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Chapter 21

   By the time he reached her feet, Chon didn’t know if she was coming or going. Why was he torturing her?

   The answer was obvious. This was Dorian Zane. He needed frustration, anxiety, and torture to get his pleasure. How long should he play his game? How long could she endure what he was doing to her body?

   Was this good? Was this bad for her?

   Every inch of her skin cried out in hot searing tingles, while betwixt her legs her essence flowed like warm honey. She wanted to scream, laugh, cry all at the same time.

   “How do you feel?” Dorian asked.

   She buried her face in the mattress hoping she could endure the sweet ecstasy he was giving her body.

   He sighed as if he were tired. “Turn over, Chon.”

   Fear encompassed her knowing he would see all her nakedness; Even in the dim light, Dorian would be able to see every part of her body.

   “Are we shy?” he questioned when she hesitated standing at her feet, on the side of the bed.

   “No,” she lied.

   That sigh of disappointment came out again. ‘For this to work correctly, Chon, you must be honest with me.”

   Getting up on her elbows and slightly turning so she could see his face, she asked, “And you’re honest with me?”

   He put his firm hands on his hips and said with slight confusion. “Honest is all I can be, with you, Chon.”

   “You are torturing me on purpose.”

   This time he smiled. Genuinely smiled and leaned over the bed – Leaned over her. “Turn completely over, Chon and I will show you what I’ve been doing.”

   Distrustfully she said, “I already know what you’ve been doing.”

   “Sometimes torture is not a bad thing,” he said.

   “The word says otherwise.”

   “Along with honesty, Chon, trust is also needed.”

   Still hesitant, she started slowly to turn on her back, still using her elbows to prop herself up so she could exactly see what he was doing.

   “Open your legs to me,” he ordered.

   Slowly she obeyed, trembling in fear as his hand slowly moved up from her foot, ankle, to her leg, over her knees and then to her thighs. His ascent became slower as her heartbeat increased in expectation. At one moment she wanted his hands on her, and in the next second, she despised what his touch was doing to her senses – Not just physically, Dorian was pulling her resistance away from her and making her will his own.

   “I-I don’t w-want this.. anymore,” she panted.

   “You don’t?” he questioned, raising a brow.

   She shook her head sincerely. “I don’t!”

   “Say it, and I will stop,” he ordered softly. “Tell me you do not want me to touch you anymore, Chon and I will cease immediately.”

“I -” She couldn’t speak as his finger easily slipped inside of her. Only the tip of his finger made an easy entry into her wetness and then she could feel him curve slightly in her repeatedly. She panted, groaned, cried, shrieked and laughed all at once until Finally… Finally…

   The explosion made her toes curl she suddenly could feel the soles of her feet touch the bed, even as her heels dug down into the mattress.

   He had stilled his motions, and Chon cried out in more frustration. Biting her lip, she didn’t want him to stop, yet she couldn’t muster to lose the pride she held so dearly as if it were the only thing holding her against Dorian’s will.

   “Did I lie?” he asked extracting his finger completely.

   It took a moment for her to understand what he was saying. “A-About what?”

   “Did I lie about giving you what you wanted? Was this one different from the last?”

   Damn! Damn him for being right. Damn him for telling the truth. Damn him for giving her a better orgasm than the one before.

   She refused to answer him and bit her lip even harder.

   He moved up her body, lying over her looking none too pleased. “Woman, you are stubborn. Give in like your body wants you to and I swear you’ll have an even better orgasm.”

   Lord, better than what she had just gotten? Better than the initial one he had given her the other night? She’d die!

   “Do you want me to stop? Say it!” he ordered. “Say my name and order me to leave your bedroom right now and we can stop this or give me the honesty, trust and will I desire, Chon.”

When she still didn’t answer, he bellowed abruptly shaking the bed, “SAY IT, NOW!”

She was scared; she was indecisive… She was wanton… Of Dorian Zane.

Her bottom lip only trembled.

He looked as if he was going to become angrier, but then suddenly his frown disappeared.

“I just think we need to reconsider all this,” she tried to reason.

Amused, he asked, “You want to talk about this? What we’re doing now,” he clarified, yet that didn’t stop him from kissing her ear and neck.

When the hell had her face and neck become so damn sensitive? His lips dragged a little on her skin as he nipped and kissed lightly over the sides of her face and down her neck. “Yes! Oh yes! I mean, yes,” she corrected her thoughts. “We need to talk about this.”

If he could just understand talking would be logical for all this and give her more control of this situation.

His eyes traveled down her body and then moved back to her eyes. “But you don’t want to stop altogether?”

   She forced out, “No, but-”

   He put a finger to her lips. “What do you want to talk about?”

   “Everything?!” she exclaimed in panic.

   Dorian raised a dark brow looking amused. “Everything? Would that include the theory of relativity or just the physical act of my touching you?” He didn’t stop his physical perusal of her body as he spoke. His hands moved over her neck and her chest, moving down to her breast cupping each one as if weighing them for his approval. His lips evoked those tingles on her skin and somehow took control of her hips to make her grind her body into the bed.

   “I would say it would be…” She panted and then took large gulp fulls of air. Thoughts of logic left as his hot mouth clasped a nipple, and she screeched – not in pain, but delight? What the…

   His hand slipped down to make that circle movement right around the entrance to her womanhood.

   There were no thoughts, only a pool of tingles, shivers, and waves of pleasure pulsing through her body until… Holy mother… Holy crap.

   “Holy Shit!” she cried out and then covered her mouth because she had never cursed like that before in her life.

   When she knew, he had brought her to a peak once again she cried. Damn him! Damn him for doing what he could do to her.

   “You will say it,” he swore as he lightly kissed over to her other breast teasing the tip of his tongue around the nipple again making her body gyrate.

   “I will say what?”

   “You want this.” He licked just around the edge of the nipple circling the teat as if holding himself off and looking like he wanted to dive in and suckle.

   Why would he be hungry to taste her?

   Why would he look like he was enjoying himself?

   Was it because he knew her body was betraying her? And he enjoyed giving her beautiful torture. Sooner or later but before the night was over, she was going beg him for pleasure. He wanted to hear her confess she wanted him, needed him, couldn’t go another second without his touch.

   Moving to her face, just as she was about to come, stopping that circling motion between her legs, He brought his finger up and pressed the tip against his nose smelling her essence. His eyes danced in delight.

   Chon could barely focus on what he was doing, let alone be on top of her mental game and if one wanted to get over on Dorian Zane one had to be on top… Be in control of their minds, their body… He was taking her control away.

   “Tell me what I want to hear, Chon so that I can give you more.”

   There was more? Dear lord!

   Pressing her hands on his shoulders to gather herself. “W-What do you want me to say, Dorian?” She couldn’t think straight.

   He smiled in triumph as he took her hands and held them above her head. “Say I trust you, Dorian Zane.”

   She rolled her eyes at his childish antics. “I trust you, Dorian Zane.”

   “Say I will be honest with you Dorian Zane.”

   “Oh, good lawd-”

   He pressed her arms down in the bed. “Say it,” he ordered.

   Chon repeated his words obediently. “I promise to be honest with you, Dorian Zane.”

   “Say you will do everything you’re told without question, Dorian Zane.”

   “Do I have to keep saying your whole name. I don’t think I know another Dorian,” she complained.

   “I want to make sure.”

   She couldn’t help but giggle. “I promise to do everything I’m told to do without question, Dorian Zane, but he has to swear to alleviate my curiosity and show me pleasure.”

   He nodded in agreement. “I swear to alleviate your curiosity and show you pleasure. Now we can get started on my satisfaction, Chon Tolbert.”

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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How far do you think Dorian Zane will take tonight’s pleasure?


8 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter21

  1. Ooh I trust you Dorian Zane. Oh got wrapped Up in this chapter lol. Wow I am so feeling this side of Dorian. Can’t even just call him Dorian anymore got to call him by his full name Dorian Zane. I wonder what he has up his sleeve for Chon. It seems her pleasure can only get better with time. Dorian Zane seems to have a lot to show Chon and I am all for waiting for the next chapters to find out what that something is.

      1. Hey Ms Sylvia I believe chapter 22 is missing. As I notice I read chapter 21 and than 23 was posted.

      2. did you read chapter 23? I posted it by mistake, and then deleted it prior to 22, but then 22 should be posting tonight. If you read chapter 23, lol, you must’ve been on the site like white on rice as soon as i posted because I deleted it like two minutes later. Good lawd gurl, are you just hitting the refresh button? LOL

      3. No I did not read chapter 23. I automatically get updates for this story. So I went to check it and realized I was missing a chapter lol.

      4. i posted 23 too early. I was so excited i hit update instead of schedule and then I deleted it like two minutes later when I saw it had posted. i’m so sorry for the mix up. doing too much. thank you for being on top of it ebony. I appreciate you so much! At this rate you’ll be the star reader for the book.

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