Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 5.3

She took a deep breath and stared up at the ceiling. If she didn’t look at him, those sensual lips that begged for more of his kisses wouldn’t captivate her. ‘Don’t even mention the fear,’ she ordered herself. “There are too many to name, Emperor.” She looked everywhere except him.

            “Name one,” he persisted.

            Reese knew he was staring right at her, but she forced herself to find anything and everything to look at, excerpt him! “I’m a virgin.” It was becoming easier to admit this. She gasped as his hand moved down to her groin and gently threaded his fingers through her hair. “I -I shouldn’t just give myself…” She took a quick breath fighting for control as a fog of lust filled her head. “…myself… away like this so easily.”

            Emperor leaned down so close she could feel his breath on her erected dark pink nipple. He watched as she closed her eyes and her breathing increased. Yes, she wanted him. He could smell her need, see her need, and wanted to bend her will to his. Did she know how damn good she looked with her hair down out of its tight bun? It was everywhere around her head and the bed.

            She looked like the goddess Aphrodite – ready to be claimed. And just as Adonis lay with Aphrodite, Emperor planned to make Reese his own despite the consequences.

            Moving his fingers easily between the womanly plump lips, he delicately stroked her thick tender button. Reese threw her head back and her hands moved to grip her breast to cease the throbbing that was pulsing hard inside of her. His member shot up to full excitement as he watch her grind her hips into the bed, bite her lip and reveal in the torturous teasing his fingers elicit.

            He couldn’t stop himself. Her need was so great and he didn’t want to let her go. Yet, his own body screamed to join with her. There was something much greater than her own virginity that was stopping her and it had nothing to do with morals or principals.

            Emperor never stopped watching her as his palm moved faster. He could just imagine how tight her cavern would grip his member and how her body would crave for more.

            “Em… Em…oh… what are… yyyyooooouuu… doooiiinn’!” She could barely speak as the orgasm gripped every nerve endings in her body.

             Just watching the orgasm grip her body was powerful enough to send him over the edge and he found himself rolling on his stomach and gripping the covers as he ejaculated onto his sheets.

            They were both panting uncontrollable, but she was first to come to her senses. His hand was still between her legs and just resting. It was a comforting sensation, but she blushed knowing what this “hand” had just done to her.

            Looking at him now, she bit her lip wanting to say the words he had just told her he hated to hear from her lips, but she knew it was the right thing to do, before she was tempting even more.

            “Emperor,” she called softly.

            His face turned to her and they stared at each other for a long time, until he said lightly, “I know, Reese. You should go.” He moved his hand away from her and closed his eyes.

            She sat up in the bed to look down at the floor for her clothes. Reese hadn’t realized how high and how large the bed was until now. It was perfect for him, but her feet were about a half a foot off the floor. She had to slide down to get off the bed, because she didn’t want to take the chance of crawling over him in order to use the stool at the end of the bed.

            He was far from sleep, but he was taking deep breaths.

Reading the clock on his bed, she gasped. If she didn’t hurry, her mother would kill her! Looking around frantically for her shoe she heard him say in a calm voice, “Check under the bed.”

            Reese dropped to her knees and saw the shoe right in her face. “Thank you,” she said, sliding it on quickly. The fact that he knew what she was looking for without her even asking or without opening his eyes was creepy.

            Once she was dressed, she stared at his dark physique as he laid perfectly still on the bed with his arms now behind his head. She really wanted to memorize every inch of dark skin on his body because she had feeling she wouldn’t see him like this ever again.

            Emperor exuded power and strength, even as he lay there on the bed in a somewhat deceptive calm manner as if everyone looked like him naked – far from it. That was very far from the truth!

            He hadn’t moved one bit and she wondered if he was still in pain.

            She started for the doorway until she heard his tranquil deep voice.

            “Will I see you again, Reese?”

            The question was actually a shock to her. It amazed her that he had admitted wanting her in the first place, but now that he knew she couldn’t give him anything that he desired, she would think he didn’t want anything to do with her. Emperor Heart could have a harem of women fighting for him. He probably did, yet he still desired to see her?

            “L-Like this?” she asked hesitantly in disbelief.

            Emperor bent his head forward and opened his eyes to look at her. That was about all the movement and Reese didn’t know if she should feel insulted or not.

            “Will I ever see you again alone, Reese? Even if it’s just to talk. I haven’t rescinded my offer to use the guest house. The keys are in the same drawer where I told you the extra cell phone is.”

            She really didn’t know how to answer him. Her mind was still reeling at the idea that he wanted her. There’s got to be a catch.

            Her lack of answering obviously upset him and he propped his hand up to his head to slightly raise his body more. A very cold demeanor came over him and she felt as if she were in the room with a very different man at that moment.

            “I guess that means no.” Emperor didn’t give her time to answer. “So be it Reese. I’ll see you when I see you.”

            Reese only nodded unsure how to make of everything that had happened. Had she really hurt his feelings? No, that was impossible. Women were probably knocking over his door to get a chance to spend one second with him. Why would he care whether she wanted to see him or not? He was only being nice to her because she was a friend to his daughter. And she really wasn’t a friend of Eartha’s. More like an associate or even further than that. Eartha like to speak with her every once in a while and really only if it had to do with schoolwork, but nothing more than a passing acquaintance.

            Emperor was just feeling compassion for Reese. That was all.

            Reese made her way out the house as quickly as possible and when she got in her car, she quickly fixed her hair.

            Looking back at the house, she wondered was he still lying there on the bed.


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  1. poor emperor. when is he going to get his full release syl? he & we been waitin for like 10 months since you teased us with the excerpt lol. please dont let her mama catch her. she might kill her.

  2. I agree with Eva. That poor man been using his hands so much it’s no wonder and haven’t rub that sucker off. I really feel sorry for reese because when she does loose her virginity all hell is going to break loose. Her mother is crazy! Great Post!

  3. really was it 10 mnth? dang i could have had a baby during that time … and that is a sad thoughtno comment on the story drawing blanks i have so many question that i dont even know what questions i have. i just dont know oh to approach the situation. feeling kind of happy my job isnt to write the story 😛

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