Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 6

This chapter is no longer available.

book to come soon.

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5 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 6

  1. Poor Em i feel for the guy. Great post as always Sylvia. Had to go back and look through my book to get that name that Grae used. Good idea getting us to do that.

  2. I was trying to follow what Lethal was saying and that means that Juanita is really not Reese mother’s? Did Junaita steal Reese from the hospital? All these things are twisted.

  3. Sylvia, please do not tell me that Reese is that baby……This TRICK is beating on someone else kid that she done stole……SHE IS TRIFLING!!!!!PLEASE LET EM GET SOME FAST! 🙂

  4. same as above.yea i guess jaunita is nita and she stole reese. so like i guess the battle will be not only keeping reese from her “mom” but also her dad?and uh eeuw lethal be hitting the light switch flex lol have to re-read that post tomorrow

  5. ok im prob just slow 2day but i need a recap. ty pittway is leah parker.. lela who taught reese the massaging technique is leah parker’s mom. juanita lost her baby and stole reese. that is crazy. and devon mcguire is her long lost daddy. what a loop sylvia….

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