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Chapter 25

Step one, stop shaking, Chon told herself as the water from Dorian’s shower turned off.

Dorian sounded as if he had taken ten cold showers by the gallons of water he was wasting.

   Chon had been in his dark room for a long while watching the slightly cracked door, panicking she would be caught, worrying about the fact that she was going to seduce a man.

A full-grown man who knew exactly how to make a woman scream in passion.

Could she get him to want her as he had done to her?

Her confidence was started to wane the longer she waited for him to come out of the bathroom.

   Kimberly made seducing Dorian sound so easy. Just do it, Kimberly kept saying. Take control and watch him give in.

   Gnawing on her fingertips along with the urge to pace was increasingly needed, but she wanted to pay attention to what he was doing. The door to the bathroom was cracked, and when the water turned off, Chon’s heart seemed to pound in her chest.

   “These rooms are soundproof, and you have about an hour window,” Kimberly had warned.

   “An hour for what?” Chon asked naively.

   Kimberly smiled. “You must be willing to take it all the way. Whatever comes, let it happen. It will be the only way to get him. It would entirely end his misery with Onyx Heart, and he would forever be in your debt.”

   Chon replayed their whole conversation from the inception. Who knew Kimberly could be so devious, but deep down inside it was what Chon wanted. To win against this force that seemed to control Dorian’s life was not only a good business decision but physically for herself, she needed this.

   Andi was right. Chon needed something new; something that she didn’t have to remember Austin, ever! And if Dorian’s initial foreplay was any indication of what could be to come, Chon, although scared, was willing to take a chance and go all the way.

   His back was to her as he grabbed a towel and dried himself off. His body was gorgeous. She found herself smiling looking at his backside, long thick dark chocolate legs, and large feet.

   Forcing her eyes to look away to get her breathing under control, she looked back at him and saw he was slowly turning around wrapping the towel around his waist. He ran a frustrated his hand through his head and closed his eyes.

   There was a deep seated pain inside of him, and Chon wondered what hurt? His heart? Or his body?

   Or Both?

   Dorian opened the door fully and stopped dead in his track as he immediately spotted Chon leaning against the bed. She had worn only her ankle length robe, but he didn’t know that. He probably assumed she had put back on her nightgown underneath.

   “Chon,” he started to protest.

   Just as Kimberly instructed, Chon dropped the robe to the ground.

   He stopped talking as if his breath had gotten choked in his throat and that severe look filled his eyes.

   This reaction gave her hope this crazy plan would work. Walking to him ever so slowly feeling his breath become deeper and deeper locked in his chest, Chon reached up when she arrived at him to caress his face, She saw he gripped the doorway and looked almost worried, but she knew it wasn’t that he was scared of her… He was scared of what he wanted to do.

   “Just remind him of the hour window,” Kimberly had said. “Soon as you say that, he’ll know what needs to be done.”

   Chon didn’t understand, but just like when Grandmother Wei gave her instructions she didn’t understand, Chon would just do as she was told.

   “No one will ever know,” Chon whispered now to Dorian. “We have only so much-”

   Dorian drew her in his arms fast and hard and kissed her, ravaging her lips as if it were his last meals. She now couldn’t breathe, swept up in the passion he had ignited all over her.

   His lips melted all hesitations and doubts inside of her. His arms lit a flame deep in her groin that seemed to heat her body to a temperature she thought would liquefy from inside out.

   All the things Chon thought she knew about kissing was a lie. Austin had never kissed her like this, and she knew she never wanted to be kissed any different for the rest of her life.

   Dorian’s kiss was filled with a powerful magic that made her tremble and wanton. His arms around her body lifted her off the floor, and soon she felt the bed pressing against her back, while the front of him pressed against her chest. Her butt was just on the edge of the bed and her legs dangled off the side, yet, she was secure in knowing he had full control of her position and she worried about nothing.

   Her lips parted upon feeling his tongue laved the edges of her mouth. The taste of him was better than any drink in the world. Thick, sensual, and dark, Dorian was sexy delicious to taste, and she wanted more.

   Light moans emitted from her throat as his hands felt all over her body and she took the opportunity to multitask as well. Her hands took the opportunity to feel the tight muscled bound chest and back, powerful muscular arms, lean waist, and her wrist and then her hand brushed his hardened manhood.

She pulled her hand away as if her hand burned.

   What the hell was down there? Chon wanted to look. She had never looked with Austin. She would just close her eyes, tense up and wait for him.

   Deep-seated curiosity was killing her.

   His reluctantly tore his mouth from her and kissed her face, neck, chest and then … Her nipples. HIs hands and mouth worshiped her breast as if they were the most perfect in the world. She arched up to make sure he could take mouthfuls of them adoring them completely. His body moved down to her stomach, and she smiled remembering what he had done before. He was almost to his knees as his face then slid down more.


   She couldn’t think!

   His thick tongue penetrated between her legs. No protection. He was not using anything. This was all him.

   “FFFFFFUUUUuuuuuuuucccccccc…” She wasn’t sure if she sent out the k sound, but at that moment she didn’t care.

   Dorian’s mouth was bare to her; Without the protection…

   Chon felt EVERYTHING! His fingers caressed, his hands massaged her flesh and her body had turned into some molten lava of sex dripping and then flowing like a river for him

   He moaned, and she could hear him nearly drinking her, gripping her waist so tight as if he was going to raise her up and empty her like a cup.

   To hear the slurps, licks, smacking of his lips was pleasurable to Chon’s ears. He was a man enjoying himself on her and that made her feel even more special.

   And when she came down from one high, he took her to another and then another never stopping to take a moment for her to recoup or even take a breather. Dorian was going to drink every last drop of her, and she was not going to care.

   In a complete daze, she knew the grip on her waist disappeared and just for a moment, Dorian’s eating had stopped, but then immediately she felt the pressure that she was sure was larger than his finger.

   Opening her eyes, she could see he was standing up, raised over her and that was not his finger!

   This was thicker! Much thicker!

   Her mind panic and wanted to say, “Wait!” but her body was too far gone and opened wider for him.

   He strained and moved over her, and she encircled her arms around his neck. He was filling her.

   “Ugh!” he groaned.

   Cupping his face, she kissed him, tasting her all over his mouth and loved knowing how he had drunk her essence greedily.

   He groaned louder in that kiss as he pressed even deeper into her.

   She felt places inside of her that she had never been filled up before and then braced herself as he gripped her hips hard and pressed harder.

   “Ooooh!” she squealed as she looked down to see that she didn’t know where her body ended and his began.

   Dorian was all the way inside of her to the hilt and she was passed the point of no return. She was going to take it to the next level as Dorian began long, arduous strokes igniting a fire inside her she was sure would never die.

   Chon held on for the ride, coming and going, reeling and feeling, her body was exploding and imploding so hard and long, she was mindless to anything else except what he did to her.

   “Look at me,” he gruffed out.

   Barely able to focus, she saw that serious look in his eyes and she smiled up at him as his flecks danced and then brightened until they were the only color of his eyes, and she felt her soul leave her body just as she could feel the tumultuous pulses envelope her entire being.

   She was not in any room, any house, any world or any universe. She was just with Dorian in a place above the heavens entwining in a perfect sexual symphony only they could hear, feel and experience.

   And she didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.

   That moment in her life, Chon was perfect.

   Dorian was panting as he semi-collapsed upon her, but he raised up and there was no serious look in his eyes anymore. His eyes were back to their normal color with those flecks shooting daggers at her.

   He was mad!     

   “Who the hell put you up to this, Chon?” he demanded to know.



All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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