Dalton Bellini – Who is this man?

Your guess is good as mine.

I write this post in the middle of building up the family for the Bellini Family, which is a detail and large as the Hearts.

When the Bellini Family came to me, the first person I met was Dalton.

I guess that’s why he’s so popular and I’m so passionate about him.

Next came Armando Bellini. Which is mostly why I’m writing The Other Side of Love first.

But yet, a lot of people who read my books like Dalton Bellini

Maybe because he’s so untouchable or the way everyone knows him before he even steps into a room.

I don’t know, but I think i knew him before I met him. His presence was similar to my father’s. He was ominous yet mysterious and could demand respect before he even spoke.

I liked that most about Dalton Bellini.

I also like that he doesn’t get along with anyone. His crassness and arrogance really grates on my nerve but at the same time turns me on.

Dalton Bellini is bigger than you can imagine.

He serves a higher purpose. Not only in the family he runs and the business he owns and the success he’s accomplished…

Dalton is one of my alpha males that knows what he wants, gets what he wants and takes no crap from anyone …

Now in all this making him untouchable, I found it hard to get a woman who would could possibly equal him.

I could do what I did to Jaelen Gates from Stealing Innocence and that’s to find a Kimberly  – soft spoken and loving – to the most man obnoxious evil man this side of the Mississippi. (I’m speaking about Jaelen, not Dalton. LOL).

Or I could find someone just as successful and just as irrittated by the men species and let them duke it out for love.

Or I could find someone stronger than him…

There are a lot of possibilities, but it’s not just finding anyone for Dalton. I need to find someone right for him. Someone Dalton could see no other reason than not to be with.

The Bellini men love differently and more powerfully than any of my other family lines of men. They have this unique ability to capture a woman and make her feel like a queen.

Dalton, being the leader of the family, is going to be a tough cookie to crack, because he’s resolved that he won’t get married.

That’s going to be a harder wall to break down than finding the girl… I’m talking to myself right now. The most scary part about all of this is that, I have to be in Dalton’s head. He’s one of the charaters I’ve created that I really hate doing.

Along with Dalton, there’s Lethal Heart and King Heart. I could do without those three some nights, but I’m in love with them… just very far away. LOL.

(That last paragraph probably made no sense to anyone who has no been with me during a live story to hear me vent my frustrations on writing those characters into a story.)


So to answer the reader’s question: Yes, Dalton will get a woman. I’m still deciding exactly who he should get… maybe a character my readers already know… or a new character from somewhere else.

To answer another reader’s questions: No, he is not getting with Sharlie Costello, but they did have relations in the past. Sharlie is the only person who I’ve created that I know Dalton has slept with … to date.

My love hate relationship continues with Dalton Bellini as I write four more books with him in there, all the while wonderful, who will capture Dalton Bellini’s heart… but first I have to find it, right?

15 thoughts on “Dalton Bellini – Who is this man?

  1. I love Dalton Bellini! He is the epitome a strong and powerful alpha male. I can’t wait to see the women who can encage his heart…

  2. I love Dalton also. I just finished up Sin’s Iniquity (LOVED IT!!!!) I was shocked he held Sin and showed some compassion. Onyx and Dalton would be interesting but I know you already have someone picked out for her. 😉 Best wishes for Dalton’s woman.

  3. I close my eyes and imagine small yet very strong Onyx with Dalton. He won’t know what hit him and he’s probably the only man capable of handling Onyx. uniting the most powerful names Bellini and Heart is my other reason for wishing the two to be together.Just a thought…OK, Hope???

  4. I love Dalton. I have the love hate thing for him also. But who can capture his heart. Yes I think him and Onyx will make a really great connection but I don’t think they will be a right fit. I get what you are saying Sylvia. It’s going to be hard to find a woman that can keep up with Dalton. Good luck with figuring that out. I will be right here reading when you do! …lol

  5. I think dalton should be with Sin’s friend Nedine. She isnt the typical perfectly beautful heroine but she is smart, spunky, strong and loyal and could give dalton a run for his money and forcehim to think differently

  6. i disagree. i dont think onyx and dalton would be a good match. onyx need someone tosoften her. onys and dalton are too much alike. but i think lethal heart and taylor bellini could work.

  7. Just read Sin’s Iniquity and where I disagree with some in saying that onyx and dalton would not be a good fit. I believe they are the fit. Their strengths where most think are equally matched, aren’t. Dalton strength lies in his indifference yet he has underlining compassion which he shields. Onyx strength lies within some hidden anger or a traumatic event which she shield herself by helping others under the disguise of payment for services. Having Dalton and Onyx together is like the “perfect storm” in it passion, conflict, intrigue and overall healing of two souls. The one stronger than the other chracter is so overly done. I find in reading your novel Sylvia Hubbard is you tap into what is not conventional. Two goliaths battling love for each other when love as we all know is the strongest and truly the alpha supreme as well as the one to prevail is a magnificient plot especially between two giants. A plot seldom done. At least from my reading of romance novels. Please take another look at Dalton and Onyx as a couple. It not money as they both have strong financial wealth, it not power as they equally matched in that area but it about the things they hide behind (their shields) that will bring them together. That is what I’m requestion you to examine. Analogy: A true chess player (Dalton/Onyx) wants to pit themselve with a worthy opponent (Onyx/Dalton) not some okay opponent (new or existing psuedo strong character). That why Dalton and Onyx together are the key to a magnificent storyline with love making the decisive move of “checkmate”.

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