Drumroll, please…. Drawing The Line is now available on #kindle! Mistaken Identity Series 1.5 Available now!

And now (for some) the wait is over.

I’m proud to announce the book a lot of you have been waiting for.

Drawing the Line (Mistaken Identity Series 1.5) by Sylvia Hubbard

Now if you’re familiar with the Mistaken Identity Book, you know the premise (or should I say the twist) and you can easily understand that this has nothing to do with mistaken identity. It’s the premise in the book that makes this a partial series. More or less, I wanted to let my readers know what you’ll be getting when you open up this book.

Readers have enjoyed the Mistaken Identity first book and have eagerly asked for the twins again in that book.

Now the twins that appear in Mistaken Identity, do return in

The scenario in Mistaken Identity was so interesting that I decided another book was necessary and then even another, i.e. Mistaken Identity 2, will be coming soon in 2012 hopefully.

For now, enjoy Drawing the Line, from the Mistaken Identity Series and please leave a review if you’ve read this book before on Amazon. I’d appreciate that!

original cover

Drawing The Line
(Ebook Only)

Shane needs money to get away from her money hungry aunt. Her boss, Andrew and his brother, Paul, offer her “ultimate pleasure” if she gives them the child they need in order to keep a company they’ve worked hard to make successful. She accepts their offer, but realizes she has trouble drawing the line in her feelings for her handsome boss.

Yet, the bond that draws them all together is soon put to the test when Shane comes up missing amidst a chemical company land scandal she was investigating.

Andrew and Paul hope they find Shane in time before she loses the baby.




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  1. Loved it!!!!! Just finished it this morning. Great job! I had been waiting it seemed like forever to finish it!

  2. i love all your books. i wish they were all avalible on kindle so i can read the other ten. love ya girl. keep up the giid work!

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