1st Round Edits Complete for Hope is Love. Due 2b released soon! #michlit #syllit

Hope Is LoveI have seen the stats go up on these posts recently and with a lot of questions going on I thought I should finally decide to push this baby out before the November Novel Writing Challenge consumes me.

If you don’t know, Hope Is Love is a sequel to the free book, Love Like This. I’m happy to be finally getting this book together and just in case you don’t know anything about this book, the majority of the chapters can be found at:


Just to let you know who are the sub-characters in the book, here’s the list:

  • Onyx Heart
  • Sheriff Heart
  • Blaque Heart
  • Mandingo
  • King Heart
  • Jaelen Gates
  • Kimberly Gates
  • Nicole Black
  • Ethan Black
  • Nevada
  • Paradise
  • Shadow

If you want to know more information about this book and the tidbit details, you can go to the post titled:  I’m Done… Finally … Hope is Love…

To download a copy of Love Like This  immediately, just go to:



I will be teaching an ebook class this week and doing a live nook upload for this book and also have it available as an epub and pdf file on the site. This is going to be interesting.

By next week, you’ll be reading the finished story of James and Jona “Hope.”

14 thoughts on “1st Round Edits Complete for Hope is Love. Due 2b released soon! #michlit #syllit

  1. I love the live read of this book and love like this. I cant wait for this book to come out. I loveyour books and really want to know what is your inspiration for writing your books.

  2. I missed this book so much, can’t wait to purchase it so I can reread it. It was a great live story. I was going through with withdraws. I even got a few of my co workers hooked on your books.

    1. thank you girl. I hope to bring another book live in November and release the fiv more in 2012! wish me luck and keep spreading the word. the more sales i get, the better chances i have to stay at home and write til my fingers fall off… just for you.

  3. the whole book will be out hopefully by this weekend, Linda! Available on Nook and at this website.

    I’m trying to gauge my readers on their habits and I enjoy when ppl come to the site to purchase a book so I’m going to make it available in two different formats on the site.

    Wish me luck. I’ll load it live on the site, so it’ll be fun!

  4. Yesss! At long last, I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Thank you Sylvia for pushing this through,

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