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A new video is out. This one isn’t about Black’s Innocence, but it’s about the writing journey and 3 tips I’ve learned to keep me writing and not give a ounce of what others think of the stories I write.

I remember when I wrote Dark Facade, I received some really harsh criticism. So bad it almost made me stop writing the story, but now I realized that was like the best story I’d written to that date.

Of course, I’ve written way more good stories since, but I’m glad I didn’t give up then. I’m glad I never gave up.

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So, yeah Dylan is trying to get back with her and he would say and do anything to win her back.

Now don’t get mad at Lauren. Dylan is her first love, but I don’t think she’s blind to him. She’s slowly realizing Dylan leaving her on her honeymoon was about the best thing that could have happened to her.

So what do you think should happen next? I’ve love to hear your take.

… Enjoy


Black’s Innocence Chapter 38


Lauren’s mind was going in forty different directions as she tried to ingest what Dylan was saying and compile the information with what she knew. There was so much that connected and she wondered if there was, even more, he was willing to simply layout to help her link everything together.

“Lauren,” he said looking forward as he drove with a serious tone. “I know what you had to do to get money from Tyler, must’ve been the worst thing in the world. From Arissa and other women 

She wondered if she should reveal it happened more than once because she could tell Dylan assumed it was only once.

He continued, “But I swear I’’m going m going to make up for everything you suffered Lauren.”

Turning her face away, putting her fingers to her lips, she had to hide the fact that she wasn’t looking like she had suffered from Tyler.

“I remember hearing Arissa talk about Tyler’s lovemaking skills and being so unhappy about it.”

Lauren looked over at Dylan. “What did she say?”

“Most likely the same thing you would say. It was dismal and cold. I give Tyler credit. When it comes to academics, he goes above and beyond the stars, but making love to a woman is an art and Tyler wouldn’t understand that.” He chuckled. “He even went to England to visit this duke who had a collection of sex books. Tyler stayed there for a month studying. Calling me cause he couldn’t understand the schematics of a woman.” Dylan did invisible quotes with his finger and laughed out loud. “ This duke had a library of sex education books all about pleasing women. And like anything Tyler tried to understand it like academics, but even I know you can’t understand woman with your nose in a book and you certainly can’t find some book to know how to make love to a woman. I got a chance to see this library just recently when I had to deliver some personal papers to this duke’s wife who actually comes from Detroit. I mean this duke had some really old books and some new books, but like I said, you can’t learn anything from lovemaking in a book.”

Lauren wasn’t about to refute what Dylan was saying, but delve into what he had noted. “How long ago was that time when Tyler went there?”

“It was a while ago. I mean he was there, while I was with his wife.”

Lauren frowned. “You deliberately let Tyler discover you were sleeping with his wife.”

Dylan looked very guilty. “I felt awful when I woke up the next morning. Yeah, Lauren, I was a bad person. Not because I knew I’d slept with her, but because I knew I would hurt my best friend, but he needed to know Arissa really didn’t love him. Like I said, he should have been thanking me.”

Lauren was getting sicker by the minute and she prayed she could make it home before she threw up.

“How much do you still owe Tyler, Dylan?” she questioned as he headed in the direction of her place.

“I’ve paid him off in terms of financially. We’re splitting the work that I do. I have enough to live on and he gets the rest until my hours are paid off. In about three years I should be done, but I get to keep the partnership.” He smiled. “And that’s what really matters to me.” He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. “Just imagine us, Lauren. In three years, we could be making over a million dollars a year.”

“On Tyler’s law scraps? It feels like the tables have turned on you two.”

He shrugged. “And just like him, I don’t mind his scraps.”

“You two deserve each other.” She snatched her hand away.

Dylan pleaded. “Lauren, please don’t be mad. You have every right to hate me. I did some foul shit to you. I know that and like I said I will be forever sorry for it, but Tyler’s never going to change the way he is. He’s always been like that and I shouldn’t have been looking at his grass to get ahead in life. I knew this, which is why when I met you I knew I could make my own perfect life. I just didn’t appreciate my blessing and I thought with all the horrible things I’d done, I didn’t deserve you, which is why I fucked everything up. Now I know. Now I understand you are to be valued, treasured and loved immensely and I plan on doing that until the day I die, Lauren. Just give me one more chance and I swear you won’t regret accepting me back into your life.”

They arrived at her place, but she gently touched his leg to stop him from getting out and opening her door.

“How’d you pay Tyler off?” she demanded to know.

Heavy guilt came over him and he looked as if he was about to sob. “I should explain, Lauren.”

“Explain what?” she asked becoming alarmed.

He took a long breath and she was positive he almost shuddered. “Before leaving you on our honeymoon, I wasn’t the man you see now. I was vengeful and selfish. I didn’t appreciate the honesty you gave and the beauty of what a real woman you are that a man like me needs in his life. Before that, I was a parsimonious man filled with others ideology of what my life could be”

“This doesn’t explain anything to me, Dylan, as to how you managed to pay Tyler off.”

“The assets after our divorce. The house, cars, possessions, I had to sell them. Alone I wasn’t able to maintain them because I owed so much to Tyler. Selling them meant my freedom to finally be free of the large debt I was in.”

It took everything in her power to not scream, but her voice shook as she asked, “You sold everything I had acquired to pay off your debt and you didn’t worry about how much financial ruin I was suffering?”

Quickly, he said, “I was different back then, Lauren. I’m not the same anymore.”

If she could jump out of the car while it was traveling down the freeway at seventy miles an hour and not get hurt, she would have. He put his hand on her knee.

“Lauren, like I said, nothing I could do to make up for the awfulness of my bad decision that I’ve done. But I really intend to make it up to you,” he promised as he pulled up in front of her home.

She didn’t wait for him to come around. She pushed open the car door and then ran around the back of the vehicle to throw up again.

“Are you feeling…”

Putting her hand up to stop him from advancing to her and talking, while she found a napkin in her purse and then put a couple of the stolen mints in her mouth. When she knew she wouldn’t throw up again, she turned to Dylan. “I need to go lay down.”

He smiled. “I’ll lay down with you. I can just hold you all night.”

The impropriety of his offer almost made her throw up again. “No,” she said. “I need to be alone. I need to think, Dylan.” She knew she had to get away from him in order to even be able to see straight.

He actually looked disappointed. “I’m having a homecoming in a week. I’d like for you to come.”

“Thank you.” She couldn’t open the door fast enough and when she looked back at him, he grabbed her arm, yanked her to his chest and kissed her hard.

She only held herself rigid, realizing at this point she had no sexual interest in Dylan at all.

When Dylan released her as if he had blessed her with the best thing she was ever going to have, Lauren only nodded, not able to speak for fear of throwing up again. When she was inside, she leaned up against the door taking large breaths of air.

When she could bear to move without feeling the room was going to stay still, she went straight to her room, peeled off her clothes and went to take a shower.

True, Dylan didn’t touch her, but she could smell him on her body and this didn’t sit right with her at all.

The warm water on her body helped her clear her thoughts.

Now that she could think straight, Lauren concluded Dylan leaving her on her wedding night had been the best thing that could have happened to her? Yes, at the time what he had done had destroyed her machinations on love, marriage, and even sex, but the realization of what her life could be now and what it really was, gave her hope that things could get a lot better.

When she was sated with cleanliness, she got out of the shower and put on the small robe hanging on the inside of her door. The shower had made her feel significantly better.

Coming out of the bathroom and into her bedroom, Lauren almost passed out in fright at the movement from the dark corner of her room.

“About time,” Shadow said impatiently, coming into the light with two huge black eyes, a busted lip and a large bruise on her right cheek. “I’ve been waiting for you.”


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  1. I knew he was dirt. How could he. She had better watch him, he is working for someone. Maybe Arissa.

  2. The audacity of this fool…Lauren should’ve thrown up in his car. Then had the nerve to say he was going to lay down with her. He could have at least asked… still selfish as ever. And to talk about Tyler’s lovemaking skills? Fool, you need to take some lessons from that Duke. Lauren just need to keep him around to get information, he has no other use.

    Now Lauren need to tell Shadow what Dylan said and see if she has anything to add.

  3. This fool is delusional. That Arissa chick was gassing his head up and he doesn’t even know it. I do believe he was sent in as some sort of spy to get closer to her work. Deborah does know she is working from home. This party will be a disaster. His family hates her guts.

  4. I am so happy Lauren is not buying into Dylan’s lies. He seems to have an excuse for everything that he does. After he sold off all the things she had acquired but would be his reason for coming back into her life and why now? Is he trying to use her again? What was the purpose of his mother mentioning Lauren previously when she dooe not like her?

  5. Dylan has a lot of nerve/balls/whatever to actually think she would be ok/forgiving/understanding when he confesses that he sold all her stuff and left her to fend for herself. (SMH) He pimped a virgin —- without her knowledge/permission! He is going downnnnn!

  6. Ok, Sylvia! Its been 6 days since I had my last dose of Black’s Innocence. I’m ready for the next chapter. How much longer? Thank you for this treat and I pray that your wedding plans are going well.

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