His African Sweetheart – Part 2

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I decided to keep this story going because Enola started talking to me. She was troubled; bothered and I needed to get more from her.

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This is a little over 4k words and set up like another short story, but it’s best to read the first part prior to this.


(Author’s Note: I do ask that you be 18 or over to read the following content. Thank you)


His African Sweetheart

Part 2

By Sylvia Hubbard

Victoria hesitated in her step towards Enola like she was seeing something she had not seen before with a curious smirk on her lips. Her dark-skinned friend was only five feet and the same age as Enola but had already given birth to three children. Her hair was always short and slicked back, but Victoria had the largest most beautiful smile that seemed to encompass her whole face and she seemed to always have that smile in some way on her lips.

“What’s wrong?” Enola asked feeling raw with emotions from the past days.

“I should be asking you that,” Victoria said with her pudgy face and big cheeks. A sneaky smile came to her lips. “The Americas changed you.”

Enola snorted. “It’s only solidified the fact that I never want to go there again.”

Victoria took the extra bag Enola was carrying and they walked to her small old Festiva that always seemed like it was on its last trip. At least she had a car, while Enola had public transportation to rely upon for the past couple of years.

After her mother became ill, Enola sold most of everything they owned in order to pay down bills. Something her sister, Naaji had never been concerned about.

“I didn’t expect you till tomorrow,” Victoria said.

“I didn’t expect me till tomorrow either, but as I said, I didn’t like The Americas,” Enola said.

“Are you going to tell me why and are you going to tell me all about your sister and her new husband.”

“No, and nothing to tell. She’s just as greedy for the American life as she was when we were young and her husband is an American which makes him stupid like all Americans are,” Enola snipped. 

Victoria didn’t look happy but started driving towards their flat where Enola lived, with Victoria’s children and her sometimes boyfriend. “You don’t have to tell me how stupid men are. You forget I’m from America. And I know how you feel about wasteful spending and the super-rich.”

“He’s not super-rich,” Enola noted. “But it’s just disgusting the amount of money he spends on my sister. Naaji. And is super disgusting she’s marrying him because of his money and he’s too stupid to see that.”

Growling as the frustration and anxiety, Enola tried to pull out her hair. She then covered her face in her hands and growled some more.

Enola really just wanted to be by herself and never have to talk about what happened to her in America ever again.

“You’re really not going to talk about this?” Victoria asked surprised as they stopped in front of the house.

“No, Vic, so please stop asking.”

Enola jumped out the vehicle as soon as it came to a stop glad to be home and rushed into her home to her small room which was more like a walk-in closet. It held a futon, a dresser, a small television. All the things she needed to live or all the things she could afford to live with. 

After her mother died and she sold everything to pay the joint bills, whatever was left went into the trust for her sister per their mother’s instructions, but that left Enola with absolutely nothing.

Naaji hadn’t even sent any money for the trouble, but that just showed Enola how much her sister really cared for her and Enola cursed herself for being a fool thinking her sister actually had changed. 

After washing up, she got on her phone and started to look up jobs for her small cleaning company to keep her mind from wandering to the place she didn’t want to go… back in the bedroom, tied up with Aeden doing things to her body she should have never experienced, yet wanted to feel again with desperation.

Prior to leaving for the states, she had not taken any data entry jobs and had decided when she returned to get more cleaning jobs to boost her small business. Seeing Aeden’s success with his small business make her want to see what she could do with something she loved to do.

Small cleanups kept her medium enterprise in business. 

Victoria often helped her when she wasn’t doing her own thing during the night, but nights had been when Enola could work her second job while taking care of her mother during the day and working at the temporary data entry jobs. Yet, even after her mother passing, Enola still felt comfortable working nights and because of a lot of her usual clients needed no cleaning during the day..

The temporary gigs with data entry and some of her usual cleaning clients kept her utilities on and her rent paid, but getting anything extra like food, transportation and even keeping her phone on, required more money, which meant more jobs she needed to get.

Working seven nights a week was usual for her. 

Just as she hung up from another “No,” her phone rung. 

“Is this Jelani Able Bodied Cleaners?” a soft-spoken female voice questioned on the other line.

“Yes, how may I help? Enola asked in her most professional voice.

“Would you be able to take a job tonight? I have a villa that specifically requested your services. We’ve checked your website and your rates are reasonable for us. It’s an eight-bedroom villa with six bathrooms. We’ll pay for the extra rush as well.” 

“Really?… I mean, yes,” she said in disbelief. “I can do it.” Despite the fact she had just got in and should be tired as hell, Enola knew to try to get a good night’s sleep was going to be impossible. Staying up all night would most likely be good for her soul and mind so she would be too exhausted to think about Aeden’s beautiful mouth and what he had done with his tongue to her body.

“Good. I’ll send the payment along with the address and time we’ll be expecting you. I’ll be the contact for this. My name is Ally Porter and I’ll include all my information in the payment.”

“Thank you, Ms. Porter.”

“Ally, please,” the woman insisted. “I’ll see you tonight.” 

Hanging up, she stared at the cell phone for a long minute because she couldn’t believe what had just happened. 

From what she had just experienced twenty-four hours ago, to now with the potential to have an account that could pay a whole month of expenses for her small business, her life was changing.

Changing for the better. She just wished she didn’t have to have suffered like that in order to get a blessing like this.


Just as Ally had promised the email arrived, along with a partial digital payment and Enola called Victoria. There was another account that needed to be tended to and Victoria was happy to help take care of it. Packing her suitcase, Enola caught a bus and a car service all the way to the Villa about two hours away from her home. 

Yes, the distance was insane, but the money was worth everything.

A medium height woman Arabic and African American Descent about her mid-thirties, she smiled in greeting as she presented an envelope to Enola. “I have to return to the states tonight, but it’s arranged for you to clean the house tonight for our guest to arrive tomorrow.”

Enola nodded in all seriousness as excitement bubbled inside of her. 

“I’ve left a note for the guest and keycards for him. I also had groceries delivered and left a tip if you could please put them away,” Ally requested.

“It’s fine. Thank you so much.” Enola said gratefully.

“There’s not much to do but if this works out, we’d like to know there’s a local company we can use. The owner is looking to cut costs by sharing the Villa when he’s not using it with close acquaintances, but also it needs to be cleaned in between. I’m hoping this works.”

“It will,” she assured Ally. “The distance here was really not a problem. Thank goodness for car services.

Ally’s car arrived at that time and before leaving, she said, “There’s a guest room in the rear by the pool that has an exit outside of the gates. Your passkey is the only one that can get into the tiny house. If you have to stay over, I fully understand. Text me so I can alert the guest you’re here though. We wouldn’t want to scare them.”

“Thank you,” Enola said. “But I should be fine. I appreciate the offer.”

When Ally was gone, Enola let herself into the gates of the Villa. Her keycard in the envelope opened the electric thick wooden gates and once she walked through, they closed.  There was a pathway to the door of the home enough to get a least four cars through securely. Going into the grand foyer of the home, there were steps that led to another level to her left and to her right there were steps that led down to a lower level. Above the doorway into the main room, there was an inscription reading Casa de Corazon. The whole place had a sort of Spanish feel with raw clay bricks as the decor, art on the walls, and two fireplaces. One in the great room and the other in a library. On the main level, there was also a kitchen, dining room for six and a two offices. The kitchen led out to a small solarium while the great room led out to a huge balcony, the pool area and on the other side of the pool was the tiny house Ally had spoken about with a kitchenette and loft.

On the lower level of the house, there were two bedrooms, a family room, and a half bath. One bedroom was almost half the home with a private bathroom along with what looked like two queen size beds and a tub the size of her entire bedroom.

The other bedroom on this level was normal with a private bathroom. The family room consisted of a pool table and other indoor games including chess, backgammon, and even Connect Four.

There was a huge shelf of board games, children games, and card games. 

Yet, there wasn’t a television. Matter of fact, every room she cleaned in the house had no television.

She saw there were wifi and internet hookups, but no huge screens in any rooms.

On the upper five bedrooms. Two were joined with a nursery between them as if for a while. The other two had private bathrooms of their own and the floor had another half bath. 

Another set of spiral stairs at the end of the hall led up to another attic bedroom with a private bathroom consisting of just a shower, sink and toilet. The room was large enough to host a queen-size bed, dresser, an area with a desk with a chair and what made the room so special was a large private balcony that overlooked the pool area but was large enough there was a table and two chairs, plus space to layout if one would like to sunbathe.

She could almost imagine taking up residence on the private balcony. Maybe having a nice massage with the warm sun beating down on her body and then rolling over and-

Opening her eyes from her imaging she cursed herself because all she saw was Aeden.

Shivering at the thought of what he had done to her body, Enola couldn’t believe she was fantasizing about him.

“It’s not his fault,” her mother said in her head. “Naaji never told him to the truth. She manipulated him just as she manipulated your mother.”

Enola should have just went to the cops, but that would mean turning in Naaji and that was something she knew her mother wouldn’t want her to do. 

Her mother adored Naaji, which was why the woman had left the dowry for her favorite daughter; even though Enola had put her life on hold and squandered her own savings to take care of her mother dying of cancer. Her mother’s last breath was, “Tell Naaji I love her.”

Even now as she thought about her mother’s last words, how Naaji had manipulated their mother and Aeden, Enola’s body started to feel the overwhelming emotional shock.

Her doubts and fears for finding someone who would give her a simple love and tell her she was good enough always worried her. 

Maybe Naaji did hate Enola because Enola was their step-father’s favorite and before he died he told them that. He had called Naaji a selfish spoiled brat, clutched his chest and said, “Enola will always be smarter and more beautiful than you ever will be.” 

After the funeral of their step-father, fourteen-year-old Enola had approached twelve-year-old Naaji to let her know the man was saying anything in his death and probably didn’t know what he was saying. “If he were alive he would apologize,” Enola said.

“Shut up, Enola,” Naaji snarled. “He always doted on you. He always gave you compliments. He never even hugged me. I hate you.”

And since then Naaji had become her mother’s favorite. 

At first Enola thought, her mother would see Naaji was still selfish and spoiled, but her mother felt guilty that their step-father didn’t show Naaji affection like he had shown Enola. Naaji had even coerced their mother in thinking Enola didn’t deserve a sweet sixteen because Naaji hadn’t gotten any love or affection when she was little. 

What kind of mess that was Enola couldn’t understand, but her mother actually tried to convince her Naaji had reason to be bitter and they needed to do everything they could to make up for the horrible childhood their stepfather had given Naaji.


But Enola never said this out loud to her mother. After all those years, the woman was still grieving for that man and the guild Naaji drove in her for loving that man consumed her, mixed her up… made her weak.

Enola loved her mother and seeing her die without her favorite daughter was very sad.

By this time, the morning was breaking the sky and she was on her last room in the house, prior to the kitchen and pool area. Resting on the bed in the attic as her thoughts overwhelmed her, Enola felt her life had been one sacrifice after another.

Now that there was no one to make a sacrifice for, she almost didn’t know what to do with her life.

As she was finishing up the kitchen as her last clean, she looked at the car service app. If she waited three and a half hours, she could get a cheaper rate to get home. 

She had been working for almost eight straight hours and the rest would do her good. Texting Ally, Enola let her know that she would take up the offer and use the tiny guest house for a couple of hours before making her way out of the Villa through the private gated entrance.

Ally replied back, “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll alert the guest so they won’t be startled by the light in the guest house. They just arrived in Canada.”

Enola was too exhausted to be nosey and really needed rest. Although she was more mentally drained than physically. There was a wet bath in the tiny house and she decided to use the facilities and then clean up after herself. 

Crawling in the loft with only her headdress and slip-on, the mattress was super soft and she almost melted her face into the pillow. She heard herself snoring before her conscious fully went to sleep.


She was back in the hotel bedroom, tied up, and shivering in fear and expectation. The warmth of his gentle fingers on her skin made her soul tremble and then she felt his tongue slid down between her cheeks.

The blush was so hard, she gasped out of her sleep. 

Damn, that was only an hour. She still had a couple of more hours before she called a car. Digging her face in the pillow, she tried to think of other things.

Aeden had done something to her. 

Not just taken her virginity.

He had consumed her mind and body. She could vividly still remember how the hairs of his beard tickled her inner thighs and how his fingers had dug into her rear cheeks and then his tongue… the laving, the licking… The lusciousness… 

This time she sat up from the burst of sensations happening between her legs. 

Opening her eyes, she didn’t have Aeden between her legs anymore. This time, he was leaning over her looking deeply concerned. Reaching up hesitantly, she cupped his face.

He leaned his face into her palm and then turned his beautiful thick lips in the middle of her hands and kissed her tenderly. “I’m sorry,” he said remorsefully. “I never meant to hurt you Enola.”

Hearing her name on his lips made her shudder. She moved her other hand to his cheek and pulled his face down to hers. Gawd, she could dream, right? There should be nothing wrong in taking pleasure in dreaming Aeden was her husband who had taken her virginity and was now going to make her feel so good again.

The feel of his lips upon hers made her feel so alive. She wanted it to be real and she deepened the kiss pressing her tongue between his lips. He moaned in her mouth, vibrating down her throat as he voraciously responded.


He tasted so warm…

And his face was so there!

She blinked her eyes open and then bit down on his lip.

He yanked away. “Ouch!” he said sitting back up.

“You’re real? You’re here? Aeden? AEDEN?! What are you doing here?” She hit him on his chest. The area she slept in was so small, she couldn’t actually move unless he moved down from the loft area or laid beside her. 

“Ouch again,” he said rubbing his chest. “I came to find you, Enola, and apologize for everything that was done to you.” 

She pulled her dress over herself she’d been using as a cover. “How’d you know my name? How’d you find me? How’d you get in here?”

He started to answer and she pointed to the door before he could speak.



“Out! Out! OUT!” she screamed.

He climbed from the loft and went outside of the tiny house pacing like a caged animal anxious to talk with her. Now that he was away from her, she could see he was dressed in a shirt and jeans; even his casual appearance made him look devastatingly sexy. 

Enola pulled her dress on and put her hands in her face, growling in frustration and anger. This was not how she wanted to meet Aeden again. This was not how she wanted to feel when she had to face him again. 

Matter of fact, she had never wanted to lay eyes on him ever again.

She needed to be really upset, but she couldn’t get upset enough because she was… horny. Growling again in her hands, she closed her eyes hard to gather her thoughts together so she could face him.

Climbing down from the loft she put on her shoes, took a deep breath and joined him outside.

He instantly stopped pacing and faced her. Despite everything, he still looked as gorgeous as she remembered him.

“You should have gone to the police,” he said angrily. “Why didn’t You, Enola? Something awful happened to you!”

His upset shocked her. She didn’t expect him to be angry at her. 

“I-I … My mother said to help her at all times. She’s the oldest and-”

Harshly, he snapped, “I’ve been tearing my soul and life apart to make amends with you. I’ve had to beat her friends, almost shake the truth out of Naaji and even bribe others to give me the information I needed to find you.”

This revelation surprised her. He was actually looking for her? The day after the wedding? “Why are you yelling at me?” she questioned.

“Why aren’t you yelling at me, should be the real question?”

It was becoming mid-morning and she was still a little exhausted. Moving to an outside lounge area that was shaded helped with the sun coming to the middle of the sky. 

He followed, but not close enough to make her feel uncomfortable. He was trying to keep his distance on purpose.

Gathering her thoughts again, she said with her back to him, “No matter what I do, she always wins. I’ve stopped trying a long time ago, because nothing I do, or plan ever goes my way.”

“That’s because you never met me, Enola,” he said with arrogance. “I make sure things get done and I’m not wealthy because things come easy for me. I’m wealthy because I work hard at making it look easy, but in the end, I win.”

She turned around to face him, folding her arms over her chest. “Did you win with me?”

Aeden lowered his head in deep shame. “That’s why I’m here. I’m an honorable man and if you come back to the states, we can go to the police department and I’ll admit to any and all charges you wish to file on me.”

Enola needed to sit down and leaned on the table nearby to help her legs which were shaking because his response was very unexpected. 

“Enola, we can leave right now if you wish and go straight to the precinct in Detroit-” 

“Shut up, Aeden,” she ordered.

He obeyed, but he was studying her and her reaction. 

Enola rubbed her forehead to calm her racing thoughts. “If I go to the police that would mean turning in Naaji as well. My mother would be upset. Albeit she deserves to be behind bars, I can’t.”

“Then I want to make up for what I’ve done to you. I want to do whatever it takes to make you happy-”

The words coming out of his mouth was too much for her and she jumped over to him and put her finger over his lips. “Stop talking, Aeden,” she ordered. “I can’t think right now, Aeden. I can’t put together what you want from me, because I don’t want anything from anyone.”

He moved her finger from his lips and took a deep breath. She couldn’t stop looking in his eyes and she couldn’t move away captured by the most beautiful enamored look in his deep brown eyes that warmed her soul.

“Stay here at the Villa with me,” he warmly implored in a deep gentle voice. “Give me time to sink in. I’m a bit overwhelming, I know, but I need to make up to you what you’ve suffered. If you leave, I fear, I’ll never see you again, Enola and I just can’t have that.” 

By now her hand was resting on his chest and though his outward appearance seemed calm, she could feel a rapid heartbeat under her palm. Closing her eyes, Enola again had to gather her scattered thoughts that couldn’t bind together as long as he was close.

Staying would only make this worse, but staying would also help her figure out what she should really do. 

Who else could she talk to? Not Victoria? No one else.

What if this was another way Naaji was manipulating her? 

What if this was a chance to sort out what she needed to do?

Why the hell was she so damn close to him? And becoming … aroused! 

Aeden was doing this to her body, but she needed to resist.

Leave. Go.

Enola didn’t know what to do.

“Please,” he begged in a breathless whisper.

For some reason, Enola had a feeling saying this word, was hard for him. He wasn’t a man that begged for anything, yet she could feel her staying meant a lot to him.

“I need to make a call,” she said, pulling her hand away.

Surprisingly, he allowed her to move away from him, but briefly letting a look of pain move across his face.

“I’ll wait in the main room if you decide to stay,” he said stiffly and walked away.

Enola watched him until he was gone in the house and sat down in the lounge chair. 

What should she do? Stay or Go?

His African Sweetheart – part 2 (c) 2017 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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25 thoughts on “His African Sweetheart – Part 2

  1. I want to shake Enola. She seem like a smart person but she need to start doing a better job looking out for herself now that she know how far her sister will go to get what she want. Her mom is gone and there is no need to keep entertaining her sister’s spoiled behavior.

  2. Wow how did he find her so quick. So does that mean he gave her the job to make amends. Why would her sister be so slow. I need Ebola to start looking out for herself and get it together. I know she doesn’t want to turn her sister in or this man. Definitely hope there is part 3.

  3. I have a question first, I thought they was twins? but in this part they are two years apart? Anyway, I hope Enola think about really taking care of herself, her mom is dead, her sister is trifling, I want her to get a backbone and really think. I believe this dude is really into her and i’m interested in knowing how he found her, (I know he is rich), did he marry her sister, the sister said he wasn’t that rich, so how rich is he, evidently he withheld some information, and will Enola be pregnant….?????? Bring on part 3

  4. Finish the story it has good bones just remember they started as twins now you have them with a two year age difference
    I have been reading your books for years they were all good to me just cliffhangers
    I will continue to read hoping you will go back in your repertoire/WIP and published at least one yearly

    1. Thanks, Sheryl. I’m going to get back into the grind and Enola’s been talking to me so I thought I ‘d start to listen.
      I’m not making any promises. I appreciate your support.

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