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I love giving my readers that extra umph… and this year, I’m dedicating my site to that. With exclusive novels, stories and live book blogging I hope you have joined the #SneakReaders! More to come. Share this post!

Exclusive Books at The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard – https://gumroad.com/sylviahubbard1

    1. Vengeful Obsession (formerly called Sex Weed) BUY

      Dyson Peare a man who maintained a strong control on all parts of his life is dead set on coming out the winner in a long battle with his step-brother, Reed Lawson. Upon the knowledge of finding out his brother is secretly married to a woman who doesn’t want to be married to him, Dyson prepares himself to get the ultimate win when he found Reed fathered the son Dyson thought was his own.

      Yet, Melissa Lawson is a complicated woman who even Reed could not deal with but did not want to let her go. Now Dyson prepares to bend her to his will, but he finds himself obsessed with the heaven he finds between her legs and once his victory over his brother is done, he doesn’t know if he can give up her sex weed.

      Price:  $1.99 USD BUY NOW

      Review : Wow talk about good to the end..

      Review #2: I could put the book or kindle down, this story was off the hook good. Miss Hubbard has did it again, Dyson was the you would love to hate but you just can’t. It was nice to hear about the Heart too. THIS WAS A MUST READ…….YOU WON’T BE SORRY.

      Price:  $1.99 USD BUY NOW


    2. Teach Me To Love - small

      Teach Me To LoveBUY

      When they come together… Who’s teaching whom?

      Rachel Herlong, a teacher, finds herself strangely attracted to the dark handsome student, Derrick James, who’s nothing but trouble.

      Yet, opportunities keep presenting themselves and she soon finds that she must make a choice between a love she has longed for or her morals and unhappy marriage. (This is an unedited version avail thru link only) Read An Excerpt Now

      Price:  $2.00 USD BUY NOW


  1. Two Ways To Pleasure – BUY

    Sometimes new experiences can lead to wicked surprises…

    Jordan wants to step out of her comfort zone after being called a prude from her competitive cousin.

    A Craigslist ad was posted and soon the adventure of one night turns into a sensuous journey with Two Ways To Pleasure.

    #darkromance #highsuspense

    Listen to first chapter audio – click here

    Price:  $1.99 USD BUY NOW

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