Stranger 2 Love (Another Free Read… If…)

feeling weird.\

Stories are popping in my head that are so good I just have to share a little.

Bout three in the morning, i awoke, grabbed my laptop and started to try to work on EA, but then pulled up word, saw a blank screen and another story just fell out on the paper.

I think it’s because of personal frustration with the current beau. He’s working more and i’m having withdrawel symptoms.

But of course, i’m not just gonna give it to ya.

You’re going to have to work for it.

So let’s make this a little harder because you guys are like supersmart.

The password to this one is the name of the youngest child Charisse Sheridan had in His Substitute Wife…My Sister.

Clue: It’s also connected to someone else in that story as well.

Go To:

And tell me what you think of it either here or there.

See you tomorrow with more of Emperor’s Addiction and remember to keep passing the word so we can get more readers.

3 thoughts on “Stranger 2 Love (Another Free Read… If…)

  1. Ahhh Sylvia,Because you are who you are, I never know what to expect from you (lol).I like this one. I think Madison has the potential to be a real evil bitch (or will she not be)? Maybe just a little evil.Take care.Gail F.

  2. The more I think about Madison the more I hate her and that’s strange for me. I wrote a character with a black bone that’s evil a hell.What the heck was i think?I have no ideaokay now i’m going looney cause i’m talking to myself.

  3. Okay, Sylvia now. Are you intentionally stalling with EA? And if so, why? Because it’s the LAST live one? You know you can always reconsider your decision and just do a live story once a year instead of not at all. (hint-hint) lol.Though I like all the side bars and extra stories, it’s EA that’s got me pheening the most at the moment. So, Miss Lady, stop stalling and get with it.Okay, done with my rant…time to go figure out the latest clue to your newest short story.Suprina

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