#BlacksInnocence Chapter7

Author’s Note:

Shaping up to interesting. I like how fast this is going. I mean I’m really rolling and impressing myself.

What do you think?

BTW, I loved loved loved all the comments on the last post. You’re really challenging me and I can understand how much you dislike how Lauren is “keeping hope alive.”

I spoke to my strong independent daughter about Lauren and she felt the same way you guys felt, BUT she said given Lauren’s history she could understand a woman pining for her first love unconditionally… UNTIL something better than him came along.

I didn’t tell her much about Tyler because he’s not really better, just bitter.


Chapter 7

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6 thoughts on “#BlacksInnocence Chapter7

  1. Well I never expected that from Tyler. But he is a Black and there all about what’s in it for them. Why is he so fascinated with getting Lauren into bed is it really about revenge with whatever happened between him and Dylan or does he have another agenda. Can’t wait for the next chapters.

  2. Lauren’s view on love is understandable. Her views on love is influenced by how she viewed her parent’s marriage.

    Tyler seem like an intelligent person but he is an idiot sometimes. He doesn’t want to discuss business in public but yet he bully her in public. And I don’t understand why Lauren keeps telling him her business.

  3. Ahh Lauren, I get it that is all she knows about love, but two people in love have to work together at some point, she the only one holding on, and she can really forgive Dylan for taking someone else on their HONEYMOON?? Really, I need her to work on getting herself a better place to live cause living in that basement is crazy, just like she writing out a business plan for work she needs to write out a plan for her life and for once stand up to Tyler. Just because he said get in the car didn’t mean she had to do it – there is some underlying feelings going on there, more than just curiosity. Tyler is well i’m still trying to figure him out.

  4. Lauren is so easy to pick on. She is a walking gullable doll. Tyler only picks on her because she allows him to do so. I can’t help but feel something else is behind his looks towards her. What did Dylan reallt do and where is he really? What is Tyler up to? Something iss sitting in the dark waiting to spring out and I can’t wait to see what it is. Great story as usual.


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