Another Crown for #kindlevella #DelilahsDesire, #syllit current WiP romance intrigue

I’m super hype and super crying cause this is soooo awesomely good

Knowing you guys are loving on me and even liking me as well makes so so durn proud of myself and encourages me to keep it going.

Editing Chapter 10 as we speak and will be hopefully posting it tonight.

Dag is in my head and I’m in tizzy of what to do but my goal is to get him happy.

He’s difficult.

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***Warning (This book contains several aspects of the uglier side of life; it is not for the faint of heart.)*** Delilah developed a weakness for his father that she prayed no one would ever find out. Love was rocket science to Dag & he always found a way to mess things up with his addictions, trauma and most of all his mouth. Explore the dark side of love where lust combined with desire leads to an unquenchable obsession. This is the author’s THIRD Kindle Vella. Start Reading Now

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I’m so stoked! About this crown !

and that’s as of 10/5/2022!! Recorded my wins!!

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