Author’s Note: You’re going to meet Michelle Coleman, who readers have met in Stealing Innocence II: The Ravishment I haven’t talked to her in a while so it’d be interesting to know what she’s been up too since her adventures.  If you’re interested in Michelle Coleman’s book, Stealing Innocence II: The Ravishment click here, if you’re interested in the whole Stealing Innocence Series, click here.

Chapter 17

Most creatives kept a lot of their best work on them at all times. Their special projects they would never let out of the sight or even their best ideas they wanted no one else to see. In her line of work, she had even seen some creatives sleep with their notebook because they treasured the work in there so much.

Was this Walter’s journal?

After opening the first page, which had his name, address, and contact number, she turned to the next page where a statement was handwritten.

He who finds this notebook know that it belongs to I, Walter Stoepel. If you, the finder, cannot contact or locate Walter Stoepel or Walter Stoepel is no longer alive, you may lay claim to everything inside of this notebook with hope Walter Stoepel’s creations bring the founder of this journal the wealth, Walter Stoepel so hoped to gain in life.

Walter had signed and dated the statement. There was even a notary signature underneath his signature.

She thought the statement to be ridiculous and for Walter to go to such extremes seemed way too much.

As Chon turned deeper and deeper into the notebook, she discovered why Dorian Zane wanted Walter on the project. His designs would blow anyone away, and she couldn’t believe she had the privilege to see this man’s work before anyone else saw.

Should she show this to Dorian?

In the back of the notebook, there was a running date of four digit numbers for seven years. Oddly, the dates stopped at the day she found the notebook in Walter’s writing. The only thing different was the date two days before the last date Walter had written the word, “Finally!” and even highlighted that date.

“Hi!” a light voice at the doorway said unsurely.

Chon jumped up as if caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to do. The notebook fell to the ground almost under the desk, and the woman at the doorway came over and picked it up for Chon handing it back to her.

The woman was moderately tall, dressed beautifully in a great business suit for her full figure similar to Chon’s.

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” the woman said apologetically. “I knocked several times before entering.”

“I was working.”

“I see. I’m Michelle Coleman. Skye asked me to bring the portable closet for you to choose from.”

Uncomfortable, Chon said, “You’ll most likely won’t have my size.”

“Oh please, you and I are the same size. I’m just slightly taller, so I carry it differently. My shop specializes in the curvy girl,” the woman said proudly with a playful wink.

“What? For fat people?” she said, sounding just like Grandmother Wei.

Michelle cut her dark brown eyes at Chon as she pulled the portable closet in the room. “No, for the healthy beautifully perfect woman. Get whoever told you that you’re fat out of your head unless you’re spelling it p-h-a-t.”

Chon relaxed and smiled. “You’re right. I’m sorry. Thank you.”

Michelle shrugged. “I get a lot of women who have not appreciated their curves, when in truth men love them, adore them and very much need them.”

“How do they need them?”

“Get the right man, and he’ll show you how ” Michelle winked again mischievously before turning to the portable closet to choose three outfits in Chon’s size.

“I think the royal blue will rock, but it’s really up to you.”

Chon fully trusted Michelle’s taste and only took the blue dress before heading to the bathroom.

“You’re Dorian Zane’s assistant?” Michelle asked from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Yes. Just temporary.”

“HE seems like an intense man; Agitated all the time. Not a lot of people skills.”

Chon came out of the bathroom, and Michelle smiled pleased.

   “It’s perfect,” Michelle beamed and guided Chon to the bed where a matching shawl and shoes were.

   “Oh wow. That’s perfect,” Chon said looking at the three-inch blue shoes with a dash of sparkle on the tip.

“How were you wearing your hair?” Michelle questioned.

Chon had no plans to mess with her hair. “No style in mind.”

“Do you mind? I can do a perfect French Roll, and I’ve got some get to give it a little flair,” Michelle insisted.

Sitting at the vanity, Chon let Michelle twist her hair up into a perfect bun and then added strings of curls all over her face accentuating the exoticness of Chon’s hereditary.

“I’ll leave you to your make up, but I have some complimentary colors for your eyes,” Michelle said putting some makeup on the vanity in front of Chon. “Dinner starts in thirty minutes. I won’t be joining everyone until tomorrow’s dinner.”

“Really?” Chon asked disappointedly.

Michelle smiled. “As a business owner, I have a lot to do on a Saturday night. Skye and Thaddeus completely understand.”

“Thank you for tonight.”

“No, thank you. I’ll have some clothing delivered by the morning for you. It was great to meet you.”

When Chon was alone again, she marveled at her dress and hair not believing how cute she looked. Smiling to herself, it had been since prom since she had gotten so dressed up.

She put her make up on lightly, but she made sure her eyes were defined.

The lip gloss Michelle left added a sparkling non-sticky flair.

Before going down, Chon returned all her items to her large work bag and put her bag in the small linen closet in the bathroom.

She wasn’t used to leaving everything out, and although she trusted the Newman’s, she just wasn’t used to leaving her hair designs just lying around.

Walking up to the hallway, she almost collided with Abigail McPherson Stone, who looked ravishing in a beautiful long burgundy gown with sparkling diamonds encrusted around the neck.

“You look gorgeous,” Abigail remarked to Chon before Chon had a chance to compliment her.

“Oh, thank you, and you’re fabulously beautiful,” Chon said. “It is great to see you here.” It was because somehow seeing Abigail she was assured there wasn’t some kinky boy’s club going on for her benefit.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Abigail said, with a teasing wink. “My husband has promised to be a good and Dorian will be on his best behavior for a chance?”

Chon frowned. “What do you mean?” she questioned. “He has to be on his best behavior?”

They arrived at the top of the steps, and she paused in her walk to look Abigail in the eye for the truth.

Abigail covered her lips as if she had let the cat out of the bag that she wasn’t supposed to, but she didn’t answer because someone cleared their throat loudly at the bottom of the steps in clear disapproval.

Chon looked down to see a monster Hispanic/Black man looking like he wanted to leap to the top of the steps in a fury.

Next to him stood Dorian, who looked like he had been slapped in the mouth, but was cleanly dressed and looking very handsome.

Both men had on expensive suits and looked ready to step out on the town.

“I’ll see you at dinner, Chon,” Abigail said and descended the steps. When she reached the bottom, she practically fell into the welcoming arms of the monster, who seemed to become some gentle giant by Abigail’s touch.

He whispered something in her ear, and Abigail giggled like a schoolgirl before letting him escort her to the back of the house.

“Are you waiting for me?” Chon questioned Dorian, who was still at the bottom of the stairs staring at her, while she had been busy watching Abigail and her husband.

“Yes, it’s mandatory to escort our guest to the dining table,” he said as if she was to know this information.

“I can find the dining room on my own.”

“Are you going to let me enjoy this weekend or not?”

Putting her hands on her hips looking very affronted, she said accusingly, “Are you using me, Dorian Zane?”

“Yes, I am,” He walked up the stairs, taking two at a time until he was at the top while he spoke. “Who else was I going to invite to have the honor of being here?”

Chon figured now that he didn’t have a girlfriend anymore, from what he had told her the other night, he needed to use Chon.  “And who says I’m going to let you use me?”

“You forget I get whatever I want, Chon and apparently you’ve forgotten what I’ve told you.”

“We’re personable?” she asked, trying not to look so pleased with how he said her name so eloquently that always sent chills all over her. “When did I agree we’re going by first names?”

“We’re not at work. I think it’s only appropriate.”

“What did you tell me?” she asked flustered. “Why are you using me?”

He reached up and touched a ringlet near her eyes. “The first time I heard about you, Chon, I knew I wanted you.” I wanted to control you as Austin did.”

Her chest seemed to lock slightly, and she had to force herself to keep breathing steadily. Where had her brain been the other night at dinner? There had been so much going on with everything he had revealed to her; she had been overwhelmed.

Dorian sexily smirked. “And now that’s he’s out the picture…” He didn’t finish his sentence.

“I’m not some property or hired help or even a mistress, Dorian. I have morals and values.” She folded her arms over her chest and raised her chin.

“You’re going to make me ask you?” he questioned.

“If you want me to understand what you want from me, I think you better put it out there in the universe.”

“I was trying to be evasive for once in my life, but I can see you are wet behind the ears when it comes to verbal foreplay. Do you remember our conversation yesterday?”

“Yes,” she said. “But a lot was happening. You told me a lot of information, Dorian.”

“When I told you I wanted you, yesterday, did you understand what I meant?”

“You meant you needed me as your assistant?”

Dorian shook his head slowly. “I don’t need an assistant. You’ve seen how fast I acclimated to your changes and your technology. Don’t get me wrong, you do your job excellently, but there’s more to you than just your organizational skills that I want, Chon.”

Was that a compliment? She couldn’t tell with his sarcastic tone. “I don’t mix my personal life with my business life.”

“I don’t want to get personal. I just want a no strings attachment where I feel I can benefit both of us. A side contract that has nothing to do with what you do for me at the office.”

Chon stepped away for a moment, but then remembered what Andi said. Could Dorian answer all her curiosities? Could Dorian be the gigolo she needed to change her way of thinking about intimacy? Sex? Love? Lust?

Could Dorian educate Chon thoroughly on what a real man does with a woman?

Her lips had gone dry, her breathing became shallow, and she shivered in expectation at the new proposal on the table.


All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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4 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter17

  1. Wow Chon you got to get watch out that’s Dorian is something else. Where is Walter? Why would he put in his own notebook and have it notarized unless he knew something was not right and he didn’t have much time. Really curious about that. Where is Austin his really quiet right now. Wonder what his up to.

  2. Austn obviously gave Dorian intimate details about Chon and himself. So what did Dorian give Austin in return for that information? There is so much more to Dorian. He might be a bit too much for Chon.

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