His African Sweetheart – Part 7

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His African Sweetheart

Part 7

By Sylvia Hubbard

Part 7

Aeden fell into being her teacher. Not only in business, but in the bedroom. Everything she had learned in the books, Aeden explored with her. Morning, noon and night almost for thirty days straight they found one way or another to become sexual. 

Her period came on time, but that did not stop “the lessons.” 

Matter of fact, she initiated their first and second night, crawling in his bed to perform oral sex until she perfected the method to arouse him the way he enjoyed. Aeden loved long oral strokes and by day thirty she could hold him down her throat and vibrate her vocal cords around his hard thickness. It was a feat she took so much pride in, she couldn’t stop herself from almost attacking him as much as possible. 

Aeden couldn’t resist her and never denied her. Every room in the house became their sexual playground and it was as if they could never get enough of one another. 

As they entered the second month, Aeden was fine until the morning she came down late for breakfast. Just like last month, she was always a little sluggish on the first day of her cycle. 

He actually looked upset as he pushed her coffee cup across the counter towards her. “How are you feeling?” he questioned.

“Besides the regular pain, I’m fine.” She moved to the kitchen island where he stood on the other side and picked up her coffee. He’d made it just the way she liked it. Perfect. “Is something wrong?” she questioned seeing his brows come together in displeasure. 

“No,” he said quickly. “But I’ve been called away. Business is piling up and I may not be able to spend the rest of the time here with you.”

“That’s fine,” she said holding back her disappointment.

His frown increased. “Tonight, I’d like to enjoy a night in town… with you.”

She perked up. He was officially asking her on a date. “Yes,” she confirmed. “Tonight.”

He started to walk out of the kitchen, but paused and made his way to her to pull her into his arms and kiss her. 

Instantly, Enola noticed this kiss was different. As if he were saying goodbye… forever. She was breathless once he released her and watched him walk out.

Taking another sip of her coffee, she tried to push away this strange gut feeling something was seriously wrong. 

Maybe the plans he made for Naaji were not going as expected?

Just as she returned to her room, she saw there was a missed called from Jack‌ ‌Flemyng. She immediately returned the call.

“I thought I missed you for good,” he said worriedly. 

“Oh no,” she corrected him. “I have another month here, but I’ll be alone soon since Aeden is returning for business.”

“That’s a pity,” he responded sarcastically. “But when is Aeden not working. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I left all your important papers behind the refrigerator in a wall panel. I was worried when you returned you’d think you had nothing to start with, but I assure you I set you up pretty sweetly. Aeden didn’t ask me to and if you could keep that information to yourself, I’d appreciate you.”

“Oh, Jack, I appreciate you. I’ve been looking at your weekly reports and they are magnificent. Are you serious about someone inquired about buying my accounts?”

“Yes,” he said. “It’s really up to you, but you have a whole month to make any decisions. Enjoy you time and don’t worry about anything but yourself. You deserve this time to yourself, Enola. You’ve worked hard for this and don’t ever think you never deserved this.”

“Thank you, Jack,” she said gratefully. “I have another call coming in.”

She hung the phone up and smiled to herself. He was right about her needing this time to herself. All her life she had devoted herself to others and sacrificed so many things to make others happy. Now she was doing something for herself that she would not have any regret. 

A sharp pain to her side took her from her happy place. Her cycle seemed to be getting worse in terms of afflictions, but oddly not as much blood. 

She wanted to be fully on her game tonight and feeling good. A long hot bath to relax her and prepare her for the night with Aeden was a perfect solution.


At seven a car arrived and by that time, they’d been waiting in the foyer making small talk. She was trying to work up the nerve to ask him about her sister and his plans, but couldn’t work up the courage. He was being his regular self – engaging, encouraging and enlightening.

Aeden was really too perfect for words and every day she fought the feeling she could possibly be in love with him. Enola knew this wouldn’t last and their days were numbered. She really tried to look at all this as some large educational experiment in her life and once she returned to her old life and found someone new along with what Aeden had taught her in business, her life could actually be wonderful, even without him. 

Yet, she knew if she met him outside of this villa, and the mood was right, she would give in to desires she had for him. 

His lovemaking was unconceivable. What he did to her body and made her feel was beyond description and Enola knew it was going to be difficult to find any man to come close to the experience Aeden had given her.

“You seem to have a lot on your mind,” he noticed as they arrived at a restaurant and was having a seat. “Is it because I’m leaving? You’re actually going to miss me?”

“Not just that,” she said, using this as her opportunity. “I wonder after all this is over, what condition will Naaji be in.”

“You still care about her?” he questioned.

“She is still my sister, Aeden and despite what she did to me, I am concerned for her. Now that’s not to say, she’ll have any influence over my life. I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Have you?” He sounded very doubtful. “You say this because you haven’t been around her, but what makes you think your will won’t change once she comes back in your life.”

“Because I really understand what I need in my life and that’s not her. And I’ve come to appreciate and value being happy and content.”

“Is that because of me?”

“Partially,” she said with a shy giggle.

“Naaji is illegally back in the United States, and had to sell her debts yet again. I heard she’s cleaning motel rooms to pay back what she owes and being very miserable.” He smirked. “I’m keeping track of her and soon I’ll notify INS she’s illegally there and they’ll kick her out once again and this time she won’t be able to return for the rest of her life.”

Enola could almost feel the impact this would have on Naaji and most likely her sister would run to her and try to use her all over again. 

Admitting as the waitress brought their drinks, Enola said, “Naaji most likely will try to get in touch with me, but I don’t intend to sacrifice myself anymore for anyone’s happiness. And I won’t feel guilty about it.”

He raised his wine glass to her in a toast as if to celebrate her realization. “I hope this is true, Enola. I hope.”

After dinner, instead of taking a ride back to the villa, he veered on the side of the restaurant to an alley that was lit with furniture and even a fire pit. They walked a little further past this to some stairs where he led her up and pulled out a key card to a room that was about the restaurant. 

There was a gown on the bed and some sundries for her.

“You’re just full of surprises tonight, Aeden. Thank you,” she said appreciatively after a brief kiss.

“I just want our last night together to be special,” he said earnestly. “Now go change. The night is still young and I want to hold you until they kick us out of this place at dawn.” He winked playfully.

She nodded and went to the bathroom. Damn, if he didn’t do the most wonderful things. 

Yes, she was going to fall hard for Aeden and she didn’t care.


When Enola awoke a hard grogginess hit her so hard she thought she had been knocked on the head with a hammer. On top of that, her side her like someone had kicked her. Rolling out of bed, she dragged herself to the bathroom to empty her bladder. The drowsiness fog could not be shaken off, but she was very aware of her period ended early because there was nothing to show for cycle when she had only been two days. 

The pain in her side increased and she gasped as she stood up from the toilet just because it was so uncomfortable to squat.  Coming out of the bathroom, she looked around the hotel room to realize Aeden was nowhere to be seen, but she was used to this and didn’t start to worry 

Returning to the bathroom to freshen up, she realized her clothes she had arrived with were missing from the back of the bathroom door and her bag with her small laptop and phone were gone as well.

Coming back out of the bathroom, she frantically looked around the room for her clothes and her bag. She couldn’t even find her shoes. 

Had someone broke into the room and stolen from her? Aeden would have been stolen from too. He would have woken her up. He wouldn’t have allowed this to happen to her. 

A frantic knock on the door interrupted her slow mode to panic and she pulled the door open without looking to see who was on the other side. 

Naaji stood there looked like she had been dragged under a bus and smelling strong like bleach and garbage. 

“What are you doing here?” Naaji demanded. “This room is registered to my husband.”

“Ex-husband,” Enola corrected seeing the empty ring finger on her sister. 

Naaji grounded her teeth. “Where is Aeden?”

“He stepped out for a moment, but you’re the last person he wants to see, Naaji. You should just leave.”

Naaji cackled. “If he was tired of my face, he certainly wouldn’t be putting up with you.” Her eyes narrowed as if she realized something. “Unless… how long has he been gone?”

“Naaji, that’s none of your business.”

“It very well may be my business if he hurt you, Enola.”

Her sister’s concern shocked her, but at the same time the pain in her side returned stronger than before. 

She doubled over and almost passed out. 

“What’s going on?” Naaji asked actually sounding concerned. 

“Nothing, go away. I don’t want you hear when Aeden comes,” Enola said trying to close the door, but was still bent over waiting for the pain to subside.

“Has he hurt your Enola?” Naaji demanded know.

Enola didn’t know how to take her sister’s unexpected concern. “No, only you hurt me, Naaji.” The pain was starting to subside. “Aiden would never hurt me.” She glared at her sister. “Why don’t you just leave I never want to see you again?” 

Naaji actually looked hurt by her sister’s words, but took a deep breath and said, “ I know you never want to see me ever again, sister, but I came because I found out my ex-husband’s plans and how he is going to try to hurt me.”

“So, you’re not suffering now?” Enola asked. 

“Oh, I’m suffering,” her sister said. “But the final nail in the coffin was to go after you. The one person he knew cared for me and would always care for me no matter what.”

“He didn’t have to go after me,” Enola said. “I only realized how hurtful you are through him, but I hate you all on my own. I never want to see you again, Naaji.” 

“Even though you’re pregnant,” Naaji proclaimed. 

“What are you talking about?” Enola asked incredulously. “I’m not pregnant. We used protection.”

“Sister, he is trying to hurt me. He knew I aborted his baby a week prior to the wedding. He found this information out and this further hurt him. He knows you would never abort a baby.”

“You did that?” Enola asked shocked her sister could go so low to kill an unborn baby. 

“Yes. He said guiltily. I didn’t want a child. I didn’t care who it was by. I knew I had to get rid of it and I did. Unfortunately, it was a week of the wedding and if I didn’t go through with it, there was no one who would assist me in the abortion. I also knew that I couldn’t reschedule or cancel the wedding so that is why I manipulated a plan to make sure you would be there before the wedding and I made up the fantasy in order to make him think you were me. Because I knew I could not have sex on the night of the wedding.” She sighed ashamed. “To make sure that sex with him would be possible at least close to the marriage i conjured up the plan to involve you to make sure you could be in town without him knowing.”

“You knew nothing would come from hurting me like that?” Enola questioned bitterly.

With guilt, Naaji said, “I knew your nature hadn’t changed after all these years. I even planned to introduce you the next day if you stayed for the wedding. That’s how sick I was.”

“Was? Unlike me, you’re never going to change, Naaji. Why are you even here?”

“Like I said, I finally figured out Aeden’s plan. I pieced everything together. It’s amazing what cleaning fumes can do to your brain.” She snorted. “As it was burning away the first layer of skin on my hands, I came to the realization, Aeden was going to go after you and make sure you paid as well for what I had done to him.”

“I didn’t do anything to him. Why should he hurt me?”

“Because he knew turning you against me and then impregnating you would be the best revenge to me. He knows you wouldn’t abort the baby like I did.”

Enola didn’t want to listen to naaji anymore. “You’re just jealous, Naaji because he fell in love with me. He’ll never hurt me.”

“He will!” Naaji exclaimed. “Because every time he looks at your face, he’ll see mine. That man’s determination for justice knows no bounds and he wouldn’t be able to distinguish between us.”

“I’m not you!” Enola raged. “I’ll never be you. Get out! Get out, Naaji!  I never want to see you again.”

Naaji nodded, calming down. “I accept your hatred for me Enola. And I’m sorry it took all of this to turn you against me. What I’ve done to you over a lifetime was selfish and horrible, but what he did was just pure evil.” A sob actually escaped her sister’s trembling lips. “You never deserve any of it and you don’t deserve what’s happening now to you.”

“Leave,” Enola hissed feeling the pain starting to return slowly.

“You’re pregnant, Enola,” Naaji pressed. “I know this from your symptoms. Please get some help-”

“GO!” Enola screamed.

Naaji moved back against the door, looking fully defeated. “I’m sorry, Enola. I can’t stay. I have to return to pay my debts, but if you ever need me I can be found by coming to Detroit and finding the Birds of Paradise. 

“You know how much I hate the Americas.” With gritted teeth, Enola sneered, “I will never want your help and I never want to see you ever again, Naaji.”

Naaji turned away and opened the door, preparing to leave, but she didn’t move her body.

Enola saw her sister’s body shake a little. Tired and just needing Naaji to leave,
Enola whispered tiredly, “Go. It’s too late to be sorry. It’s too late to try to help me and it’s too late to try to convince me you loved me all along. You were supposed to be my sister. My twin sister. You were suppose to be there for me and you weren’.”

“I know. I accept your anger, Enola,” Naaji admitted and looked over her shoulder. “Your anger is substantiated.” She shook a little. 

Enola was positive she saw a tear roll down Naaji’s cheek, but her sister looked forward. 

When she spoke again, Naaji’s voice was thick. “The worst part of Aeden’s plan wasn’t losing all the materialistics, it was losing you, Enola. I don’t deserve your love and I definitely don’t deserve your trust anymore. If you need me, you know where to find me.”

And with that, Naaji left, closing the door behind her and Enola prayed she never set eyes on her sister ever again. 

Leaning against the door, she was in desperate need to see Aeden, but couldn’t remember his number.

Everything about her new life was connected to her laptop and phone and neither one was with her.

Calling the front desk, she asked if there was a message for the room and the concierge said there wasn’t.

To relax the anxiety slowly growing in her head and heart, Enola took a shower and redressed in the skimpy nightgown. Her period was not to be seen and she had a feeling her sister wasn’t lying. 

Why would Aeden just leave for hours like this with no way to get in contact with him? Why would he take her phone and her clothes? 

Along with all of that, how could she be pregnant when he had used protection?

She tried to make decisions with her head and not her heart as the clock neared check out time. Gathering the laundromat bag in the closet, she put on the hotel’s robe and bedroom shoes. 

She hadn’t gone out in the open without her headscarf since she was a child. Almost tempted to take a large towel and fashion it into a headdress, she decided that would cause too many eyes on her state of dress.

Brushing a tear from her eyes and toughening up her soul hoping at any moment Aeden would just appear out of nowhere and make everything better, Enola had this sinking feeling things were going to get worse as she stepped off the elevator on the first floor of the hotel.

Going to the front desk, she straightened her spine and let them know what room she was in. 

“Are you checking out?” the front attendant questioned. 

“Yes, but was there any messages for me? I was with someone and… and they left this morning and never returned.” It was taking everything inside of Enola not to cry. 

The attendant checked the computer and gave her an envelope and box. “These were left for the room.”

On the front of the envelope, Enola immediately recognized her sister’s handwriting.

Stuffing the envelope in the laundry bag, she then opened the box with no writing on it. Her old cell phone was inside and she beamed in joy, until she tried to turn it on, but it was dead. 

“You can sit in the lobby for a little bit,” the front desk female offered politely, looking over the way Enola was dressed. “While you wait. I could charge your phone and hopefully they’ll bring you clothes.”

“Maybe that’s what they went out to get,” she said hopefully taking the offer. 

Seating herself in a corner of the lobby where she could see the front door and the elevators, she waited… and waited.

Six hours later, she felt her leg being kicked rocking her from the unexpected nap she had fallen into. 

“Hey, you,” a large security guy said and kicked her leg again. “No sleeping in the lobby.”

She straightened up and looked around. The staff at the front desk had changed and it was going on dusk. Panicking, she rushed up to the desk. 

“Did my phone get charged?” she asked.

A new front desk woman smiled and said, “Oh yes, ma’am. Bethany said you’d be asking for it and you’re waiting for a guest to return.”

“Any messages?”

“No, unfortunately,” the woman said disheartening. “Would you need a ride somewhere?”

Clearly, Enola had to get off the property. “Yes, ma’am. I was staying at the wine villa just outside of town.”

“Oh yes, the Lott Vineyards. So sad about his wife. He hasn’t returned since she died.”

Enola wasn’t familiar with the true owners of the vineyards but she kept that in mind. Leaning over and whispering, “I don’t have any money on me.”

“Don’t worry. The Lotts are partial owners of this property. Any guest of theirs get full treatment.” The woman looked at the robe as she picked up a line to call someone. “Including keeping their very plush robes.” She winked and called someone to the desk while handing Enola her charged cell phone.

Enola turned the phone on and saw there was no service, but also everything on the phone had been erased including phone logs and contacts. All her pictures and anything she had personal on the phone including messages. Someone had master reset the entire phone.

Would Aeden do this?

She connected to the hotel’s internet and looked at her email. Everything had been deleted, including all her social media accounts. She couldn’t even use her passwords anymore. Those seemed to have been changed. 


Just as she was about to have a nervous breakdown, A man in a hotel uniform came to the desk. He had a small limp, but he smiled very nicely at Enola. 

The woman at the desk instructed him to take Enola wherever she wanted to go. “She said she’s staying at the Lott’s Vineyard.”

“Yes, ma’am. Follow me.” 

Enola followed the driver to a hotel van and relaxed a little. Clutching the bag to her chest, she watched where they were going so she could remember if she had to come back to town on her own.

“Where do you live?” the driver questioned. 

“Not far from here,” she said looking at the signs on the road. “I believe about an hour away.”

“Taking a vacation from life?” 

She sighed, admitting, “I was.”

“Don’t feel guilty about it, ma’am. Taking a vacation from life is much needed in this day and age.”

When they arrived at the villa, the front gates were locked and the house looked dark as if no one was there. She asked the driver to go around the back and there was no access in the back as well.

There was the trash container she could get access and for some reason, she decided to go through the bags. The trash from the bedroom was easy to recognize and she hurriedly looked through everything until she came across evidence of their love making with a used condom.

Pulling from the item from the trash, she carefully pulled apart the dried rubber and gasped looking at several holes punctured at the tip.

She had no doubt there were others and she cursed to herself at Aeden’s low down deceit. Damn, why did Naaji have to be right.

Climbing back in the van, she put her face in her hands and tried to keep it together. 

“I guess no one is here?” the driver questioned. “Maybe you just missed them. Is there any other place I can take you? I have to return to the hotel soon?”

She looked down at the phone that really just served as a paper weight.

“Is there someone you can call?” he asked.

“The service is turned off,” she said.

“The van has wifi.”

That still wouldn’t help. She couldn’t remember anyone’s email or phone number off hand. Being stressed didn’t help either.

“How about your place? I could drop you there,” he offered.

It was an hour away, but since he was offering. “Yes, please.” She gave him the address.

She didn’t have a key anymore to her place but at least she would be somewhere familiar. 

Being able to think just a little more while on the trip over there, Enola decided to see if her other email worked she was given temporarily by Aeden.

The email contents had been erased, but there was a drop down menu to the right below the exit button. She made a mistake and pressed the arrow to see there was the cloud option with two in parentheses.

“We’re here,” the driver said putting the van in park.

Looking up, she gasped in horror. 

Her three floor apartment was burned to the ground. Getting out of the van to get a closer look around, she made sure she was in the right part. 

Confirming in her mind, she was, but she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. 

The driver’s cell phone went off and he looked at her sorrowfully. “I have to get back, ma’am. Do you want time to take you back?”

Going back to what? 

Yet, where could she go? 

Everything was gone. 

“No,” she said. “I-I’ll take care of myself from here.”

Trying to sound strong when she was falling apart on the inside took everything in her body.

He handed her a card. “Call me if you need anything, ma’am. I’m Henry. I get off after midnight, but I can help.” 

She took the card and nodded. Watching him drive off, she slowly turned back around to the burned down building.

“Hey, E,” a neighbor who lived down the street and was friends with her mother came over to her looking at her differently. “I barely recognized you. Your hair is so pretty.”

Feeling almost naked she forced herself to smile in greeting. 

The neighbor continued, “I thought you moved away like everyone else had done after the fire.”

“How long? What happened?” Enola demanded.

“Electrical, they said. Happened all of a sudden early in the morning, but everyone got out safely; And there was help for everyone. Someone came and offered an apartment building for the tenants to move into about ten blocks away.”

Why did she have a feeling Aeden’s hand was in this? 

“They’re going to be cleaning this mess up by tomorrow. I’m glad, because I was so worried about my property value.”

Enola gritted her teeth as she was coming to the realization her sister could possibly be right about the depth of Aeden’s pain. 

He intended to hurt her just because of her sister? 

He had told her she didn’t deserve what Naaji had done to her, but now he had turned to do the same?

Digging her fingernails in her palm, she tightened up her resolve and decided she needed to get ahead of this catastrophe happening in her life or her soul would be lost in spiritual chaos for eternity.

Aeden was trying to destroy her, but she would not let him… She could not let him.

Yet as she stared at her burned building, she could feel her chest tightening and the pain in her side was just a reminder of their powerful lust they’d shared and would be a constant reminder she would never be able to forget him. 

Pressing her hand to her stomach, Enola took a deep breath. 

She had to protect her heart from his vicious judgement… the one in her chest and the one growing in her stomach.

His African Sweetheart – part 7 (c) 2019 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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19 thoughts on “His African Sweetheart – Part 7

  1. I’m speechless…too bad it took her becoming a victim in the worse way to finally have the strength to not let something bad get the best of her

    1. yeah, ikr. i hated to do this to her. I really did. She been through so much and i really thought she was going to get hers with Aeden, but I had to be honest and let the characters take this story. This what happens when my brain just write things and i’m like what? that’s so awful and I’m crying. .. typing and crying and crying and typing. seriously. im part 8 i’m a hot mess. I can’t wait for y’all to read it

  2. I am totally speechless, Aeden ain’t no joke, he really did that to her, but how did her sister know exactly where she was? Now she pregnant, what about her friend whose husband got the job in the other city, she don’t remember her number? What about the dude who just called her and told her what he did for her? Aeden found out and burned the whole building down? I’m so mad right now Sylvia girl …… write me into this story so I can kick Aeden behind!! What she going to do in a bathroom, no cell service and how convenient that Henry “I get off after midnight” going to do? whew lord…..

  3. I always felt Aeden was too good to be true. But of course I would guess he is not finished with her yet. He does want a child and with his ego I can’t imagine him letting Enola raise a child without him or even letting Enola raise the child at all. Perhaps Naiij and Aedan are working together in some way. I’m guessing she may have to take Jack up on his offer to come to America. If she even remembers how to contact him. Also Jack said he put some information in a wall panel behind her refrigerator,I’m assuming at her old apartment. So if her old apartment has burned down how is she going to get that information??? I can’t wait to see how this works out. But as the old saying goes, “never underestimate a woman scorned.”

    1. it bothered me too and I had to really sit back and be true to my character. Ain’t all good-smelling flowers good for you and Aeden really was too perfect. So this happened on the way to getting to know Aeden. He isn’t a nice fellow the more i look at him and yes, (STORY SPOILER) He aint done

      1. See Aeden about to meet Missy, if he keeps it up!!! All I know is that Enola better have one heck of a come back!! I know you got this though no need for me to find my way to Michigan!! LOL

  4. WOW!!!!!! I DIDN’T see that coming. Ms. Sylvia you got me this time, but I should have known. You’re so phenomenal at all those surprised twist and turns in your stories and novels. I love it. Can’t wait for the next part😆😆😆😆😆.

  5. I just caught up and I have been keeping my comments to myself but DAYUMMMMM I didn’t see any of this coming. I knew he was hella secretive but this was too much. I knew he was vindictive but WHET. I can’t help but feel like there is more to this story than what is being said. She did need to grow a backbone and this is a good step. Gotta fall before you can perfect your flight. And refrigerators will pretty much stay intact after a fire. So that means Jack knew. Maybe the way Aiden works is tough love-ish. I don’t hate him, HATE HIM just yet. Good job!

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