When Crazy is all you know, how can you find Love in a normal world? #BlackFamilySeries 6 standalone urban high suspense dark romance – Collect them all!


Dark formidable men have all been a fascination of mine because you would never think these men want love or even deserve love.

In the Black family, these men come from a place where love should not be obtained because when crazy or insanity is all you’ve been through, who could love a man like them?

The women who do go through hell, but come stronger.

You will love them.

You will hate me for a second, but at the end, you’ll love them.

And I won’t apologize for them, but I will say I believe in love and I think it really can conquer everything… everything.

Collect them all and let me know what you think, then share! Let me know which one was your favorite



PS if you’ve read the books, please leave your review in the comments or a link to where the review is posted. Thank you in advance.


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