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Thank you to the over thirty subscribers who have registered to receive the first live story of 2016.  Haven’t signed up yet?


I’m so excited about what’s to come and I hope I deliver a great stories. I’ve been working on wpid-ravenous.jpgthem, along with Ravenous for the past couple of weeks.

The Winners of the free subscription for the first year are:

Denise Haskins
Cassondra Wynn
Stephanie Bartley
Felicia Reevers
Donna Boles

Thanks to RandomPicker.com for their help in picking the winners. They’ll be contacted with their free subscription instructions.

I’ve lowered the price of the annual subscription, but be prepared to be invoiced just the small amount of $15.00.

Why so low?

Well, because I figured this is going to be four stories in which reader would usually pay the price of $4.99 each for a fully edited story on Amazon.com. With it being live, you’re going to get a complete premise out of my head and will be available online for your enjoyment.

The Upcoming books are as follows:

twowaystobliss the next will be


And following that, the characters from Two Ways to Pleasure actually come back in whole ‘nother book called


After that, in the line up will be

The Murderer's Lover

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