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Chapter 27

She was barely coherent, but she did remember Kimberly’s last words. “Do not stay the night.”

   Albeit Chon was willing to defy whatever threat his ex-girlfriend had declared, she was not yet ready to die by giving away their secret.

   Like Kimberly had told her, it would be up to Dorian to reveal the truth and stand up to Onyx with hope Chon wouldn’t get hurt in the standoff.

   Moving off of Dorian’s body, she found her robe.

   “Where are you going?” Dorian asked, sitting up partially in bed and watching her.

   The light from the bathroom illuminated the room just enough for her to see his face wasn’t pleased. Did he want her to stay?

   “Back to my room. You know we only had a small window of opportunity, Dorian. I’m not stupid. Your ex-girlfriend could be right back in here with those damn blades. Plus, it looks like your stitches might tear if we get any more physical.”

   He looked down and cursed. One of his stitches had ripped, and he was bleeding a little. “You can leave in the morning, Chon.”

   She shook her head. “You’re not thinking straight, Dorian,” she said remembering how Kimberly had instructed her to put her foot down, even though there was nothing else Chon wanted to do but to crawl in that bed with that gorgeous man and cuddle up right beside him. “Goodnight.”

   He started to get out of the bed, but she put her hand up, and he stopped.

   “No, Dorian. You know this is the only way.”

   He nodded heeding her. “For now,” he added.

   She walked out of the room through the secret entrance and returned to her room gripping her chest hoping she wouldn’t change her resolve. She needed to obey Kimberly’s instructions to the letter.

   That had been another warning from Kimberly.

   “Obey to the letter or Onyx might find out before Dorian has enough nerve and there’s no telling what she might do.”

   “Kill me?”


   “Nothing good can come of this if I do this,” Chon had pointed out to Kimberly.

   “You’re quite right, but the fact that getting one up on Onyx Heart is well worth the death.”

   “That’s not a good incentive on my part.”

   Chon had still wanted to pursue this sexual endeavor with Dorian. She was honest with him when she said she needed this to happen. She needed him to happen.

   She could still taste them on her lips and smell him all over her body. Crawling in bed, Chon didn’t want to wash up, ever. Not until she knew she could have Dorian Zane again.

*    *    *

   The curtains letting in the morning light caught her off guard and Chon groaned as her eyes screamed in pain. “It’s too early,” she groaned.

   “It’s nine,” Kimberly said as she finished opening up the curtains.

A little girl who looked just like Jaelen was peeking over the bed and waved at Chon.

Chon groaned some more.

“Wake up,” Kimberly ordered Chon.

“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing to do is wake up. JM Rose,” the little girl said quietly.

“Who is she? A quote dictionary?” Chon asked sarcastically.

“This is my daughter, and yes, I would say she is,” Kimberly said proudly.

“Are you the one making my Uncle Dorian act nicer?” the little girl asked.

Before Chon could respond to that, Kimberly whispered something to her daughter who then gave her mother an exaggerated wink before she skipped out of the door.

“Uncle Dorian?” Chon questioned.

“Weirdly, Dorian and Jaelen are cousins,” Kimberly explained. “They’ll never claim it though, but you can tell by the way they act, they have to be related.”

“She’s smart,” Chon said shocked by this revelation and too overwhelmed to deal with it. “Your daughter.”

“Too smart for her own good. I fear when she’s going out meeting guys between her, her brother and her father, she is going to make many grown men cry.” There was a deep worry on Kimberly’s face. “As for you, I should warn you, Jaelen is not in the best of moods. He thought he had dissuaded you not to sleep with Dorian.”

“Should I care what Jaelen feels after what he put me through last night?”

“Not care. Just be observant. When Jalen’s upset, he’s overly observant, and you need to stay on your p’s and q’s especially for today since you’ll be around him most of the day.”

“What’s on the agenda?”

“Well, you’ve missed breakfast. I let everyone know there was a disturbance and you requested a sleep aid in the middle of the night which is why I took so much time in your room. It wasn’t a lie because Dorian served as a perfect sleep aid.” Kimberly winked mischievously. “We’re having Thaddeus and Skye’s annual couples miniature golf.”


“Yes,” Kimberly said. “Every year, Thaddeus takes pride in designing a new course in his backyard and selling the design to the highest bidder. When the real estate market crashed, it was Dorian’s idea from a client’s project he had just finished which spurred Thaddeus to start designing miniature golf courses as a pastime. The second time was for a friend’s party in California, and then someone liked that design and this started a huge trend where entertainment companies and private buyers look forward to our anniversary because he’s always inspired to create something no one has ever seen. You must come for the big reveal. It’s becoming such a grand affair.”

“And it’s just couples invited?”

“Close personal friends. We’ve made only one exception this year. Brothers, Tyrone and Jerome’s wife died last year, but they’re bringing their children.”

“Both their wives passed away in the same year?” Chon asked sadly.

Kimberly shifted uncomfortably and responded, “Something like that, but we’ll have fun. Plus, this is Dorian’s first time trying to enjoy it, so it’d be a boon for you if you act as you want to participate.”

   Suspiciously, Chon asked, “Has Dorian said he wanted to be apart of this gathering?”

   “Of course not, but every year he doesn’t participate in activities because he doesn’t have someone who wants to be here with him, I can see tears at him. I suggest you look reluctant, but be a willing participant.”

   Chon shrugged. “And then what’s next?”

   “The men box and the women go to the spa, Jaelen’s treat.”

   She had not been to a spa in a long while, and she had heard Gates Spa was the best in the city.

   Kimberly continued, “Afterwards, we have dinner in a private room at Gaston’s on the third floor. Jaelen has rented out the whole floor. I think he likes to boast how happy he is with me to people who can’t stand his guts.”

   “Are you happy with him?”

   Smiling honestly, Kimberly said, “To have a man like Jaelen, who would do anything to make me happy, brings me the utmost pleasure every day. This man who is looked upon as a monster has only been the kindest, loving and most gentle with me since the day he realized he wanted me to be in his life forever.”

   Chon couldn’t believe a man like that existed was this Jaelen Gates, but the beam in Kimberly’s eyes was nothing but truth shining from every pore in her body.

   “I think Dorian is just so. I believe he will make you happy, Chon, and I intend to help you. Shortly after the game, before we go to the spa, return to your room immediately to freshen up. We’ll meet you at the spa. There’ll be an extra car here parked in the rear. Just tell Dorian to show you the back stairs. I’ve left a particular bag in your bedside drawer.” Kimberly winked mischievously, again.

   Frowning, Chon said, “Why?”

   “Trust me, you’ll know. Now take a good shower, and I’ll see you in thirty. I also brought you a fantastic outfit that will have Dorian giving you a most admiring look.” She seemed just too proud of herself. “Just come through to dining room and out the double doors that lead out to the backyard. Everyone is there.”

   Kimberly left the room, giving Chon time to herself. She reminisced about the night before. Warm tingles filled her stomach and below. She could still smell their sex heavy on her skin and smiled.

   Reluctantly getting out the bed, she checked her phone.

   Her brother had called several times, and Austin only called her once. Both were demanding her whereabouts in voicemail and commanding she contact them immediately. Her brother didn’t even apologize for what he had done, how he had hurt her feelings or even ruined her dreams. He only excused his behavior as “I’m only doing what’s best for you.”

How was he to know what was best for her?

As Dorian said, her brother or Austin could care less about what her needs or dreams were.

There was little to no other client work for her to do and with her phone, she was able to do most of the deployment of smaller jobs.

   Why would Craig call her after what he did to her?

   Why would she need to call him after knowing he would never support her dreams?

   Finding her shoe from yesterday where she had tucked the card in, she looked down at the trust attorney’s name and phone number. Had Dorian been telling the truth?

   He’d be the first man who had never lied to her; Even her father had done so when he told her repeatedly he never loved her mother.

   Chon went to her email to send the attorney a quick email about her situation and what she knew about the trust. If he was good enough, he could find any details.

   When she hit send, she took a deep breath and smiled to herself. Why had she not done this before?

   Why had she blindly and stupidly allowed Craig all the power over her until now?

   Chon knew the fear of the unknown had been the biggest reason but would be insane of her to continue to allow Craig to run her life when he could care less about what she wanted.

   Jumping in the shower, she felt invigorated and ready to face the world.

   As she stepped out of the shower looking directly in a full-length mirror, her eyes went down to her stomach, and she gasped.

   Last night… With Dorian… They had not used protection.

   The realization and now a new fear gripped Chon.


All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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  1. Omg omg I knew it. Kimberly is helping Chon and Dorian get there freak on. See I knew Dorian is capable of loving. But will this union produce something neither are ready for.

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