She Lies For Him – Guardian Angels Series | New Work In Progress Book Cover by @zajizee #WIP #WritersLife

These books are just outlined out but they play a significant part in King Paradise’s storyline, along with the Cytee Boyz.

I know that’s hard for new readers to understand, but once you’ve met King, you’ll understand other reader’s excitement that we have for this upcoming project.



BookSeries.jpgFour book series consisting of four fraternal Quadruplets siblings struggling not be to like their parents – they come from a long line of thieves and killers.

  • Book of Michael Guardian – theme: Arrogance& Pride
  • Book of Raphael Guardian – theme: Power/Deception – She Lies For Him (cover by Zaji Zee | See cover below and tell me how you like it
  • Book of Gabriel Guardian – theme: Healing
  • Book of Lucifer Guardian – theme: Evil

Will love be the change in them or the death of them? Coming soon!

The last book isn’t featured predominantly because Lucifer’s story weaves throughout all the other novels with his brother.

Here’s the Raphael Guardian book: She Lies For Him… in more ways than one. LOL

In case you’re interested in using this artist work, here’s her contact information

zaji, Website Designer & Developer

Building identities from the ground up.

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