His African Sweetheart – Part 3.1

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Enola and Aeden’s story has spoken and I have written up what was being said.

In answer to the question from comments in part 2, no Enola is not pregnant, yes I will correct the fact they are supposed to be twins (thank you) and yes I really do appreciate you guys sticking around. You’re awesome.

Part 3 came out kinda long so I had to break it up. What’cha think? Leave your comments below.

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This is a little over 6K words and it’s actually continuing from Part 2 so please check it out initially before jumping into this part.


(Author’s Note: I do ask that you be 18 or over to read the following content. Thank you)


His African Sweetheart

Part 3.1

By Sylvia Hubbard

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3 thoughts on “His African Sweetheart – Part 3.1

  1. Well now, I hope Enola truly follows through with that plan and staying with Aeden and learning all there is to know about business and “life”. I think he wants more from her and if she can stop putting her sister first she should be ok. Now her sister is smart and I don’t think it will be that easy to dupe her in the long run….she just totally pulled a big one on Aeden so she isn’t dumb….anxious to see what’s next! Great story Silvia!!

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