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Thank you, Tracee L. Garner for the review for Beautiful. I’m very grateful and appreciate you taking the time to enjoy my literary endeavor, Beautiful!

I enjoy stories with lots of twists but Ms. Hubbard has added additional intricacies for a full story. I found Madison, the heroine- a young woman on brink of self-discovery and having been through so much trying to decide what are the right choices to make for her life and to give her a solid an d successful future. And then comes love to test and confuse you. This book has some violence and they fit the book/storyline and the number of upheavals in this lives of the characters is not for the faint of heart. The book covers several years and some time lapse which can be hard to get right in the parameters of a novel-length, contemporary story. I love romance, suspense and believable characters and this story mixed all three. I was provided an ebook of Beautiful in exchange for an honest review.

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