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My brain was all over in this one. It’s really hard to pinpoint the flow in so short of time in 3rd person for me, but I was able to come to a path and find out my main character’s way to where she wanted to go.

I thought I was going to shuck the story and for the male protagonist, it was hard trying to tell his story with just the point of view of the female protagonist.

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This one is a little longer than the last one. The word count on this is almost 5K.


(Author’s Note: I do ask that you be 18 or over to read the following content. Thank you)


His African Sweetheart


First Chapter 

By Sylvia Hubbard


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This wasn’t happening to Enola. Were they crazy? Had everyone lost their mind?

She fought against her restraints, but she was so groggy trying to escape was very difficult.

“Don’t drop her!” Karen ordered. “She can’t be bumped and bruised before marrying the fat slob!”

They hit her foot, and Enola winced in pain.

“I think she’s coming too. Hurry up!” Karen panicked. “Aeden paid us too much to get her to his room before the drugs wore off.”


“Did she get heavier?” Barron asked, with his familiar southern Alabama drawl, bumping Enola roughly over his broad shoulder.

Through her groggy haze, Enola could hear them talking and knew who they were. Naaji’s friends would sell their souls for money if they could, and most likely Aeden Faust had paid them a pretty penny to do his bidding. Her sister had written to her, and Enola had seen her sister’s social media enough to know who these people were even though Enola had never met them and they had never met Enola.

Enola had just come into Detroit from Canada upon her sister’s insistence to be a part of the wedding. All of Naaji’s life she wanted to be American. She fawned over African American culture and trends all their lives, but Enola was happy being a Canadian. Their mother had moved from East Africa when they were only five ashamed to be pregnant and raised her daughters in Canada. Enola spoke French, while Naaji refused. Naaji didn’t even want to speak the King’s English. She just wanted to be American and spoke American English.

To get away, Enola tried to twist out of her binds again, and Barron bumped her on his broad shoulder again. “Be still.” He swatted her on her butt. “You knew this was coming sooner or later.”

Her kidnappers giggled as the air was knocked out of Enola from the bump. Her stomach rested on his shoulder because she was thrown over like a sack of potatoes. Her wrist and ankles were duck taped very securely, and the large strip of duck tape over her mouth from ear to ear wasn’t going anywhere. They’d wrapped her in a sheet off the bed, covered her face as well, but her ears were sharp as tacks, and she heard everything.

Knock! Knock!

“Why is she tied up so tight?” a deep voice asked very concernedly.

“Shhhhh,” Karen hissed. “You want the whole floor to hear we tied her up, Aeden?”

“I bought the whole damn floor!”

Enola gasped. This was Aeden? Her sister’s fiancé?

Yes! He would understand. He would see this wasn’t Naaji!

When Enola arrived at the airport this afternoon, she was shocked to see her sister dressed in their traditional Kanga. She hadn’t seen her sister wear one since they were in high school. Fifteen years later, Naaji looked as if she had returned to their homeland complete with their traditional head covering.

“Mother died five years ago, Naaji. Who are you trying to impress?” Enola questioned suspiciously.

Naaji laughed, moving in and hugging her sister. “I should be asking you, sister. You still act as if she were alive.”

Enola narrowed her almost brown eyes feeling the padding under her sister’s Kanga. “You’re avoiding answering my question, meaning you have something up your sleeve?”

“Me?” Naaji asked, trying to sound innocent.

“I’m your twin, Naaji. I’ve known you since before you were born. Spit it out.”

Naaji pursed her lips together reluctantly and then said, “I’m not marrying for love. Aeden is rich. I want money and a man to take care of me, but he loves my African skin and my heritage.” She took a deep breath. “Most of all he loves that I act like Momma… like you.” There was distaste in her voice.

“Why do you lie to him? You are loveable. You could find a million men to have you. And you wear the padding? You’ve never been thick like mom and me.”

Naaji rolled her eyes in disappointment. “I know, and most of these American men love a woman with a thick behind and small waist. That’s the only thing that’s different about us. I’ve always envied how you have had that beautiful behind, and I can’t understand why you hide it under these awful Kangas.”

Enola blushed because she had body image issues. Growing up in Canada, with a thick body like hers, she wasn’t accepted, while her sister gained all the popularity. Naaji fit right in, and Enola was accepted because she was Naaji’s sister. “It’s our tradition, Naaji. You shouldn’t have to deceive any man. Aeden needs to know the truth,” she reprimanded her sister.

“I want my American citizenship so bad and his money; it’s a dream come true. I’m willing to sacrifice going back to my roots and using lots of padding. Plus, it’s the American way to lie and cheat to get what you want.”

Snorting in distaste, Enola sneered, “Then I don’t ever want to be American. Hasn’t Aeden noticed you’re not thick? He’s a man. I know he’s snuck in touches here and there.”

“No,” Naaji said with a wicked giggle. “Practicing traditions has kept me at arm’s length, which he has respected and most importantly it’s kept me out of his bed.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I told him it’s a tradition for us not to have sex until the day of the marriage.”

“But that’s not our tradition Momma wanted us to practice -”

Naaji cut Enola off. “I know what Momma said the men in her village did, but look where that landed her? He took her virginity that night and then what? Never showed up at the altar. I didn’t tell Aeden that part.” She looked sharply away, and Enola knew her sister all too well – Naaji was lying about something.

“This Aeden must not be a smart man if he hasn’t noticed you don’t love him.”

Shrugging nonchalantly, Naaji sighed, “He’s so busy making money, he doesn’t care. He just wants the company and figures I’m healthy enough to bare him children that will give him tradition.” She rolled her eyes.  “His mother died in childbirth. He wants a full figured woman who can carry his child.”

“You barely know the traditions. How are you going to teach a child, Naaji?”

“I’ll employ my lonely twin sister to come to be my nanny.”

Enola tried to ignore her sister’s dig at her single state. Over thirty and still, untouched waiting for the right man had not worked well for Enola. Naaji had left Canada right after high school, somehow finding a ticket to America and leaving Enola with their mother working at a grocery store day and night, never going out, and never doing anything. When their mother got sick, Enola’s time was never her own. If she wasn’t keeping the grocery store running, she was at home with her mother until the very end. First the kidney failure and then cancer. Enola had learned how to take care of her mother’s nursing needs to save on money, while she worked several jobs to keep them out of severe debt.

Once their mother had died, Enola learned all her hard work had been for nothing. Since Naaji was the older twin, she inherited everything! Even the money for selling the grocery store went to Naaji, while Enola struggled at a minimum wage data entry job. The only catch was Naaji couldn’t get that money until she married.

Naaji defended her husband to be. “Aeden is a very smart man. He runs a large successful cleaning company.”

Enola said, “Well, if this is what you want, Naaji, I’m just here to support you.”

“You’re here because I bought your ticket and Aeden’s company is sponsoring your visiting Visa to America.”

“Yes, you’re right about that too. I could have never afforded coming here to Detroit if you hadn’t sent that money, Naaji. So thank you. Will I be able to thank Aeden soon?”

Naaji ignored her sister’s question and insisted, “You’ll thank me by a lot of drinking with me when we get back to the bridal suite at the hotel. You’ll be staying with me.”

“I don’t drink.”

“I need a drink, and I want to get drunk with my sister on the night of my marriage. That’s the least you can do for me, Enola. I’m nervous enough.”

Enola sighed. “Fine. I’ll drink whatever you want me to drink.”

“I should let you know one more thing,” Naaji said uncomfortably. “Since I’ve been in America, I haven’t told anyone about having a twin sister, so tomorrow at the ceremony everyone will be shocked.”

“Well, thank you for telling me that, because I would have never understood why everyone looked so horrified at me.”

They laughed together.

Enola wasn’t laughing now!

Now, these idiots had assumed Enola was Naaji since she was in Naaji’s bridal suite. Her sister said she forgot something at her apartment and had left thirty minutes ago. Exactly at 11:30 pm. Now it was midnight! Exactly midnight!

“Where’s the rest of our money, Aeden?” Karen demanded.

Enola could hear some rustling and then she was flopped on something soft face down. The sheets were wrapped around her so tight she couldn’t turn over.

What kind of name was Aeden? He sounded like a well-educated, but Enola couldn’t be sure. He was articulate; she knew that, and his voice was soothingly deceptive. From the social media pictures Enola had seen her sister take, she knew Aeden was a black man and loved to dress nicely all the time.

“That is more than enough,” Aeden said, and Enola could hear the disgust in his voice. “And I meant what I said. I never want to see you grace my door again after tomorrow.”

Enola never wanted to see them again either. She was only familiar with them because her sister had sent her pictures and talked about them incessantly; Especially Barron.

A door closed and she was alone with Aeden. She knew she had to be. She couldn’t hear a thing.

She also assumed she was on a mattress.

“Can you breathe through there, sweetheart?” Aeden asked.

She nodded.

“Did they really cover your mouth?” he asked shocked.

She nodded.

He pulled the covers from her face, and she adjusted her eyes to the low light of the room.

Aeden was a black man… a very handsome black man with a thick beard all over his face and low cut hair. His skin reminded her of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate – very smooth.

He had a thick neck and a very thick body. His arms were thick like the size of thighs and long as if they could just wrap around a truck tire and hug the rubber to him easily. From his neck to his stomach, Enola couldn’t even describe how big he was, but if she wanted to hug him, her arms wouldn’t go around his body. His waist was abnormally lean, but his thighs and legs were muscular to hold up the weight of his large upper body.

He was about five eleven, but she guessed he had to weigh over two fifty.

Currently, he wore a tailored fit shirt over his thick upper body and some business slacks as if he had come from an important meeting and only taken off his tie and matching jacket, but from his proximity, she could smell black soap, sweet almond oil, peppermint and coconut oil.

“You look angry,” he observed. “Did Barron man handle you too much? I gave him instructions just like you asked.”

She frowned to show him she didn’t understand what that meant.

“He didn’t man handle you enough? This is YOUR fantasy.” Aeden asked with a chuckle, but then suddenly broke character and sat on the edge of the bed next to her. “I want to thank for honoring me, Naaji. I really do.” Did he almost look ready to cry?

Thank her sister for what? What fantasy? Enola had never asked for this?

Aeden went back into character looking as stern as he could. He picked up one pillow and went to her midsection. With ease he lifted her in the middle and shoved the pillow under her, propping her posterior a little higher in the air. She was almost impressed by his ability to lift her and knew that was not fat on his arms if he could hoist her up so easily.

She wiggled and screamed her protest as his hands moved to her flank lovingly.

“Oh right,” he said as if she’d given him instructions and then he slapped her rear.

For a moment, she was shocked and then she started fighting, but that only prompted him to slap her rear again; this time harder. She stopped moving and moaned her protest becoming increasingly terrified.

Aeden intended to carry out some “fantasy” Naaji had given him, without removing the duct tape from her mouth, wrists or ankles.

What game was this?

He went to the nightstand and pulled out a switchblade. She gasped and looked at him pleading and moaning her distress.

“Wow, Naaji, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were really frightened.” He actually sounded amused. “You are a very good actress.”

Enola shook her head frantically to indicate she wasn’t trying to act. Erratically she wiggled, but received another slap on the rear and she stopped immediately.

With his free hand, he gently pushed her hair out of her face that had come loose from under the scarf she always covered her hair. No man had ever seen her hair since junior high when she had donned her mother’s traditions.

‘The privilege to see a woman’s mane is only for the man who will be your husband,’ her mother bequeathed on the first day of Enola’s first flow.

Enola cried her distress and Aeden almost looked ready to stop what he was doing.

“Please Naaji, I promise you the pain will be quick.” He kissed her forehead.

She howled in misery, but Aeden gave her a determined look pulling the scarf to him and smelled her scent deeply. She shook her head to tell him no, but he still moved to touch her hair and hold her steady.

“You’ll hurt yourself if you play this game too much, sweetheart,” he said concerned.

Amazingly, his fingers were gentle, despite the strength behind them.

“I know what you told me to do, but it’s hard to be rough on you.” He moved to the end of the bed out of her sight.

Enola was afraid to protest physically because she’d get a slap on the rear.

The tearing of the sheet gripped her in terror. The air whooshed up her legs as the knife cut through the light Kanga she had adorned after her shower.

She gave him a muffled groan in protest, and he put a large hand on her rear as if in warning. She shivered in fear and expectation, but at the same time he moved his hand up her bare thigh.

Enola had never been touched by a man in these places. Some had tried, but she had fought them off.

At this point, she was terrified of men. Between her mother raging in anger over her promiscuous sister and the pictures she had seen, Enola was almost at the point in her life she had thought about just joining the monastery and getting ten cats.

Now this man… her sister’s fiancé was touching her like only Enola’s husband should be touching her. He was violating the sanctity of her body, and he was enjoying himself too much.

She forgot about her punishment and began to strain and wiggle in her binds desperately trying to get away.

The swat delivered stung so much to her now naked rear, this time tears came to her eyes. He rubbed the area tenderly and even kissed the area lovingly.

His lips were thick and moist, and after he moved his mouth away, she could still feel his lips on her skin. Why should she feel so much? Why should it feel so good and so hot? This was wrong? So wrong!

She didn’t strain anymore. The last punishment had been enough to stop her from fighting him.

She was exposed from her waist to her feet.

“Gawd, you’re beautiful, sweetheart.”

His lips kissed her lower back and then his tongue slid down between her cheeks.

If she wasn’t embarrassed before, she was definitely embarrassed now.

Not in her wildest dreams had she ever thought about any man doing what Aeden had just done to her. His mouth had missed not an inch between her cheeks and what his mouth didn’t touch outside of the crack, his fingers made up for it tenfold.

Enola was getting scared and excited at the same time because as he made his way back up her slit, the knife was still in his hand, and the cold blade rested on her posterior.

He moved down deeper, past her perineum and flickered her labia. She could hear him take a gulp.

Was he drinking her? Had she become that wet?

“You taste delicious,” he whispered as if it were a secret after smacking his lips. As a reward, he kissed both cheeks lovingly. His hands caressed her back, while his fingers moved between her thighs to fondle her most sensitive spot. From the deep recesses of her bowels, she moaned, but not in protest.

Enola wasn’t sure where the moan originated. The vibration from the moan made her eyes roll to the back of her head and tears come.

“You’re so wet, so thick, so beautiful,” he praised her.

More tears welled in her eyes and ran down her cheek as he pressed a finger inside of her snatch.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he whispered as if that were a secret too. “I’m going to fuck you so hard and deep; you’re going to see how much I love you and never doubt I will always be the best man you will ever want in your life.”

She heard suckling noise and tried to ignore the fact he was licking her juices off his fingers as if it were his last meal.

“Oh Damn,” he hissed as his face smashed into her rear and his tongue laved her womanhood loudly slurping her juices, drinking her deeply.

Soon he just turned around so his face was under her and his large arms gripped her bottom. He pulled her down until she was just sitting on his face.

Enola shivered and shook like she was a human vibrator. Her insides were pulsing and pounding until her vision was blurred and then it felt like her brain exploded.

The one pillow was perfect to prop his neck to feast upon her delicacy. His mouth indulged in licking and sucking between her legs, producing so much juice her essence was running down his chin.

Aeden was humming in delight not caring he was messing up his silk shirt as he dug his fingers into her rear muscles to hold her tighter down on his mouth. The beard around his face was doing triple stimulation to her womanhood.

She didn’t fight him as he mercilessly plunged his tongue in and around between her legs, lapping her juices, arousing her to peaks that sent her heart racing out of control. Enola rewarded him by rocking her hips to grind against his mouth. The pillow served her purpose in keeping her propped enough to give more friction and then…

She screamed. No, it was a shrill. With her mouth covered it was all muffled, but enough that her voice box burned under strain.

Confused as to what was happening to her, Enola didn’t care. Her mind was gone as she shook so violently she swore her heart stopped.

He moved from under her and grabbed another pillow at the head of the bed, propping her even higher. He started to take his clothes off. She wasn’t scared of him anymore, even though he didn’t have the knife and she wasn’t even sure where the blade had fallen.

Again she was confused because she wanted him to finish what he started, but she wasn’t sure what the end would be.

She was very aware of his large hand resting on her rear again, but his other hand… was that a small leg?

Pressure… lots of pressure was pushing up against her.

As he was straining; she was straining and then…

The beautiful pain ripped between her legs, but at the same time, Aeden’s whispered gratefulness thanking her from the bottom of his heart for giving herself to him as he stroked deep within her making her forget the pain.

‘You must reserve your body for only your husband to touch; to have; to love,’ her mother’s voice reprimanded her from a distance.

This man was not her husband.

Matter of fact, this was going to be her sister’s husband. Enola’s brother in law was lovingly fucking her as if his life depended on it.

Aeden took her virginity, but dammit he was so damned grateful about receiving the gift it was hard to be mad at him, especially when he stroked her so good, her juices sloppily splashed everywhere!

The pillow she rested on was completely soaked to the bone, but her body was far from finished. If she thought she had orgasmed before, her insides were preparing to explode like a new star bursting in the galaxies. Suddenly she felt light as air; new pain ripped through her arm and shoulder as she was rocked back against his large body.

If Enola thought he wasn’t deep enough, he slid even deeper into her and pumped long and hard using her bound arms as a friction system to move her harder and harder into her.

Her rear hurt, her arms hurt, her body hurt, but damn if every inch of her felt so good at the same time which outweighed the soreness she was going to feel later. Completely ignoring all the pain as the illicit wonderfulness lifted her away into a universe, she soared through the heavens in some blissful world unknown to her.

Aeden cursed in pleasure viciously. He was reaching his pinnacle as well and enlarging himself as her innards burst repeatedly. Her body was sucking on his manhood until… He pushed her off abruptly, and she fell forward hard on the bed before feeling his warm essence on her back.

Enola was close to unconscious delirium as he moved completely away from her. She was thankful he was at least using his head knowing they had not used protection.

Before passing out completely, Aeden came to the side of her and kissed her brow before whispering, “I cannot thank you enough for gifting me with your virginity, sweetheart, and pleasing me with your voluptuous body. I’m sorry I had my doubts. I do hope I have satisfied your fantasy.” Tenderly, he kissed her forehead. “I love you, sweetheart.”

Her eyes moved down visually drinking in his nakedness. Enola gasped. He wasn’t fat at all. Thickly built up top he would look fat while clothed and his manhood… she might as well say he had a third leg and was shocked she had taken all of him.

Darkness ensconced her conscious as exhaustion overtook her soul.


‘Sweetheart,’ Aeden’s words whispered in her dreams. “I love you, sweetheart.”

Enola’s eyes shot open abruptly, and she fought out the covers around her body. Leaping out of bed, she realized she was not in Aeden’s penthouse anymore. Someone had returned her to her sister’s bedroom suite tucked in again, but this time completely naked.

She never slept naked!

No bindings were on her body and her kanga she wore the night before was gone, yet the soreness was still there. Someone had cleaned her up and put her back in her sister’s bed where she had started last night.

Enola wasn’t crazy. The soreness was a clear indication of what happened. They could clean up everything, but they couldn’t stop the fact that she felt like she had ridden a damn horse and her shoulder was killing her.

A light knock on the door and Naaji entered in a beautiful wedding dress that almost made Enola forget she was naked in the middle of the room.

“Isn’t that the prom dress I made that you hated?” Enola questioned realizing the dress was very familiar.

Naaji blushed. “Yes. I find it accentuates the right places on a woman’s body.” Changing the subject, here sister asked innocently. “You slept well, sister?”

“Slept well?” Enola grabbed the covers off the bed and then started shaking. “I’m not crazy, Naaji! I’m not stupid either!”

Naaji rushed to her sister and hugged her.

Enola returned the hug only because she needed to hold something right now that felt real and not imagined, but then felt the padding through Naaji’s dress.

Realization of the whole plan came to her, but she needed to hear everything from Naaji’s lips.

Moving back from her twin, Enola narrowed her eyes. “You lied to him more than you told me. It’s not just tradition, he wanted or culture. He wanted a virgin and thickness!”

Naaji blushed again. “What are you speaking of, sister?”

“You arranged for me to be here because you could not give him virginity and you’ve lost all that weight. How could you do this to me?”

Naaji panicked. “Calm down; they’ll hear you in the next suite, Enola!”

“Who? My kidnappers?” Enola screamed, not caring.

Naaji covered her mouth. “Please Enola, understand I’d lose everything. He found out about the traditions and demanded we stick to them.”

“The same tradition that shamed our mother?”

“Aeden is different. He isn’t like the bastard our father was. He isn’t going to leave me. And you ever thought that the reason our father didn’t walk down the aisle with our mother was that he knew she was not pure. Why do you think she was so hard on the tradition with us? Because she knew, the apple wouldn’t fall far from the tree. I am what she was, and you are what she wished she was.”

Enola slapped Naaji as hard as she could. “Don’t you dare disrespect her! You have no right to speak on our mother as if she were a whore!”

Naaji looked remorseful. “You’re right, I’m sorry, Enola. You were there for her, on her last breath. You sacrificed your life to stay and be the daughter she wanted, but Aeden is a man of his word. He really will do whatever it takes to make me happy as long as I kept the promise to him. He is going to marry me.”

“Promises to be me?!” Enola was near a nervous breakdown. “Tell me everything Naaji,” she demanded.

With quiet guilt, her twin admitted, “For the past year I’ve been pretending for him I was a virgin and thick. He loves them thick. Most American men do. I used your pictures without your Kanga from high school cutting me out. He even loved that ugly picture you took of prom when you went all alone.” Naaji snorted in disgust and looked down at the dress she wore. “I had the dressmaker reproduce the dress to surprise him on this day and practice putting the padding inside to look thick like you. He has believed me all this time, and I promised my virginity to him as is our tradition of accepting his marriage proposal.”

Enola wanted to tear Naaji’s face off, but at the same time, she needed to continue to hear her sister’s explanation of the truth.

Naaji continued, “I tried to do the surgery, Enola, to put my virginity back. I tried three times, and each time it never took. I knew I had to do something crazy, so I devised a plan. I’d invite you and tell Aeden how it is my fantasy to be taken.”

Enola sobbed. “He doesn’t know what he did to me. He thinks you gifted him.”

“He doesn’t’ know anything. Like I said, I never told him about my twin sister.”

Bursting into tears, Enola curled on the bed in a fetal position.  “So you sacrificed me, Naaji? I am your sister! Your twin sister! The only family you have left! How could you?!”

Naaji came on the bed. “Please, Enola. Please calm down. I’ll give you anything.”

Enola knew nothing could replace her virginity and she cried harder burying her face in the nearest pillow.

“I have the money. I will transfer all the dowry Momma left me to your bank account once I walk down the aisle. I promise.”

Raising her face up, Enola looked down at the pillow. She remembered the pillows from the night before and how Aeden had tucked them under her body and how they had brought her so much illicit pleasure. Hurling the pillow across the room, she looked at her sister. “I hate you, Naaji! I hate you.” She wiped her tears away and got out the bed. “I never want to see you again.”

“But you won’t tell,” Naaji begged. “Please. This is my dream, Enola. Please.”

Enola couldn’t look at her sister’s face anymore, but she threw another pillow over her shoulder. “That money better be in my account tonight before I leave for home or I swear I will tell everyone especially Aeden.”

She stormed out of the room into the hotel’s bathroom to lock herself in there never wanting to lay eyes on her sister or America ever again!

His African Sweetheart (c) 2016 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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