Addendum and Author’s Note from #BlacksInnocence Chapter 38 that I forgot to add #writerslife #michiganwriters

Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t finish editing the story prior to publishing so you might want to read it again to see what I added.

Plus, I added reader’s notes and my thoughts but for that, I’m adding my notes here too in case you’d just want to hear what I have to say

Author’s notes for Black’s Innocence Chapter 38 

I didn’t put any comments when I first published this. I was busy doing an SAT orientation with my daughter while trying to sneak and edit.


So, yeah Dylan is trying to get back with her and he would say and do anything to win her back.

Now don’t get mad at Lauren. Dylan is her first love, but I don’t think she’s blind to him. She’s slowly realizing Dylan leaving her on her honeymoon was about the best thing that could have happened to her.

So what do you think should happen next? I’ve love to hear your take.

And if you guys have any more video ideas I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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I’m so excited.

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