His African Sweetheart – Part 7

Author’s Note:

This is part 7  at a little bit over 4600.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I would love to hear what you think of Aeden and where yuo think this might go.

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His African Sweetheart

Part 7

By Sylvia Hubbard

Part 7

This part of the story is no longer available online, but you may purchase the book here: https://amzn.to/2rLN6hb

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19 thoughts on “His African Sweetheart – Part 7

  1. I’m speechless…too bad it took her becoming a victim in the worse way to finally have the strength to not let something bad get the best of her

    1. yeah, ikr. i hated to do this to her. I really did. She been through so much and i really thought she was going to get hers with Aeden, but I had to be honest and let the characters take this story. This what happens when my brain just write things and i’m like what? that’s so awful and I’m crying. .. typing and crying and crying and typing. seriously. im part 8 i’m a hot mess. I can’t wait for y’all to read it

  2. I am totally speechless, Aeden ain’t no joke, he really did that to her, but how did her sister know exactly where she was? Now she pregnant, what about her friend whose husband got the job in the other city, she don’t remember her number? What about the dude who just called her and told her what he did for her? Aeden found out and burned the whole building down? I’m so mad right now Sylvia girl …… write me into this story so I can kick Aeden behind!! What she going to do in a bathroom, no cell service and how convenient that Henry “I get off after midnight” going to do? whew lord…..

  3. I always felt Aeden was too good to be true. But of course I would guess he is not finished with her yet. He does want a child and with his ego I can’t imagine him letting Enola raise a child without him or even letting Enola raise the child at all. Perhaps Naiij and Aedan are working together in some way. I’m guessing she may have to take Jack up on his offer to come to America. If she even remembers how to contact him. Also Jack said he put some information in a wall panel behind her refrigerator,I’m assuming at her old apartment. So if her old apartment has burned down how is she going to get that information??? I can’t wait to see how this works out. But as the old saying goes, “never underestimate a woman scorned.”

    1. it bothered me too and I had to really sit back and be true to my character. Ain’t all good-smelling flowers good for you and Aeden really was too perfect. So this happened on the way to getting to know Aeden. He isn’t a nice fellow the more i look at him and yes, (STORY SPOILER) He aint done

      1. See Aeden about to meet Missy, if he keeps it up!!! All I know is that Enola better have one heck of a come back!! I know you got this though no need for me to find my way to Michigan!! LOL

  4. WOW!!!!!! I DIDN’T see that coming. Ms. Sylvia you got me this time, but I should have known. You’re so phenomenal at all those surprised twist and turns in your stories and novels. I love it. Can’t wait for the next part😆😆😆😆😆.

  5. I just caught up and I have been keeping my comments to myself but DAYUMMMMM I didn’t see any of this coming. I knew he was hella secretive but this was too much. I knew he was vindictive but WHET. I can’t help but feel like there is more to this story than what is being said. She did need to grow a backbone and this is a good step. Gotta fall before you can perfect your flight. And refrigerators will pretty much stay intact after a fire. So that means Jack knew. Maybe the way Aiden works is tough love-ish. I don’t hate him, HATE HIM just yet. Good job!

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