The challenge is in Chon’s hands. What would you do if you were her?

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Chapter 24

He released the fitted bloodied sheet on his side so she could pull them completely off the bed and waited for her to put the clean sheets so he could tuck those down for her.

Chon asked another question so they wouldn’t have the silence between them. “Why is she making your life miserable, Dorian? When you’re someone’s ex, you move on; you don’t want to have anything to do with them again.”

“Is that what happened to you?”

She pursed her lips together.

Dorian stated, “So we can both agree normal breakups don’t always happen. Onyx is just a different type of woman. What’s hers is hers and what’s mine is hers, even after she breaks off the relationship. Those were her last words to me. I didn’t take them seriously until I tried to hire an escort two weeks later after the break up. Onyx scared the woman so bad; the service refused to send me any more women.”

“How long has this breakup been?”

“About five years,” he said, wincing as he stretched his injured side to fit the sheet down.

Chon stopped in her tracks tucking the fitted sheet. “You haven’t had sex with another woman since her?”


“She watches you all the time.”

“She can show up whenever she wants and usually when I’m trying to have sex.”

Chon looked to the door as she started thinking hard. “Most likely with Jaelen’s help.”

“With or without Jaelen’s help she seems to know. She just doesn’t have to work so hard when he’s involved, and she’s not so pissed off when he gives her inside information.”

“That was her not pissed off side?!” Chon asked incredulously.

“Chon, getting upset with her is what she wants,” he said tiredly.

She came back to the bed and angrily tucked the rest of the covers. “That’s not fair to you. How does she expect you to get over her if she’s always reminding-” She stopped herself. “An evil bitch would like that,” she said thinking out loud. Not only were her feelings changing for Dorian, but she was almost sympathizing with him.

Yes, she had her hangups about her ex, but she could just stop seeing Austin, just as she had done; completely ignore him.

Dorian was in a different boat. Slightly hung up, yet never being able to unattach from her. His ex, Onyx, planned to make him suffer when she was the one who had broken off the relationship. What kind of sick crap was that?

Her fix the strategy for her clients instinctively took over. “But she can’t watch you all the time.”

“You’re not going to organize my sex life. Onyx is a trained killer. You’re not going to figure her out. I’m doomed, and there’s nothing anyone can do even as skilled as you are. What’s done is done.”

Chon’s brain was working a hundred miles a minute. She could figure out million dollar problems. She fixed situations for companies others could never get done in a trillion years.

One woman?

Was one woman making this man miserable?

Chon loved a challenge.

And she was going to figure out Dorian Zane’s problem… And get rid of Onyx Heart, but first, she had to know how Dorian was so sure about Chon’s health status?

“One more question about what just happened, Dorian,” she said. “How do you know I’m healthy sexually? You never really asked me.”

Dorian’s frown left his face, and he looked very guilty.

Folding her arms over her chest, Chon wasn’t sure she was prepared for this truth.

“I had you investigated,” he said quietly. “When I realized I wanted to have you, I paid a lot of money to get information on you. To my delight, you had a recent health exam which put me in a better mind to have you.”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you these questions? If you are fit to be with me?”

“You should have, but since our plans have been put on hold-”

She cut him off. “Hold? Are you really going to let Onyx ruin our plans? We weren’t expecting penetration. You said that to her yourself.”

“In case I haven’t told you, or you haven’t realized, Onyx is a trained killer,” Dorian reiterated. “You can’t hide anything from her, and you can’t get rid of her.”

   “I’m not trying to kill her. I’m just trying to make your life easier. That’s what you hired me for.”

   “I don’t want to pay you for sex. I wanted you naturally, and I needed you to want me just as much.”

   She had wanted him until his insane ex-girlfriend had come and interrupted them, yet it ground her gears to hear him talking in past tense. He had already lost hope. He was already decided to let Onyx win, but Chon wasn’t ready to throw in the towel.

True, Chon didn’t forget the fact Onyx probably could kill her and hide her body without anyone knowing, but just to let this evil selfish bitch just win like this didn’t sit too well with Chon. She took on any challenge in business without a thought of achieving the end goal and now she felt she needed to do the same to her life… To Dorian Zane’s life.

Bitterly through grounded teeth, she stated, “According to Onyx, we can’t have sex anyway, but WE had a deal, Dorian Zane and I’m not going to let you break our agreement. Two days of pleasure and I am fully prepared for all that comes with it.”

He stiffened tightly even closed his eyes for a moment, and she watched him shift himself around.

She continued, “You promise to show me.”

   Dorian sighed in disappointment. “I know and I will.”

   “But you’ll deny yourself because you don’t want me to use my mouth on you.”

   “She only said that because she wants to degrade you. I won’t do that to you. I won’t allow you to be considered dirty by her definition. That’s what she wants.”

   Chon didn’t understand what he meant by that and wished they could just talk reasonably about all of this. “You shouldn’t deny yourself, Dorian, because of her.”

   “I’m doing this for you. We’ll talk tomorrow,” he said and moved to the door.

   “Dorian,” she called.

   He stopped just before going through the doorway, but he didn’t turn to look at her.

   She could see the tight way he gripped the door and how stiff his own body was. This was a man in a lot of pain, internally and externally.

   “You don’t have to be afraid of her.”

   “I’m not,” he growled. “I’m afraid she’ll kill you, and I can’t have that.”

   Chon was at a loss for words as she watched him leave the room and closed the door behind him. The inclination to bite on her nails overwhelmed her since she couldn’t binge.

   Was he torturing himself to save her life? Should she be honored?

   Getting off the bed, she decided she needed to continue to talk to understand everything about this Onyx Heart.

   Opening her door to try to find his room, she was shocked to see Kimberly standing there about to knock on her door.

   “I’m sorry,” Kimberly said bashfully, reaching up and gently pulling Chon’s fingers away from her mouth. “I just couldn’t sleep knowing those bloodied sheets were going to be left until morning.”

   Chon thought that was a valid excuse for this woman to come back to her room. “Come in. I put them in the hamper in the bathroom.”

   Kimberly entered her room and closed the door behind her.

   When Chon brought her the sheets, Kimberly smiled thankfully but didn’t look like she was about to leave.

   “Dorian went to his room?” Kimberly inquired.

   “Yes, but I was going to try to find him and talk to him.”

   “Talking isn’t going to work. He’s dead set on doing whatever Onyx tells him to do.”

   Chon looked shocked Kimberly knew so much. “Why? I mean I understand she’s a trained killer, but she’s his ex. Why is she torturing him like that?”

   “Because she’s sick in the head and she just doesn’t like to share anything. Stingy selfish bitch.” Kimberly looked very put out. “I don’t have a mean bone in my body, but Onyx heart is a thorn in my side. Now mind you, I have to say she was helpful. Caused me a lot of mental torture, but she was helpful, unfortunately, and I should be grateful for her. She’s also my husband’s best friend, so I’ve had to listen to her gloat about how she’s just evil on purpose.”

   “She does this to a lot of men she dates?”

   “Let’s just say no man in his right mind needs to get involved with her. She has her issues.” Kimberly put the sheets down by her feet and guided Chon over to the settee. “How serious are you about Dorian?”

   That question made her queasy and light headed at the same time. “I”m not sure, but I certainly agree that Onyx isn’t fair and since I am hired to look out for his best interest I don’t like that she’s capable of stifling him like this.”

   “How far are you willing to go to help, Dorian?”

   Suspiciously, Chon questioned, “I thought you weren’t fond of Dorian?”

   “I’m not,” Kimberly admitted, “But I dislike Onyx more and nothing would make me more pleased to see her not get over on one more person.”

   Standing up in nervousness, Chon said, “How far would I have to go?”

   “All the way,” Kimberly answered. “If you plan to beat Onyx, we’re going to have to convince Dorian you’re willing to do anything and everything to have him. Once he doesn’t care anymore, he’ll tell Onyx what she can do.”

   “Wait! Won’t she kill me?”

   “I don’t know. Haven’t gone this far before.”

   “You mean you’ve tried to one up her before?”

   “Well, of course, but the other person usually stops out of fear.”

   Chon rolled her eyes. “She’s scared people that badly?”

   “Well, yeah, she’s a trained killer.”

   “So why should I want to one up on her?”

   “The one up is for me. Helping Dorian is on you,” Kimberly reminded her. “It’s just that I need to know how badly you want this?”

   Having a cohort to assist her in what she wanted to would make things just a little easier, but going all the way with Dorian? The thought terrified and excited her.

   What happened after all those amazing orgasms? Was there more?

   Curiosity was going to drive her crazy.

   “How do we know Dorian will stop caring for her?”

   “Because I’ve seen him with you tonight and I know you mean a lot to him.” Kimberly stood up. “I think you can convince him that she’s nothing and he needs to move on with his life.”

   “Kimberly, what if this all fails.”

   “Then you’ll be dead,” Kimberly said directly.

   “Thank you for the inspiration.”

   “I’m honest, Chon. And I want you to go into this with your eyes wide open. Dealing with Onyx is no joke, but if you pull this off, Dorian will be forever grateful, and you’ll just prove to Jaelen he needs to hire you as his administrative assistant.”

   “Why would I want to work for Jaelen?”

   “He’ll pay more than any client you’ve ever had, and I’ll make sure that includes a four oh one plan, health benefits and stock options in his company.”

   “And with Onyx being his best friend, don’t you think it’ll be easy to come after me and kill me for trumping her?”

   Kimberly shrugged. “Once you’ve proven to Jaelen you win at all cost, he’ll ensure Onyx never bothers you again. You’ll be invaluable to him.”

“And what does that mean?”

Kimberly smiled wickedly. “You’ll be just like me. Untouchable.”

   It was Chon’s dream job. Putting up with Jaelen, while rubbing her triumph in Onyx’s face. She could live life wonderfully.

   “And all I have to do is go all the way with him?”

   “Be willing to do whatever I instruct you. Breaking Dorian’s resolve will be difficult, but trust me so worth it. He’s trying to be out of love with her, and you’re his perfect distraction.”

   “How do you know this?” Chon questioned.

   “I heard Jaelen say this to Onyx. You’re close to perfection. Onyx can’t find one damn thing wrong with you that Dorian doesn’t already know. She loves a secret, and she hates you’re just an open book.”

   “Dorian doesn’t know all my secrets?” Chon said defensively.

   “That’s not a bad thing to be a good person, Chon. Take it from me, when dealing with men like Jaelen and Dorian, the more honest you are, the better you are for it.”

   Chon felt better hearing Kimberly’s words and knowing what she could accomplish with Kimberly’s help when it concerned Dorian, made her relax. Giving everything wasn’t going to hurt, and it might make things even easier.

   The hard part would be separating business from pleasure. Would Chon be able to do her job effectively while seducing her boss? She had never tried it, but she felt she was up for the challenge.    

   Extending her hand, she said, “I’m willing to go all the way, Kimberly. Tell me what to do.”

   A triumphant smile on Kimberly’s soft lips made Chon giggle.

Kimberly clapped her hands together happily. “This is going to be fun. Squashing Onyx Heart’s arrogant, selfish nature is going to be deliciously beautiful.”

“So we’ll plan to do something tomorrow?” Chon asked.

“Oh no, we need to strike tonight while the fire is hot.” Kimberly went over to a bookcase and pressed her ear to the wall.

Disappointedly, Chon said, “Dorian won’t talk to me tonight, and I don’t even know where his room is.”

   “You aren’t going to talk to him,” Kimberly informed her, pulling a book out of the tall bookcase. The entire cabinet moved away from the wall, making a doorway into another bedroom.

“My room is connected to Dorian’s room?”

“I had these built for parents that stay with us when they have kids. These rooms combine so they wouldn’t have to roam the halls all the time,” Kimberly explained. “Now he’s in the shower now, but I’m going to give you instructions when he gets out the shower.”

“Instructions for what?” Chon asked nervously.

“Instructions to convince Dorian Zane to forget about Onyx Heart. Are you listening? I’m going to talk fast because my husband will get suspicious if I’m not back soon.”

“I’ll listen but how do you know this will work? Dorian is very much against allowing me to do anything physical or orally to him.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of changing Jaelen’s mind plenty of time without words, even when he’s mad at me.” She smiled. “I think I know a little bit of something about getting a man to do what you want him to do without his permission.”

Chon loved the wicked smile on Kimberly’s lips and opened her ears. She was going to seduce Dorian Zane, and she was going to enjoy every minute of making his will her own.

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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3 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter24

  1. Well well well now look at Kimberly helping Chon. I can’t wait to see what Kimberly tells her to do to Dorian. I bet you it has to do with tying him up because that’s what she did to Jaelen in the beginning, wow now that was a crazy and adventurous love story. Now i hope Chon knows that besting Onxy has a lot of consequences. I was just screaming at my kindle wishing you would pay all chapters to put me out of my misery lol. Can’t wait for the next few chapters.

  2. I’m mad and disappointed with Dorian, I can understand bad breakups, but to be terrorized for 5 years….Onyx is crazy, a killer, blah, blah, but I can’t have sex because she says so for 5 YEARS…. Okay got that off my chest, I’m glad Kimberly is helping Chon, but if Dorian has been letting this happen to him for 5 years I’m curious to see what they can do……sometimes folks talk too much about what they are planning to do, or make things obvious in 5 years he could have slipped between something without anyone knowing, But if he is hung up on Onyx then I can almost understand…..Onyx can’t be watching him 24/7?

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