His African Sweetheart – Part 3.1

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Enola and Aeden’s story has spoken and I have written up what was being said.

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This is a little over 6K words and it’s actually continuing from Part 2 so please check it out initially before jumping into this part.


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His African Sweetheart

Part 3.1

By Sylvia Hubbard

When Aeden walked away to go into the house, Enola’s fingers shook as she logged into her bank account on her phone and gasped. The money her sister had promised was there. More than enough to refill Enola’s savings account and even expand her business. 

If Aeden got the full truth from Naaji, why would her sister still pay her? Plus, the money wouldn’t have been released to Naaji unless her sister showed proof she was married. 

Aeden married Naaji? And was Aeden there working for himself? Or for her sister? 

Naaji had manipulated and deceived Enola so much it was difficult to know what was the truth or who was going to hurt her next.

There were so many questions running through Enola’s brain and she needed answers. Calling Victoria again, she asked her friend to cover for a small client tonight. Victoria didn’t question the request and said she would.

Straightening up her Kanga and adjusting her headwrap without a mirror was pretty difficult.

‘There’s a mirror in the house,’ her mother’s voice in her head said, which meant Enola would have to go into the main house, or she could run away and never set eyes on Aeden again.

Her brain literally was stressed over the anxiety she was feeling and decades of stress Naaji had infused in Enola’s life. She was sick and tired of it all, but there was no way to stop Naaji. There never had been. 

Yet, if he found her once, he’d just find her again. This seemed very important to Aeden. Justice for her? 

No one had ever cared about Enola to want justice for her? Not since her step-father.

Looking in the home, through the glass balcony mirrors, she found him standing with his back to her, looking in the full-length mirror in the front room. He was straightening his clothes and checking his face.

Why? The man was gorgeous, even in casual clothing he vibrated sexiness.

Was he primping? For her? 

She couldn’t help moving her eyes down his body, remembering how those strong hands had gripped her thighs and those beautiful lips had done things to her body she hadn’t even read in books. And then his body… 

Of course, she couldn’t see his manhood, but she remembered looking down and… was it really so big or had just been her imagination? 

Where the hell had her sister found this man? How had her sister wrangled this man into marriage? 

Aeden seemed well educated and he was wealthy. He didn’t seem like a bullshitter or materialist selfish prick like most Americans.

Bracing herself, Enola walked into the home towards the front room where he stood. It took every ounce of control not to look between his legs. 

Eye contact, Enola, her mother’s voice reprimanded in her thoughts.

Aeden turned to her with an air of nervousness.

“I’m not turning you into the police,” Enola announced determinedly. “I told you my mother’s dying wish was to protect Naaji and love her as she would because she knew… My mother knew no one else would probably love her. If I turn you in, I have to turn my twin sister in. I can’t do that.”

“So you have to accept what she did to you? What she stole from you?” He sounded very disturbed about this. “What hold does she have over you? Your virginity was taken and that’s something you can never get back. I cannot give you back what I took from you. We were both were manipulated and deceived by Naaji and I cannot stand idly by to allow her deception to go without punishment of some kind? And I must rectify justice for my own soul and conscious as well.”

“Were you REALLY manipulated?” she asked narrowing her eyes cruelly. 

“She convinced me the only way I could receive her virginity was to help her with her fantasy. She enforced it had to be the day before we were married for her arousal to be stimulated properly. I would have gladly done anything for her because I thought I loved her. She said this was the only way I would be given her virginity. 

“So that’s what you prized? She used your weakness to have a virgin to manipulate you?” Enola snorted. “That sounds like my sister. She loves to manipulate people’s weaknesses and desires against them.”

He looked actually hurt. “You’re right. And I have cursed myself since that time; since knowing what I did to you was wrong, Enola and I want… no, I need to make everything right.” 

Her curiosity about this man was on high. “Why did you want someone who was virginal? You needed to have a virgin?” 

Aeden actually blushed and admitted, “I wanted someone who was pure in heart and of course, it would be an honor to have someone pure in body. There is certain arousal for a man to know that his woman has only been his woman.” His eyes moved from her face down to her body and then back up to her eyes. 

The strange smirk on his lips did strange things to her lower stomach and she had to hold her middle suddenly uncomfortable in his presence. She pulled her shawl tighter on her shoulders.

He continued, “I was honored Naaji wanted to be my wife. She wanted me to be that man who took her virginity and with that, I felt I owed her anything and everything so I went ahead and did what she asked. She told me to follow the instructions to the letter which is why the fantasy took place as it did.”

Snorting again, Enola said, “That sounds just like Naaji. When we were teenagers she got me beat up by someone who wanted to beat her up. Naaji told the girl she would fight her at the store after school at 3 and then my sister sent me to the store to get her something.” Remembering the horror of being punched so hard in the face she saw double for a month, Enola put her hand to her face as if still suffering from the terribleness of that day. Lowering her head in shame, she said, “I’m glad my mother never knew what a bad person Naaji was.”

“How have you known all this about your sister your entire lives and you’ve never told your mother anything? Have you told anyone?” he asked upset. 

“Of course I’ve known who she was all her life, I am her twin. I told my step-father when he was alive. He was the only one that believed me, but…” She paused for a moment at the memories. “After his suicide, no one believed anything about her. She would act like me in front of others, but behind closed doors, she was the Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. I saw first hand the wrongs she dealt out because some of those were directed at me, but she was also her mother’s oldest daughter and no one could tell my mother that her daughter was who she was. My mother only saw her and she loved her and she made me promise on her deathbed that I will always love and protect Naaji.”

“How long do you feel you need to honor this? Before your whole life is ruined? Before your whole soul is gone? Before you don’t want to live for yourself anymore?”

Enola had to turn away because those same questions bothered her. Matter of fact, she had been questioning herself even more in the past couple of days because of what happened in America. But at the same time even though Enola had been manipulated and her virginity stolen she still blamed herself because he was right. She should have said something more. She should have tried to convince her mother that her sister was evil; or at least tried to let her mother know she could not honor her death wish or it could mean Enola’s own demise. “I can’t take back what I’ve promised my mother.”

“I’m sure your mother only meant to love and protect your sister as family, but I do not think that she meant for you to sacrifice your own self for her. And she certainly didn’t expect Naaji to do something so atrocious to you. Like I said I’m willing to go to the police with you to have her convicted and serve whatever time that is deemed to pay for what I’ve-” He stopped because she started to shake her head and her breathing became erratic.

“Right now, I can’t think,” she said, holding her chest trying to control her breathing. 

At that moment her stomach decided to do the rest of her talking and growl uncomfortably loud. Embarrassed she blushed.

He said, “I have ordered food if you would like to wash up it should be here by then.” 

She shook her head, “Oh no, I could not take your meal. I should go home and think about this.”

Moving anxiously forward putting only a foot between them, he insisted, “I don’t think you should leave, Enola. Like I said, I feel until I resolve this with your sister if you leave me I will never see you again. I sense you have just been putting off Naaji’s horribleness and staying away from her as if that will protect you or make you forget she’s a terrible person.” 

“What does it matter to you?”Enola asked a bit piqued because he was reading her like a book. “If I don’t press charges you are a free man.”

“Just because I am a free man does not mean I am not a criminal. It doesn’t mean I can just be free of what I have done to you. I am too honorable to think I have gotten away with what I have done to you.” 

She moved around to put a chair between them because his proximity was affecting her thinking again. “So what do you want from me?” she asked, her own anger starting to rise. Whether it was from hunger or from frustration, Enola just wanted to be done with this whole subject. “What’s done is done,” she determined.

“Is that what you said after that girl beat you up?” he asked cruelly. “Didn’t you want to get your sister back for the pain she had inflicted on you that was not your fault. Or are you still thinking about that?”

Sarcastically snorting, Enola responded, “Not actually. I did not think about anything after that fight. The girl was extremely upset with my sister. I didn’t think straight for the next three months because I was in the hospital with a bruised rib and my brain being swollen. I had to stay in the hospital until I could regain the use of the right side of my body.” 

He shook his head in despair, gripping the chair in front of him and she could almost feel the anger vibrating from him. 

“Don’t pity me,” she said in disgust.

“I’m only angrier and you’re doing nothing to change my mind to get back at Naaji for what she manipulated me to do to you.” He took several deep breaths and calmed himself down. “I’m sure there have been other times she has done this to you, but I can no longer stand by and allow this to happen anymore; not just because I was manipulated and involved in her scheme to have marriage and my money, but also she did an unjustifiable hurt to you – her own twin sister.” 

Enola was touched by his honest concern, but why did he have to seek justice so determinedly when he could just walk away? He was an American. They were selfish materialistic and only concerned about themselves. She was giving him an exit to walk away and never see her or deal with her ever again. That’s what everyone else did when it came to them being involved in her sister’s manipulation. 

Yet Aeden was steadfast to never allow Naaji to harm Enola again or anyone else. She blushed to herself. It wasn’t all about what Naaji had just done to her. Aeden seemed all about justice to right wrongs for anything. To prove her theory she said, “Just because you took my virginity does not mean you owe me anything.”

“I am a Man of Honor,” he said angrily. “How many times do I have to say that? I have lived my entire life seeking justice for people who were wronged. I have lived by a high moral code and standard all my life and now your sister has put me in a class of the scum I go after. I have every right to choke the living shit out of her but because I respect human life I intend to use my powers that be to make sure she suffers for what she did.”

“But you married her,” Enola pointed out. “How can you suggest this for the woman you now call YOUR wife.”

Aeden took out a thick white envelope and placed it on the table between them. “This morning I annulled the marriage to your sister. Prior to coming here, I went to my lawyer and filed an annulment granted due to her deceit and lies as stipulated in our premarital agreement. I had a judge sign the annulment before I left and the papers processed immediately by the courts.”

“So you weren’t that stupid to her charms?” she asked in disbelief. “My sister must not have gotten these papers as of yet because she deposited money into my account.”

“I left her before she awoke the morning after our honeymoon. Most likely she thinks I’m attending to business and will join her later on,” he admitted. “She gave you money for your silence?”

Looking ashamed, Enola admitted, “I took money not just to shut me up about what occurred but because I needed it to live. I can barely make rent since my mother’s recent passing which took all my savings to bury her and to pay off her medical debts. I thought when I sold my mother’s assets the court estate lawyers would reimburse me, but all the money went from my mother’s estate to my sister’s dowry.

Angrily, he said, “If you’re trying to make me hate her more you are succeeding.”

“That’s not what I’m trying to do. I was only explaining why I took Naaji’s bribe instead of going to the police or telling anyone. Yet, even if I had not taken the money, I still promised my mother I would not harm Naaji so I still wouldn’t have gone to the police as you would like me to.”

He took a deep disappointed breath, but then asked, “Would you allow me to extract my justice where you don’t have to go to the police?” he questioned. 

Warily, she asked, “What kind of justice?” 

He pointed to the envelope. “If you won’t go to the police with me then there is another way to go after your sister. Now that she does not have access to my money or even now her dowry money she can’t afford her lifestyle. I’m supposed to deliver these papers to the immigration office for the United States to let them know that her marriage is annulled and she must immediately return to Canada.”

Enola looked in horror at the envelope and then back at him. “That would destroy her,” she said. 

“I know,” he agreed. “I know her life would be ruined and she will come back to you and start her manipulation all over again, but with your help, I can further impede upon her plans to hurt her more. To give her the justice she deserves.” 

“How could it be worse for her once she is removed from the United States. She loves living there above all else.”  

“Because she will come back to you and she will use you to get back on her feet and I know you will allow it,” he said simply.

Looking suspiciously, Enola questioned, “How do you know that? How are you so sure I would do something like that? You don’t know me.” 

“I have been in a relationship with you for the past year-and-a-half, Enola. I feel I know everything about you. The way you talk; The way you walk; your mannerism; How you would respond to everything… everything,” he emphasized. “Naaji was you from the moment I met her. Not herself.”

It was difficult to respond. It was difficult to think. How does she deal with a man saying he knew her so well when she didn’t know anything about him? 

She wasn’t naive to men, but this man wasn’t just any man. 

Before she could respond the doorbell rang. 

“You may use the guest bathroom while I let the chef in,” Aeden offered and touched the side of his head, nodding toward her hair. “Please don’t make any decisions as of yet, Enola. Not until you eat. See my side of this whole situation and understand why I must do this before you take loyalty to your sister, who deserves nothing you have to offer her.”

Reaching up to her own head, she gasped feeling her hair had come out slightly of her head wrap. Quickly, she went to the guest bathroom and to also gather her inner self once again.

Pulling her head wrap off, she gasped because her hair needed combing so bad. Quickly, she unraveled her braids and used water to redo them. 

Her thick hair in braids came down to her shoulders. She remembered Naaji had her hair covered when she arrived in Detroit. Enola should have become suspicious seeing her sister in their traditional garb and she should have just gotten back on the flight back home at that moment.

None of this would have happened if Enola had done something…anything… and Enola wouldn’t have been here looking at Aeden wondering if what she had seen of him naked wasn’t her imagination, but real. 

Washing her hands, rinsing her mouth out and washing her face, she tried to look presentable enough look at him again. 

There was so much to think about, but Aeden was right. She shouldn’t make decisions on an empty stomach. Just as she was coming out of the door, an African American man wearing a chef’s uniform rolling a large tray full of food down the hallway came by her. 

He nodded with kind eyes and kept heading toward the kitchen. 

The aroma from the passing tray full of food reached her nose and stomach making a growl so loud she grabbed her stomach. Yet, the idea she would soon be eating with Arden, her brother in law and the first man she had ever had made her giddy, nervous, excited, nauseous all at the same time. Enola leaned against the hallway wall and took several deep breaths, forcing herself to calm down. 

People ate with other people they had sex with all the time. She had other types of relationships with guys and was able to look them in the eye’s later on, but what made Aeden so different? Why did she act like a silly schoolgirl with a silly crush? 

Get it together, her mother’s voice ordered. 

“Enola?” Aeden called out to her in concern from the front room. 

She gathered herself and walked into the front room to meet his eyes. They seem to stare at each other for a very long awkward moment.

All she could think about was that night and how his hands felt on her body or how her whole body had felt when he had…

Her eyes wandered to the envelope because she if she stared at him any longer, her whole consciousness would collapse and she was not sure when she would come back to reality.

She was determined not to faint in front of Aeden or show him how much his proximity actually bothered her equilibrium…

“I shouldn’t have asked you to make a major decision on an empty stomach,” he said in apology. “Chef Gaston should have everything done in a few moments. We can adjourn to the dining room now while we wait for him.”

She nodded and proceeded to follow him into the next room trying not to show how really embarrassed she felt because this man had seen her naked and she knew how he looked naked. 

Was his heartbeat still beating rapidly despite his cool appearance? 

Arden turned abruptly, and she almost bumped into the back of him. “What were you thinking?” he questioned very seriously.

Avoiding eye contact, she said, “I don’t know,” she said unable to explain herself. 

He looked down at her hands where she was pulling on her fingers in anxiousness and then he pulled a chair out for her to sit at the table. 

Mumbling thanks, Enola slid into the seat quickly so her eyes wouldn’t wander around. She decided to finish explaining herself. “I was just thinking, are you sure this is not just for your pride. Are you really doing this for revenge against what she manipulated you into doing? Making a man of such great integrity lower his morals is a big thing. She pulled you down to her level and beat you with experience. That hurts. I know. She does it to me all the time. I allow it, but you don’t seem like a man that does not like to lose.” 

Aeden adjusted his napkin and took a deep breath. “I’m impressed at your intuitive skills, Enola. At first, I was very upset that I had been duped once I put together the truth.”

“And how did you put together your truth?” Enola questioned.

“Your sister was closed lips. She looked me dead in my face and said I was crazy, but I knew something wasn’t. Let’s just say Barron may be big as an ox, but when threatened with physical violence, the man’s loose lips could sink the entire Navy. He told me the whole story and I told him to keep his mouth closed and if I laid eyes or ears on him again, he would regret ever meeting Naaji.”

“Thank you,” Enola said gratefully. 

Her wrists still hurt and were bruised from Barron hog tying her too tight and roughly throwing her on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. It was why she wore an uncomfortable long sleeve shirt under her Kanga to hide the bruising still on her wrists.

Aeden continued, “But as I realized from what he told me you were real; that what happened was real I started to get more upset because it reminded me so much of what happened to my mother. Now I understand karma is a bitch and she doesn’t like when people do her job, but the things I do for others not only helps them and a lot of other people. So I thought karma and I were friends.” He paused and chuckled sarcastically. “I was dead wrong to assume such a relationship with that vixen.” 

Enola had a feeling the last part was more for himself than her, but she didn’t interrupt his explanation. She wanted to know everything. 

“I know this all sounds crazy, but it’s not about me it’s about what has happened to you and what could happen to others. I’m not saying you’re gullible, but if she can’t use you, she’s going to try to use others. She’s going to hurt others. Until she learns her own lesson. Until Karma gets in front of her. I’m just helping Karma do her job a little faster.”

Enola looked over to her right where she could still see the envelope on the table in the front room.”And what happens when everything is all done. What happens when you know she can’t hurt anyone else?” 

“Well, that’s going to be all up to you,” he responded. “Whatever you decide my punishment is will be in your hands.”

She shook her head. “I can’t punish you.”

“And I can’t punish myself,” he said with great frustration. “We’re going to have to figure something out. But whatever we decide or you decide, I will receive without hesitation.”

“You want me to agree to let you deal justice to my sister, while I lay low until it’s done. And then come up with a punishment for you.” 

“Yes,” he responded.

“How long do you think it’s going to take for you to deal with this justice?” 

He determined, “About three months.”

“Three months of my life? Laying low? How am I supposed to lay low? Where am I supposed to go?”

“You’ll be here. I rented this on purpose with all-cash from associates no one knows I’m familiar with. Your sister has no idea I’m even here right now. My phone is in the United States with call forwarding to an untraceable line. It just looks like everything is going to voicemail if she tries to investigate. My close friends and my administrative assistant knows I’ll be out of town for that time period.”

“I have a business also,” she said proudly.”And I don’t think I could take off for three months. I need the money.”

“I thought about that,” he said. “Barron seemed to enjoy relishing you’d do anything for money and it didn’t matter what happened to you.” He looked extremely disgusted for a moment. “I have arranged for another associate who actually needs to leave the country but has run a cleaning business in Detroit to assist me. They’re familiar with the dealings of a cleaning service and can do your job until you can get back to it.”

Insulted, she asked, “I’m supposed to let someone I don’t know run my business while I lay low? I can’t afford an employee.”

“It will be taken care of,” he assured her.”You still be in charge, but until you can come back they can run it for you. I’m very confident in their abilities and they’ll give you weekly reports from your accountant and clients.” 

She didn’t know how to tell him she didn’t have an accountant and she barely had clients. In her business, she wore all the hats. Ashamed, she could barely keep the business afloat. Three months was asking for a lot from her. All for what? Was this really necessary?

“You’ve figured everything out,” she said coolly. “But I still haven’t agreed to anything.”

“After you eat, we’ll discuss that decision.”

The chef entered the room pushing the tray with two covered plates. While he placed one in front of her and the other in front of Aeden, she looked at the white envelope thinking deeply about what she should do. 

“Would you like wine? Beer? Juice?” the chef offered.

She had barely understood what he said and looked at him for clarity. “I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“What would you like to drink, Enola?” Aeden enunciating slowly.

“Water,” she said quickly. 

The chef looked at Aeden in disapproval. 

“We’ll both have water, chef,” Aeden said with a little curl on side of his lips.

Stiffly, the chef pulled out bottled water from a small refrigerator on the tray and topped off both of their wine glasses before going to the corner and placing the large pitcher on the bar. 

The chef then put bread and a salad out on the table in front of them and then dismissed himself curtly. 

“Did I make him mad?” Enola asked.

Aeden was amused. “A little. The Chef believes every meal should be served with wine, but he has his own winery so I would say his opinion is bias. Please eat,” he encouraged.

Enola said her grace and then proceeded to eat her salad. The flavors that burst on her tongue was simply amazing. 

“Is this real?” she asked. 

“What do you mean?” 

“This flavor. It’s explosive!”

Aeden chuckled. “Chef makes everything fresh. Just wait until you taste the main course.” He pulled the top of the main plates and the aroma was like she had gone to heaven.

Tender chicken breast in a buttery basil sauce with asparagus and roasted potatoes. The food was beautiful she wanted to cry. How one man could make food so delicious was a sin?

“Are you crying?” Aeden questions appalled.

She used her napkin to wipe the corner of her eye. “I-I’m fine. I’ve never tasted anything so delicious.”

“Just wait until dessert,” he said.

She dived into her food excited for what was to come. 

“Where are you from?” Aeden questioned.

“I was born here in Canada. Conceived in Rwanda. My mother was made a bargain with my step-father to be his wife if he got her out of the country. Pregnancy before marriage is frowned upon and my mother didn’t want to shame our family. We were already Hutu. We didn’t need one more thing to disgrace us. My step-father was Tutsi, so getting my mother out of the country illegally was easy for him since he knew the right people behind the scenes. I remember him crying for days when I was little at the massacre. My mother said it was because knew he could have probably stopped it. And then he killed himself shortly afterward.”

“I’m sorry,” Aeden said.

“It’s nothing to be sorry about. Merde arrive.”

He frowned. “My French is not that good.”

“Shit happens,” she translated eating bites of her food while they were talking. 

He tried not to smile.

“It’s okay,” she said. “My mother says my sarcasm leaks out of me.”

“Naaji portrayed you as very serious,” he admitted.

“Because I was never having any fun around her. She’s never seen me happy.” 

His fists tightened around the fork he was holding. 

 “I’ve had to move on. I was too consumed with making sure my sister kept me out of trouble to grieve from losing my father.”

He leaned into her. “You don’t think it’s time for you to feel something? And stop just hiding your own motions because you always think you have to be guarded.”

The chef returned with dessert and placed a light buttery sweet roll in front of her. She almost passed out from the smell. The delicious sugary delight seemed to be tasted even before she put it in her mouth.

And when she did taste it, she thought she was going to just die. 

She wanted to giggle and gasp at the same time. This was too exquisite for words and she looked wide-eyed at the chef as if he could help her explain the emotions she was feeling.

He winked. “You’re welcome. It’s Gaston’s Delight.”

Reaching out and taking the chef’s hand, she said, “Thank you.”

“I take it you like it?” Aeden asked amused.

She was on her third bite, filling her mouth with the gooey morsel and just nodded.

The chef excused himself, leaving them alone again.

“If I bribed you with Gaston’s Delights every night would you stay?” Aeden asked.

“Quite possibly,” she teased feeling good inside.

“What would you be by now, if Naaji had not been in your life?”

She had never been asked that question ever. Her world had always involved her sister. “I don’t imagine things like that. What’s the point?”

“Because if you allow me to do what I need to do, I could make that happen.”

Naaji, never in her life again; never bothering Enola again? She would know what freedom tastes like. Something she hadn’t had a taste of in a long time before her stepfather had died. 

“And you wouldn’t hurt my sister, physically?”

“No,” he promised. “And I promise once I’m done with her, she won’t hurt anyone else.”

Fearful, she asked, “How can you be sure?”

“I’m a man that does not like to fail and a man that always sees justice is done, Enola.”

She still worried. The vow she made to her mother should not be broken, but there were ways around the words spoken. Deep in her heart, Enola knew she didn’t have to sacrifice everything. Naaji had just made her believe she needed too. “Why the urgency?” she demanded to know.

“Because in twelve hours she will be kicked out of the hotel she’s staying in for our honeymoon and in twenty-four hours once I message that envelope over to immigration, she’ll be out of the country. She’ll be looking for you immediately because she’s given you all her immediate money. She’ll need it back-”

Enola cut him off, “She can have it.”

“No, she can’t,” he immediately disputed. “You see I’ve set it up so she has to get her hands on that money, but you’re the uncontrolling factor in all this. I need your sworn oath that you will not give her the honor of your time or YOUR money.”

She bit her lip indecisively. “What will I have to do?”

“Give me your phone, keys to your place and even your identification. For three months, you will stay here, with me until it’s over.” He checked his watch. “Time is ticking, Enola.”

She reached in her pocket and pulled out her wallet, phone, and keys, but kept it on her side of the table.

She felt like she was making a big decision. As if her life depended upon this. And she could feel her anxiety start to overwhelm her. So she began to take long deep breaths. 

“It’s okay,” he assured her. “I promise you everything will be okay. At least for you, Enola.” 

This man who had given her her first time looked deeply in her eyes. There was nothing sexual about his look but it held so much power and passion she began to take long deep breaths as if upon his mental command he could control her body and soon her heartbeat began to slow as she eased into the idea that everything would be okay.

“Tomorrow you can work on the business setup so my associate. That way taking over your business will be fluid.”

“Business setup?” she asked unsure of what he meant.

“How you run your business,” he explained. “Your clients. Your work schedule.” 

She shook her head with doubtfulness. “Everything is in my head. I just run this business from my phone. My best friend Victoria helps me out. She’s my neighbor and when she needs extra work she helps me with the clients that I have. Honestly, it’s only four clients that keep me in business. I haven’t found a way to acquire more permanently.” She rolled her eyes and sheepishly admitted. “I was going to get to work on that when I came back from the wedding.” 

He nodded, “That’s fine. We’ll handle everything for you until you can take over again. And I promise everything will be fine with your business. Is Victoria’s number tagged properly in your phone?” 

She nodded and felt that he could probably run her business better than what she had done and maybe in this month with him she could possibly learn more things about running a business. Just sitting there across from him she felt she had learned she needed to get her affairs in order a little better. 

Amazingly, sitting there speaking to Aeden about her life and business was the most relaxing thing she had done in a while. She was glad to share things with him and feel given the chance to take over things for her things would be okay. Things had not been okay in her life for a very long time. 

Yet, that would mean accepting his proposal to stay there with him for three months. She still wasn’t all the way positive. “Is there anything else I should know before I make a decision that you would need from me?” she asked. 

A grim expression came on his face but dissipated as fast as it had been shown.

Aeden arose from the table and came around to sit in front of her and he took her hand. “There’s still another matter we must discuss that we need to take care of immediately tonight, as well,” he said.

In confusion, she asked, “What could possibly need attention tonight that has to do with me? I’m not sending my sister to the police and you said I had time to judge you.” Although in the back of her head she was trying to find a way to get out of doing that to him. 

“There’s the matter of your first sexual encounter. We need to address and correct the matter immediately, Enola,” he said without blinking.

His African Sweetheart – part 3.1 (c) 2019 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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3 thoughts on “His African Sweetheart – Part 3.1

  1. Well now, I hope Enola truly follows through with that plan and staying with Aeden and learning all there is to know about business and “life”. I think he wants more from her and if she can stop putting her sister first she should be ok. Now her sister is smart and I don’t think it will be that easy to dupe her in the long run….she just totally pulled a big one on Aeden so she isn’t dumb….anxious to see what’s next! Great story Silvia!!

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