6 types of toxic characters πŸ˜ˆπŸ’” To use in your fiction πŸ“š #syllit #amwriting

For some reason having toxic people in my books is exciting.

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They challenge my protagonist and threatened HEA. When you find one of these can do both it makes your story line so much better.

  1. The Egoistic or the egotistical. When they take pride to another level. Stretch your imagination and take this person to the next level. Not just arrogant but deluded in themselves as the best avoiding people who threaten their self pride and vanity. You can use this characteristic to actually take down the villain
  2. The Pessimist. Sometimes this doesn’t have to be the antagonist but a good friend who constantly make the protagonist doubt themselves. Chirping in their ear like a magpie constantly, and taking the focus off of the HEA and the character goals.
  3. The Gossiper. This is a familiar character in most stories, but try not to be clichΓ© that it’s a female. Through the reader for a loop and make him a man or heck a man that used to be a female.
  4. The Liar. Often the antagonist using their skills to get ahead of the protagonist but their skills will eventually lead to their downfall.
  5. The Critics. Sometimes mistaken for the pessimist but this goes much deeper and cuts harder on the soul of the protagonist.
  6. The Envious. Easy to understand but I believe the worst of the worst because they are driven to discrete the protagonist and will go to great extremes to get rid of everyone in their way as well.

In my new release The Trouble with Gabrielle, the antagonist clearly desires our protaganist and when they cannot get what they want they will do everything they can to destroy everyone.

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