6 of My Books In Top #Amazon Bestsellers! Wow! #amwriting #kindle


Today, I decided to look into my Amazon sales a little bit more deeply and I found out the following books are now in the Top 100 Bestsellers in the Kindle store there:

Stealing Innocence

Stealing Innocence II

Mistaken Identity

Diary Of A…

Sweet Justice

Love 101

The two that were the lowest, which shocked me tremendously, were:

Stealing Innocence (number 46)

Love 101 (ranked at 17)

This was all a surprise to me and I’m enjoying the success of the book sales and I hope to load more books soon!

I’ll keep you posted!!

Thx for all your support!

4 thoughts on “6 of My Books In Top #Amazon Bestsellers! Wow! #amwriting #kindle

  1. Sylvia, you are awesome! I still don’t think you sleep! LOL, you are a major blessing to the literary community thank you for so readily sharing your wisdom!!!!

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