NEW BOOK: Taken For Granted By Earl Sewell

Earl Sewell Announcement


Taken For Granted
Now Available In ebook Format

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Taken For Granted
Is now available in ebook format for just $3.99. Click here to purchase. 
About The Book

Earl Sewell’s extraordinary novel is an unforgettable story about the chances we take and the possibilities that are waiting just around the next corner.


Nina Epps got married too young, to the wrong man, for the wrong reasons. With her lazy, womanizing husband still trying to call all the shots and her grown daughter throwing away success for a no-account spouse, Nina’s quiet spirit is finally waking up, smelling the coffee and telling her to grab herself a big cup….if it isn’t already too late.


When Richard Vincent got married, he didn’t know it was a package deal—a wife, her freeloading sister, and an in-your-business, crazy-like-fox mother-in-law. To protect his son, the easygoing doctor has played “yes” man to his scheming family’s outrageous requests for years, until a final, devastating blow leaves him robbed of everything he’s ever thought he had.


Knocked sideways by life, Nina and Richard are looking for a way out, but what they find is a way in. Now they must both stand firm and face the difficult challenges ahead, and as hope grows ripe, they are about to discover love’s endless ability to heal and sustain when there’s no way of knowing what the next day will bring.