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It’s here! October 1st and Tanner’s Devil is available. Thank you soooo much for all you guys support up til now. Release Day banner
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I love that you guys really came out on the pre-order book tour and those of you that have gotten your books last night, please post your reviews as asap.
Please show your #SneakReader support and make a comment on these blogs; Even thanking them for hosting me.
Love you in advance and appreciate you very much!
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your author! Sylvia Hubbard

Romance Readers get Pre-Order you copy now of Tanner’s Devil before October #amreading #addicted


Watch the video and then order your copy of #TannersDevil

Looking for 5 Beta Readers/Reviewers who can post by October 15th to @AmazonKindle for Tanner’s Devils | FREE COPY


I’m looking for 5 Beta Readers / Reviewers who would post a review of Tanner’s Devil to @AmazonKindle before October 15th. If you cannot read the book by that time, then please don’t ask for a copy just to get your hands on it.

That horrible fiasco happened on His Substitute Wife. I had over 100 people ask for a review copy and only received 10 reviews.

I used to be nice about it and just let it go, but now I have this new outlook that I can’t afford to give all my work away.

I understand you love to read my books and I really do understand that you can’t afford my books. (I’m talking to those readers who keep leaving comments on my blog about how they wish I’d offer more books for free)

More Free books are forthcoming along with a paid book site, but for now, I do have glasses to afford, braces to pay for and three kids that have to eat. Help me feed my kids.

So back to the request of this original blog request:

(clearing throat)

If you are interested and can post a review of Tanner’s Devil by October 15th to Amazon19c8f-tanners-devil-ky Kindle I would be much appreciative if you could fill out a form by clicking here with the subject line: Tanner’s Devil Review Request. It’s a private form and I will be the only one to see information in the form. I’d appreciate if you could also let me know if you can post to Barnes and Noble and/or also iBooks as well later on when the book is posted there. I’d also like to know if you can receive the book as a .mobi file (for Kindle users) or as an .epub file (which you can download to any device other than Kindle.)

I will not send the file in any other way except those two, so if you do not know what those files are, please don’t request. (Although anyone with an Android can download the .epub file straight to their phone to read.)

Now that you know the way to get the files, I look forward to the first five request.

I appreciate you in advance. xoxo

If you are also planning on posting the review to a website or to a bookclub site I would love to know that too and if you have a twitter handle, I would love to know that so I can promote the blog post as well.

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