I’m really loving Dorian Zane’s mad skills.

Originally when I imagined him, he wasn’t that great of a guy, but his secret talent and just penchant to be selfish is kinda sexy. LOL

Let me know what you think of Dorian Zane?

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Chapter 22

   Dorian laid back on the bed as he opened his robe. She moved to her knees at the same time on the other side of the bed near the foot keeping eye contact the whole time with him.

   To see him in his laxed display of pure male, with his robe opened and a bulge clearly evident to show his arousal was a powerful sight. Chon’s prudish nature and upbringing wanted to look away, but she couldn’t. She didn’t remember Austin like this. Dorian was deliciously gorgeous in all physical facets and she knew she could just stare at him all day if she could.

   “Your pleasure?” she questioned.

   “You know how to mimic your betters so well, why don’t you arouse me with your hands.” He leaned to her and picked up one hand, pulled her fingers to his lips and kissed each knuckle.

   Chon was overwhelmed by his sensuality and knew he was only trying to make her comfortable. Everything he was doing was definitely working.

   She looked at the bulge between his legs directly and said, “It looks like you don’t need any help getting aroused.”

   “Then please me thoroughly. Try and make me lose control. Torture me with pleasure.”   

   So many images and things she knew about but never tried flashed through her mind, yet she’d really only done one way of making a man orgasm. “We aren’t penetrating, remember?”

   “Come,” he commanded as if ignoring her reminder.

   That hesitation was all through her body. Now Chon felt mostly fear, but she had promised to obey him, and she hated breaking promises. Though fear was there, every hair on her body seemed to stand, and goosebumps were on her arms and legs.

   When she was beside him, he took both her hands and laid them on his chest. His eyes were free to peruse her body, and he did so from head to toe. She blushed a little. Being naked with Dorian was becoming very natural. His looks were honestly adoring and arousing her senses even more.

   “Do I have to use my mouth like you did?” she questioned.

   It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Did you kiss on Austin?’    

   “Yes, his lips and cheek, but, he usually never took all his clothes off to … well, you know.”

   “So this is as naked as you’ve seen a man in real life?’

   “This is as naked as I’ve been with a man in real life. Austin and I didn’t have to take off our clothes.”

   “But you’ve seen pictures and read books, I’m sure,” Dorian said.

   “Austin says movies are lies and romance books are just fanciful porn they give to women to make them think there’s magic when logically that’s impossible.”

   Dorian threw his head back and genuinely laughed.

   She had never made a man laugh like that so she didn’t know if he was having a seizure or experiencing true joy.

   After a moment, he drew her in his strong arms, guiding her body over his until she straddled his waist and was situating his bulge right down between her legs. She was flustered.

There was still a smile on his face that was genuine, which disconcerted her to distraction from her nervousness as the heat began to build between her legs and flow like a river through her veins.

   Her fingertips were even pulsing with warmth.

   “One day you’re going to have to tell me all about your adventures with Austin over a delicious bottle of wine. I think it might make a good night laughter.”    

   “My adventures with Austin?”

   “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Chon, but he lied to you.”

   In disbelief, she said, “So you’re trying to tell me there is magic?”

   Dorian chuckled as his hands slowly moved to her shoulders and down her arms. There were no longer goosebumps on her, but pulses of electric. “Not real magic, but you damn sure will believe something put a spell on you.”

   She remembered how she had no control over her body and how her soul felt taken at one moment – like witchcraft.

   “Are you a warlock? Do you study Wiccan?” she teased.

   “No,” he snorted. “Austin is just a damn idiot. I haven’t done anything any other man should have done to you to help you achieve mutual satisfaction if we were going to have conjugation.”

   “So we’re just doing foreplay?”

   “Yes, something I like a lot of and a lot of woman can’t withstand.”

   “How do you know I’ll withstand it?”

   “Because you don’t want penetration, remember?” he reminded her.

   “But if we’re not going towards penetration, how are you going to have an orgasm?”

   He smirked. “That Chon is where the fun begins. Touch me.”

   She started at his neck. His skin was actually soft to touch. Not womanly soft, but silky. She could feel muscle, heat and his heartbeat under his skin as she caressed his neck, cheek and ears as he had done to her. All she could think about was chocolate.

   Dorian was a brown so beautiful; his skin begged to be touched, kissed, tasted and suckled. She had never felt like that towards her ex-boyfriend.

She took Dorian’s hand and kissed each one of his knuckles, just as he had done her.

   He closed his eyes and took calm deep breaths, but she could feel his heartbeat increasing. Leaning down, she nipped at his earlobe and she heard a longer breath from him, but otherwise he seemed unaffected.

   Was she doing this right?

   She planted small kisses around his earlobe. Right behind his ear just before his hairline, she licked the tip of her tongue in an infinity motion until she was down to his neck.

   His lips pursed for a moment and then relaxed.

   Maybe she wasn’t doing this right or Dorian wasn’t really attracted to her. Why didn’t he twist, cry out and squirm like she had done?

   Chon started for the other ear and this time took her time, indulge in the art of nibbling, suckling his neck and ear.

   His breath caught in his throat and he frowned, but this wasn’t in anger – confusion? By the time she started making the infinity movements down on his neck, his hands moved up to firmly grip her thighs as if he really needed to hold on to something.

   She felt the urgency of his palms gripping, releasing and then gripping again her hips.

   His breathing now represented his heartbeat as she traced her tongue around his clavicle and planted kisses on his chest leading to his right dark nipple. They were hard and tiny. She touched them with her fingers not believing how defined they were and then she dipped her head down to tease – just like he had done her. Around the outer part slowly as if trying to remember the feel of his skin on her tongue and the taste of him, which she found deliciously pleasant. He had showered and not oiled his skin. What she was tasting of Dorian’s skin was his natural taste and not a mouthful of cologne, which Austin often would douse himself in making her ill if he laid his fat body on her too long.

   No, Dorian’s taste was warm, creamy and smooth. So consumed by tasting him and remembering everything he had done to her, she only briefly noticed his hands tightening on her thighs.

   But when her mouth finally plunged completely over his nipple sucking the harden skin into her mouth, she very definitely felt the strength in his palms.

   He was holding back… On purpose. Lifting up, she said, “Now who’s not being honest, Dorian Zane.” Taking his hands, she held them above his head leaning over him. His quickened breath pulsed against her breast and it was challenging not to become distracted.

   “Repeat after me, Dorian.”

   He only looked amused as he looked up at her.

   “I promise to trust, be honest and do as I’m told to Chon Tolbert.”

   “I promise,” he surrendered quietly.

   She smiled. “You give in without a fight?”

   “When it’s something I really want, why deny myself?”

   That seriousness touched her to her bones and she was almost inclined to lean down and kiss his lips, but knew that would be forward.

   Instead, she remembered she had not finished with his chest and after releasing his hands, she leaned back down to attack the nipple she had not kissed yet.

   She picked up where she had left off teasing, taunting and laving his skin more for her enjoyment than for his own even though she could hear his quickened breath and small minute’ groans.

   “Y-You learn well,” he complimented. “You mimic almost entirely.”

   It was his first real compliment without sarcasm or derogatory. She leaned down and lightly kissed the tip of his nose and then moved up and kissed his forehead. He leaned forward and pulled both her breasts together so his mouth could easily tantalize the peaks. Chon could feel her hips needing to gyrate, and she melted into what she was feeling, letting go, moaning into her pleasure releasing her body into his.

The pulsing was harder and this time more physical. His bulge served as a necessity against the most tender place between her legs and he even kept his body rigid so she could literally use him in order to achieve an even more powerful orgasm than ever before.

Her entire body pulsed; not just between her legs, but the pulsing synced through her stomach, chest, neck, her brain, arms and even her toes. Shouting and sobbing, she gripped his broad dark brown shoulders as if she were going to float away.

“OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhHHHHHHHH,” she moaned away into a crescendo feeling guilty for using him for one of the best orgasms she had ever had in her whole life.

As she returned to reality, she felt him hold her body close and then move her until she was under him and he laid over her. She couldn’t even see straight and she didn’t care. If they were both naked, she would have be apprehensive, but since he still had the silk pajama bottoms on, she felt comfortable.

Chon felt like she should apologize for gyrating her body to orgasm against him and not giving him any pleasure.

“Speak,” he ordered, and she hid her face in his arm nearby, blushing.

Damn him for using his mind powers on her.

“Why did you let me use you to orgasm?”

“What makes you think I didn’t enjoy it just as much?”

“Because, ” she said apparently. “You didn’t… You didn’t come.”

“If a man only relies only on orgasms for pleasure, all he knows how to do is procreate, and does not know how to have sex with a woman,” he snorted. “Stop comparing me to Austin.”

She knew she needed to stop comparing Dorian to Austin because this was nothing like her experience with Austin and she had not one ounce of regret in her soul for pursuing physical pleasure with Dorian Zane.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked.

There was more?

The last orgasm had rocked her universe. What more could there be?

He reached in his pajama bottoms and pulled out a transparent, fragile cloth.

Chon’s curiosity was piqued.

Chon watched as Dorian placed the see-through cloth between her legs and then moved down and situated himself within her thighs easily pulling her until her butt was on the edge of the bed.

   She could only watch as his hands caressed her ankles and then moved slowly up her legs, around to her calves. He kissed her knees while he moved her feet up to the edge of the bed, so her legs opened wider. Though it was dim in the room, she knew he could see all of her, but her embarrassment of being naked with Dorian Zane was starting to wane. In any lifetime, Chon never thought she would feel comfortable with any man naked, but for some reason with Dorian, this felt so natural.

   He trailed kisses down the inside of her thighs, taking turns on each side while his hands continued to rub the outside of her thighs, the sides of her rear and over her front pelvic area. His touch was a distraction to keep her from focusing on where he directed his mouth.

   Chon couldn’t watch. Closing her eyes lying back just as she saw his face disappear between her legs, she now understood the transparent barrier. He was using a dental dam, but it was so fragile, she could feel every flick of his tongue. Only one hand needed to keep the barrier in place, while the other scooted underneath the bottom to press into her.

   Comparing this explosion was like comparing the moon to the sun. Dorian was building a tinder inside her body so large; she felt like she was going to explode from inside out. She welcomed this explosion and did not care if this would hurt because at that point in her life she felt so damn good, she screamed at the top of her lungs his name and gratitude.

   He knew what he was doing, and yes, Austin was a damn fool. There was no other way to describe her ex for keeping her in the dark for so long when all this time…

   All this time…

   Chon couldn’t think any more about Austin. All she could do was submerge her sweat drenched body in the beautiful bliss detonating inside of her … all over… Every nook and cranny… Just bursting and teeming, liquefying her brain cells and flooding her veins with rapture.

   Heaven or hell, whatever he had done, gave Chon a new outlook on life and she never wanted to go back to any of her old ways of life again.

   Dorian had given her body, mind, and soul a new vigor.

   This man was amazing… Too bad she wouldn’t and couldn’t fall in love with Dorian Zane.



All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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