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I’m always trying to get my writing life together and I needed to keep up with a way to keep up with the stories that are in my head. They are literally either all finished, all fleshed out and/or have a pretty good mental outline or strong characters where the story is there automatically.

New Ones Added:

StrangerInMyHouse2When he came home after two years from running off for two years, her husband was different. He wasn’t the same man who had been there before yet everyone was convinced this was Malik Bane. He walked liked him, talked like him and to everyone else he acted him like, but Yalina knew this wasn’t her husband, but could tell no one of her suspicion. Not even her husband.

Why was this man impersonating her husband?

Especially when the biggest sale of land in Detroit was getting ready to be sold to a private owner donated from The Bane Estate and ONLY her husband has the power to stop it.

Should she say something about her suspicion and if she did it? Would she be jeopardizing her life? And where exactly was the real Malik Bane?

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Author’s Note: This started this cover off with plans of replacing Sex Weed, but I’ve decided to make this a different story. It looks like it could be a fun erotic. The subtitle will change.

GiveMeSomeGimme Some

What do you do when a man who you thought was just going to be a side gig, turns out to want to marry you… Needs to marry you because you are carrying his baby.

He almost killed himself to stop you from aborting it, but you had no intentions of having a baby… let alone just any man’s baby.

And this was just any man… or was it?

Austin Harrington didn’t care about life. Slept with whomever and whatever he could, but then a horrible accident and he no longer could produce the heir his mother wanted. And if he couldn’t do that, his evil step sister could claim everything his family had worked for.

Now he finds out there is a possibility he could have a baby on the way and he needs to do whatever he can to made sure this baby stays alive and is a legitimate heir.

But Regina is against marriage and against babies. He’s going to some how have to convince her to marry him, stay with him until the baby and convince his sister they are in this together. Otherwise, he loses everything.







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DarkRegrets-BlackFamilySeriesDark Regrets

To find out she’s the half-sister of Phillipe Darkore, a millionaire in Detroit and her father doesn’t even want to recognize her, Cerise tries to expose the secret organization that she felt mind raped her mother. When blackmail doesn’t work, she threatens to contact Sharlie Costello, a pulitizer prize newspaper reporter that would love to ruin any millionaire in the City of Detroit.

Cerise Beryl Darkore felt her mother’s innocence was taken advantage of and she was hell bent on exposing the truth about the secret organization until Phillipe who will stop at nothing to keep the organization a secret, hires Phelix Black to “distract” Cerise.

She really needs money to hold on to the house and property her mother left her and Phelix can give it to her, if she submits to being for one year. And if agrees to his term for the rrest of her life, he would supply her with whatever she pleases.

Yet, his terms are providing him with a child and being a mother to that child, but she must give up her guardianship of the child and never reveal she is the mother to the child. Plus, under no circumstance can she reveal anything about the organization.

Cerise wants the house, but she wants to stay true to her revenge for her mother. Phelix Black has strangely lustful proclivities she doesn’t know she can handle. He’s a Black to the bone and puts all his insane cards out on the table. Take it or leave it, he says. Disobedience won’t be tolerated and Phelix is smarter than she assumes.

Cerise is determined to have her cake and eat it too, but at what cost? Her body she can give, but her life and soon her heart could be jeopardized as well.

amazingGraceCover.jpgAmazing Grace

He believed the Sins of the father will pass to the son. Every moment of his life since his father’s death he is haunted at the thought he will become like the monster his father was. He would kill without mercy, hurt without pity, lust without regrets and never love.

And then he met her …Grace Oliver.

Will his past determine her future?





(PS If you’re reading BEAUTIFUL, then you’ve met Grace’s sister Mercy and her cousin Madison.)


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Current WIP 


beautifulREVShe wanted more than anything to be beautiful and this stranger was the answer to her prayers.

She would do anything for him to be the beautiful and that’s what she did.

What she discovers through him is that she was beautiful all along, but before she makes the discovery she has to go through hell and back.

Will she survive or lose herself and everything she has worked for.

Come on the journey to see BEAUTIFUL.

Come on the journey to see BEAUTIFUL.



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