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Free Books from today til the 5th

Release of Eve’s Deception

Paperback and Ebook, you can now see my new Inspiration Romance that I know you will enjoy. It’s also the inception of the Windfall Brothers Series with Delilah’s Desire and the ongoing book Desire’s Tryst.

NanoWriMo 1st Day

The first day, I was able to get 2777 words on my document

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Happy Nat’l Authors Day

These are great suggestions, and I hope this helps readers throughout November. The world could always use new readers, and authors would love it if you would help us recruit them. It’s a cult we all need!

Check out my books, share the freebies and give the gift of reading!

Upcoming Book Release

As mentioned, Nov 1st – Eve’s Deception dropped. It’s in paperback and ebook.

We hope we can drop the first installment of Her Substitute Husband… His Boss. There’s also a hint of The Convenient Wife story starter, and of course, we’re still a work in progress with Desire’s Tryst.

Let me know your thoughts on what book you’re looking for.

What’s new with me? Where am I mentally and spiritually

Since we’ve closed the camp (winterized), we only go up to clean it and prepare the land for winter. I’ll miss my writing shed, but I’ll endure at home.

I hope to get the house back to normal. During the summer, I get nothing done, but with us staying home more, I SHOULD get a lot done.

I hope to get a lot done over the winter going into 2024 with the rapid release of Her Substitute Husband… His Boss, Essence’s Divinity, and then the rapid release of Delilah’s Desire.

I do have events coming up including

and more coming.

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