I’ve been getting comments all over the world about the book and it’s now been downloaded in over 8 of the countries Amazon has listed bringing in new readers for the next book, Hope Is Love.

I didn’t know one book could turn the tide and I hope to bring my readers much much more.

If you have read the book and haven’t added your review yet, please do so now wherever you downloaded the book and then share that review with others.

Haven’t got yr free copy or updated your version to the newer version, please do so now.

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Love Like This – Black Family Series

Fiction » Romance » General

By Sylvia Hubbard
$0.00 Rating: 1 star1 star1 star0.5 star
(3.53 based on 15 reviews)

Published: March 11, 2009
Words: 39,250 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301894376

Short description

He Never Knew It Could Be Love Like This. Book 1 in The Black Family Series

Extended description

Angered that his wife would sleep with his brother, Ethan swore revenge.

To his surprise, he becomes involved with the one person his wife never wanted him to get close to…her daughter, Nicole.

Once Ethan leaves his wife penniless and then breaks Nicoles heart his revenge will be complete.

Too bad Ethan didn’t expect to fall in love with Nicole.

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Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support to my literary endeavors!

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7 thoughts on “I want to thank all the fans, #SneakREaders, reviewers & supporters for the success of #LoveLIkeThis #amreading

  1. Hi Ms. Sylvia,

    Congats to you. As we(some of your readers), stated earlier this year, this is your year to shine. And, you are doing it. God always show favor to His honorable people, and you are one of them. May God continue to bless your success. You are a brilliant and extraordinary author, and you will continue to shine. Again, Congrats to you, take a bow, and pat youself on the back for a job well done.

    A true loyal fan,
    Stephanie Bartley

  2. I’m so happy for you …..it’s about time …u are gitting the world wide support …I love you work …I’m one of your biggest fans

  3. WOOHOO!!! YOU GO GIRL! I’M SOOOO PROUD OF YOU SYLVIA! Congrats & Kudoos to YOU! You’ve earned it & worked your fingers to the bones for it. Hard work DOES pay off. Keep em’ coming. Loyal Fans & New Fans got ya back. =D…

    (I’m BACK! :-))

  4. Love Like This was my first read & it Got me HOOKED! I fell in Love with the Black Brothers & Crave MORE! I Need a Book with ALL of the Blacks (white & black) of course the Hearts are related too so that would be GOOD! Oh how the wheels turn in my head with your books Sylvia. Time to start re-reading my collection. I have all your books on Amazon, smashword, nook & the free downloads. Gotta feed my crave. Love You Sistah Gurl. ♥

  5. Sylvia, there’s not much more to say that hasn’t been stated by everyone above. You know I love your work and have every book you have written. I will continue to buy/read your work for you have proven to be one of my favorite authors by far.

    Kudos to you and you will continue to receive many more blessings!

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