Happy Nat’l Cashew Day… something about your author you didn’t know – my favorite nut

Other than my children, the Cashew nut has always been my favorite nut.

I remember when we were little the Cashews were so expensive and my parents never bought them.

I tasted them one time at a family’s house – who I thought was just the richest person in the world – and I fell in love with the taste of them.

When I was able to buy cashews on my own, I remember I was on my way down to Florida and I bought a small bag at a gas station.

I was back in love with the nut again and have been since.

And now that Aldi’s sells them with honey crust flavoring… omg! I’m in heaven.

Do you like Cashews or is there another nut you prefer… don’t be nasty… lol

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