La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 20 #WIP wc

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Chapter 20


Unlike most of her clients who came at normal business hours, this one had the oddest hours she ever knew.

Yet, she couldn’t complain because he paid on time and even gave nice tips. Usually during normal hours Stefanie was in contact with Treasure, but every once in a while she had to deal with his presence.

Stefanie went to reluctantly open her door to let Lethal Heart into her home.
At six feet five and almost as broad as the doorframe, the large African American man had to duck and turn sideways to get in the home.

She stepped more than arms length away and tried to look as brave as possible pushing away the fear in her gut. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, even though every nerve in her body automatically wanted to get away from him, yet Lethal had a strong sexuality about him that made one forget they were in danger.

Pitch-black ominous eyes glared down at her as if she had done something wrong and giving her chills down her spine. She tried not to rub away the Goosebumps that leaped on her arms or shiver from the mortal fear she felt in every inch of her veins.

Lethal Heart not only eluded sexiness, but he also brought danger to the hearts of anyone who dared to look him in the eye.

“It’s about damn time,” he sneered.

“I didn’t know we had a meeting.”

“I didn’t expect a homebody like you would be out.” He looked at her state of dress from her head to toes and then back again. “You actually clean up better than I thought.”

She turned away not wanting to know if that was a compliment or insult. “What do you want Lethal? I sent over the new security code you specially ordered a month ago.” Moving behind her desk, she knew if he wanted to kill her the furniture provided little protection but at least it made her feel just a little safe. “Unless you want the flash drive I was going to hand deliver to Treasure tomorrow.” Unlocking her work drawer, she picked up the flash drive and handed it his way.

He took an envelope out of his long black leather Macintosh jacket, which was so thick and long, she swore two cows had been needed to cover this man’s massive body. At the same time he took off his Stetson and his long black dred braids moved around and hung over his shoulders.

After dropping the envelope on the desk, leaned over the desk at her.

She could see his head almost touched her ceilings and she forced her eyes to look away trying to pretend what she had on her computer screen was much more important than looking him over closely.

“Any other woman would be honored by my presence this late at night,” he said quite arrogantly.

“Any other woman would be stupid,” she snorted.

His eye flinched and she thought that was his attempt at smiling, but Lethal Heart didn’t smile – or she had never seen that occurrence happened. Matter of fact, she would see more blue moons happened in one human’s time than a smile from Lethal’s lips. He handed her the enveloped he had pulled out of the MacIntosh and then sat on the other side of her desk, putting his big boot up on the edge of the desk. She had to hold down the other side to keep everything on her desk including her computer from tipping over from his weight.

“I have a client who’s had several attempts on his life, despite my ability to protect him,” Lethal spoke as if they had been discussing this topic before, but Stefanie really had no idea what he was talking about.

Yet, she wasn’t about to correct him in this knowledge because Lethal rarely explained himself and she was not in the mood to get on his bad side tonight after her long day.

Glad she wasn’t a feeble woman as she held down the table from the logs he called legs, she sniped, “I’m a computer software designer, Lethal Heart, and I don’t make bullet proof vests.”

“I know that,” he snorted. “But would there be a way to find him through technology that I haven’t thought about yet and who would design something like that?”

“Get your legs off my desk and I’ll tell you,” she said in her most pleasant voice.

He hesitated as if he was affronted by her request, but eventually put his feet on the floor.

She relaxed her grip on her end of the desk, sighing in relief. “There could be ways to track people with apps and widgets.”

“I’ve looked into that. I had Treasure looked through any of his systems and twice we had times where an unknown virus tried to even break down the firewall you built to get into his system.”

That was an insult, because Stefanie took great pains to design that system and now knew why Lethal had come to her. The only one she could think of that would have the audacity to break into her system would be…

“Who?” Lethal asked as if reading her mind.

“Nicolas Wright.” Standing up, she pounded her fist on the table. “The son of a bitch!”

La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 20 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. So, are Nick and Axel trying to distract Stefanie so they can learn how to break her code?

  2. oooh I was hoping someone was trying to do right by here, but it seems they (Axel and Nick?) are playing her…….dang! Lethan about to kick some butt!!! Thanks for the update!!!

  3. Ohhh so much is happening, so many question but I was wondering when you write these live stories do you have a rough plan/outline or do you just write the stories as they come to you?

    1. Ladyduro, i write them as they come honestly. People have called and begged me to know what is to come and I honestly am in awe my brain thought of this. now there are some cleanups I have to do when i take the story to ebook (and usually you’ll get a week to a couple of months gap in the clean up) but I eventually put it out for everyone and people are happy to see it complete. i.e: hope is love

  4. Ok i’m still thinking these fools messing with Lethal’s client? oh snap it’s on…….Stephanie should have gotten herself a lil bit while she had a chance, fireworks about to happen now…….

  5. Didn’t Stephanie give Jezica a software disc? I wonder if that has something to do with the security problem…

  6. Ok Sylvia, when can I finish this story? I am still in suspense about what’s going on with Axel.

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