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I am within my ten day limit. The last time I posted was the 19th of May and for the past eight days I ‘ve been actually pretty busy.

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I really enjoyed the Queenie Clem blog and I also did a publishing Mastery Zoom call yesterday.

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I’ve determined my readers really liked Dark Facade and I’ll have to visit The Dark Facade with Phillip’s son soon.

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Author’s Note about this chapter:

I don’t know if you picked up the clue about what happened to Zuri in the last chapter. No one pointed it out so I didn’t make a big deal about it.

That’s about it.

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He Touched Me – Chapter Thirteen

Oddly, Tyler seemed to be in a humorous mood when he called that afternoon. 

And he wasn’t calling about her arrangement for the night to come, but actual business.

“I’m bringing over your father’s journals in the morning, and then I’d like you to attend a meeting with a client of mine. She has some property I think you can help her with.”

Doubtfully, Zuri asked, “Why would you think I could help her?” 

“You’ve majored in Forensics? Correct?”

“Yes, but-“

Tyler cut her off, his good mood leaving him. “Then you can be of assistance. You aren’t just going to sit up in a hotel room passing the time, and I figured you’d like to make some money to live on and not just become some spoiled rich trust fund brat.”

Zuri bristled at the term, but at the same time, she didn’t want to admit Tyler was right. His invitation was an answer to her prayers because she didn’t know how to find a great job in the field she desired without her mother’s assistance. 

“I’m not helping any of your clients cover up a murder,” she snipped.

“I wouldn’t ask that of you… yet,” Tyler retorted.

Zuri chuckled.

Tyler continued, “I’ll be over there about nine in the morning. Do you think you’ll be done with your date?” His humor was still cooking.

“I’m not looking for an all-night romp. I’d like to walk in the morning.”

“Good. There’s one more thing. I should let you know, The doctor noted some of your medical past in the report to Magnum, and I read it too,” he revealed.

Zuri stiffened. Knowing Tyler wasn’t a stupid man and most likely read every detail of the report, she said, “I guess he saw everything also. Is he canceling? Was there something I should have let you know before I made this contract?”

“No. You’re good, but when did the pregnancy happen?”

Zuri rarely talked about the past. Her mother said if they never talked about things, it would mean it never happened, right?

“I found out a month after my father died.”

“And?” Tyler said.

“I was still struggling with my drug addiction. My mother suggested I was not mature enough to raise a child, but I insisted on carrying it to full term, and maybe things could change. Pregnancy forced me to stay clean. That was the best thing about it all.” She stopped talking, remembering so much she had decided never to think about from the past.

Tyler sighed, annoyed. “I’m not pulling teeth for information, Zuri. Your secrets are safe with me.”

“Momma insisted on a home birth…” Taking a deep breath to control her upset, she continued. “The baby ended up dying anyway.”

“I’m sorry.” 

Zuri shrugged. “That’s fine. She was right. I didn’t need a baby, and I didn’t even know who the father was. I had resorted to drugs from drugs… to sex to quench my addictive behavior.”

“And now? Agreeing to this arrangement, is that your way of helping you quench something?”

“Something,” she agreed. 

Without judgment, Tyler said, “Have a nice night, then.”  

“Wait,” she said, frightened. “Mr. Knight didn’t say anything about that? Or anything else?”

“Waved the matter away like a fly was in his face,” the lawyer answered. 

Relaxing, Zuri was glad her shameful past wouldn’t be a detriment to the night to come. “Are you going to offer me words of encouragement? Give me any last-minute warnings about him? Anything?”

“If you’re looking for fatherly advice about Magnum Knight, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The man irks my last nerves.”

“And I still wonder why you bonded me to him?”

“He had something you wanted and something I needed. The decision was too easy.”

“Does he know why I need to stay hidden?”

“He’s aware your family is trying to use you, and you just need to be off their radar until I can get you situated and back on your feet. He has no qualms about your situation or your past, Ms. Carter.”

She was sure she heard more humor in Tyler’s tone of voice but was unsure of any other questions to annoy him. Trying to get any answers out of the lawyer was worse stressful. 

“Are you done being nervous, Ms. Carter? Just don’t forget the drink, and everything should go fine,” Tyler insisted. “You’re paying for this time.”

“Fine,” she sneered, knowing she was wasting his time and Tyler’s line disconnected.

Zuri stared at the phone for a long while before she put the cell phone on the charger and then went to prepare for the night.

In the bathroom, she read the last part of the directions again: 


By nine pm tonight, you will take a long hot bath and dress in the appropriate clothing. 

Place the drink on the nightstand. Please close all curtains and turn the lights out in the bedroom. Tonight you will lay on your stomach. You will be allowed to cover yourself with one sheet, but at all times, please keep your hands on your side. You will not be allowed to touch in any way physically.


For their initial meeting, Zuri thought the request for her to lay on her stomach was strange, but after how they met, this was quite normal. The way he displayed his intimacy was odd, but she had her vices, and maybe when her turn came, she could explore her own.

About eight that night with her meal she had ordered, a box was delivered with a note, “appropriate clothing.” 

Yet, when she opened the box, the only thing inside was violet and black Savage Fenty Embroidered Floral String Bikini underwear. Had the top come up missing? She wondered, tearing the whole box apart.

The thinly weaved fabric was almost tissue paper thin, and she was almost scared she would rip the thong like sides as she pulled them over her shapely hips.

She understood why she was allowed to cover herself with a sheet. It would be freezing if she just laid there and waited for him to come.

A few minutes before nine pm, her fingers were trembling as she took a pinch of the drug Tyler had given her and stirred the drink. Her thoughts were going a million miles a minute.

Did she talk to him? Would he speak to her?

Touching wouldn’t be allowed.

Maybe that would explain why the dates were negotiated because if this was going to be the standard for him, then finding out more about him would be-

Her thoughts stopped entirely, and her heart almost burst as she heard the hotel room’s outer door open. She had left a lamp out in the front area, but as instructed, she had drawn the curtain and had no other lights around the bedroom, even turning off lights in the connected bathroom.

The door to the bedroom from the front room was left slightly open, and when the door creaked, Zuri tried her best not to catch her breath. Closing her eyes terrified, she listened intently as his footsteps entered the room.

Had the temperature rose in the bedroom or was it her body feeling his presence?

Not knowing how much time had passed, she began to feel anxious. What if this wasn’t Magnum Knight? What if those two strange guys had found her again, snuck to her floor, and was now about to hurt her?

“Magnum?” she asked breathlessly.

The slowest second in the world passed before he said, “Yes.” His voice was direct and steady. He didn’t sound nervous at all.

Zuri relaxed even though she had never heard his voice before.

The name was so unique no one would have just answered.

The bed suddenly weighed down on her right, but she had heard no movement. Forcing herself to relax, she held her breath, waiting for the first touch.

His warm hands started at her ankles. They rested there for a long moment as if he were giving her time to get used to his touch.

She wanted more, and as his palms ascended to her calves, she shivered in excitement. He stopped.

In a steady concerned voice, he asked, “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” she answered as her mind screamed, ‘Don’t fricking stop!’

Magnum continued up to her knees, and her breath caught in her throat. Taking one hand away, he pressed upwards, going from one thigh to the next ever so slowly as if trying to remember every centimeter of her body. When his warm palm reached her flank, she was near burying her face in the pillow. Could he see how insignificantly thin the damn panties were?

His hand moved away, and she felt more weight on the bed.

He had moved to straddle her thighs. 

With the patience of a turtle, Magnum pulled the panties off her body, and she heard for the first time a response from him. Was that a groan, moan, or cough?

Zuri couldn’t be sure. 

He moved his hands slowly over her backside. He didn’t forget her flanks and stroked his hands several times over the sides and backs of her thighs.

Zuri couldn’t move; she wouldn’t move because she was terrified he’d stop. The feel of his hands was incredibly relaxing, and she couldn’t believe how her body was overreacting to his touch.

This man, she barely knew, was making her insides do these amazing flipflops. Blood rushed from her brain down to her toes and then back again.

As he ascended to her back, she whimpered as the deep tissue massage he started to apply.

Was he certified?

A curse shot out of her mouth, while her body fell into a pool of gluttonous pleasure. Could he never stop? Could she just chop his hands off and keep them forever?

She giggled at the silly thought and then uncontrollably moaned as he got to the back of her neck and completely eased the rest of the stress from her body.

Zuri’s mind was between euphoria and desire. As his hands descended back to her rear, he occasionally followed with light kisses here and there all over her skin until he reached her tail.

He simply parted her legs and slid his body in the space between her thighs. His kisses were just as ardent as his hands this time. When his fingers separated her rear, and his mouth followed, she had to hold everything inside of her to not shoot up from the pillow. His lips pressed on the side of her ravine, giving ample attention to both sides, while his hands were no longer massaging, but had moved down to her feminine aperture. 

She could feel her essence coating his fingers as two of his fingers pressed inside of her.

Tears of pure ecstasy coated her face and drenched the pillow.

Magnum seemed to know when she was close and would pull back from his pleasurable stroke, while increasing the passionate kisses around the crevice, teasing her deliciously until she was back at the sexually heightened state, rocking so hard into the bed, she was sure to break something underneath.

Finally, he took her past the point of bliss, and she screamed her glory. She forgot about keeping her hands at her side and shot them under the pillow to hold against her face as she cried and screamed her joy.

When she was able to breathe just a little, she could feel him moving off the bed.

Should she move? Was he done?

Zuri shyly turned her face to him. With the little light coming from the front room, she could see his broad form standing at the side of the bed.

From the way he was looking, his face was concentrated more toward the middle of her body.

“Thank you,” was the only thing she could muster that would seem appropriate.

His head turned to her as if he couldn’t believe she spoke, but his form didn’t seem angry or tense.

He knelt toward her face.

She couldn’t see a thing, but he was inches from her. She could feel his breath on her lips.

“You actually want this?” he questioned in a deep tone that seemed fascinated.

Whispering, still incredibly turned on, she responded, “Yes. I want to be yours, Magnum.”

He raised and walked out of the room back to the front office, closing the bedroom door behind him.

Zuri didn’t know what was going on. How long should she lay there? Was he coming back?

Not wanting to disobey any instructions, Zuri laid there until, unfortunately, she succumbed to her body’s call for sleep.



He Touched Me Chapter Thirteen (c) 2020 Sylvia Hubbard @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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7 thoughts on “#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Thirteen FOR REAL THIS TIME #amwriting #amreading #sylLit

  1. Okay this is a good chapter. There’s a little confusion for me. I thought she was going to be hiding out at Magnum’s place and not some hotel. Because no one would think or expect her to be at his house and it would give her a better sense of security (I know what’s his name is her “bodyguard”, but where his he during her encounters with Magnum) from her “unknown kidnappers/killers or whatever you want to call them”. Also, did her baby really died or did her mother kill it or did her mother hide (maybe even put it up for adoption) the baby to use it as leverage for later in life?
    Now with her confessing that she actually likes what Magnum does to her and her body. Will Magnum call the deal off between him and Tyler? Did he drink the drink that was on this nightstand? Is she his true healing salve? Say many questions! 🤨🤷🏿‍♀️👀

    1. omg you gave me writer’s galore. Thank you but I can’t answer any of them right now because they’ll be answered in the upcoming chapters.

  2. The first encounter went well, I wonder what Magnum was thinking or how nervous he was. I find it suspicious that Mommie Dearest insisted on Zuri giving birth at home. I wonder if the baby really died or if the baby was sold off.

  3. I love this chapter, I do want to understand Magnum more than ever. I think there first encounter was great I can’t wait to see what happened to Zuri’s baby. I think mom has her hidden somewhere. Tyler is still the man I hate to love, lol. He still only does things to benefit him. I can’t help but love him. Keep up the good work, I Love your books.

    1. thank you love. I hope you are being safe wherever you are!
      I should post the next chapter soon. Y’all got a sister with a lot of questions in her head.

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