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shortstorychallengeOnly For One Night is a story starter I pulled from my Google Docs Ideas. I would have kept going, I really would have, but I decided to leave it as I’m famously known as – The Cliffhanger Queen.

I’m happy to note this is under 5k words. I’m starting to understand why other novelists love short stories. I’m still a lover of longer stories, but it’s kinda fun to quickly move a story out on paper in a short time, but give the reader so much behind every word and every scene.

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Only For One Night


Chapter One

“Nothing here but old farts and young junk,” her college snarled, looking around the back alley dive in disappointment.

FeetRub.jpgMorgan’s feet hurt, and she wasn’t about to go back outside in thirty-degree weather until she was positive the cab was right outside the door.

“I’m getting a drink,” Morgan said. “Sit your butt down until the guy calls. You told him thirty minutes right?”

Slumping in the booth across from Morgan, Vicki Turner huffed. “I can’t believe the one night you want some; you can’t find any. I bet your nasty cousin is out there fucking the whole Chicago and you’re going back home dry as a bone.”

Morgan shrugged massaging her feet. “It was a foolhardy idea. Terra has always been able to find the good ones.”

“Could you put your shoes on?” Vicki scoffed disgusted, but Morgan knew her friend just wanted something to complain.

Wearing three-inch heels and trying to walk from bar to bar had been a bad idea, but Morgan thought she had gotten dressed up for something. For a thick girl like herself, having the confidence to go out and show what her Momma gave her took a lot of work.

For the first time in a couple of months, she had a free night and decided to take a chance, especially since they were out of town on business. She wanted to find a no strings attached kind of guy she could bring to the hotel room her company was paying for and just enjoy herself for the night. The last six bars they’d found were full of sad pathetic men.

Chicago sucked!

The door to the dive opened whipping cold air though the place and the biggest hottest looking man this side of the Mississippi filled the doorway.

“Damn! Look what answered our prayers,” Vicki sang.

Morgan kicked her with her bare foot.

“Eww!” Vicki said. “Don’t put those stinky dogs on me.”

Morgan giggled knowing fully well her feet didn’t stink, but her giggle caught his attention. His dark almond eyes looked directly at her as if she had been what he had been looking for all night long and his eyes went down to her feet. One of her shoes was still off, and he looked at her toes like he wanted to thread his thick tongue between them despite everyone watching.

All of a sudden feeling uncomfortable, Morgan put her shoes back on and looked away. “He is kinda on the big side, don’t you think, Vick? Big is not my forte.”

“That boy’s been extra dipped in a big bowl of Hershey’s chocolate. You better jump on him before I do.” Vicki was licking her lips voraciously.

Morgan was glad the waitress came over and asked them for their drink order. The distraction from trying to look over at the big guy who was now at the bar talking with the bartender disturbed her.

“We’ll take two very strong Manhattans!” Vicki declared.

As thirsty as Morgan was, she wasn’t trying to get drunk, but she didn’t stop the order.

“Your phone charged, right?” she asked wondering how long were thirty minutes.

“Gurl, this is your chance to relieve some stress. Give that guy the eye so he can get over here and take you home,” Vicki snarled.

Morgan was suddenly shy. That man had looked at her like she was the air he needed to breathe and she wasn’t into some guy fostering an addiction to her. It took forever to get rid of Kevin.

“That man’s the tall drink of water you’ve been waiting on,” Vicki urged. “And with us going back to Detroit tomorrow, this is the thirst you needed quench tonight.”

The man tucked something in his jacket from the bartender picked up the Jameson on the Rocks he’d ordered and swigged it down in one take.

Damn how she wished she was his drink. He said something to the bartender and then looked directly at Morgan.

jamesonOnTheRocks.jpgThe waitress came back over and placed the Manhattans in front of them. “The handsome guy at the bar is paying for your drinks. He said compliments of the lady in blue. He says it’s his favorite color.”

Morgan looked over at Vicki and realized the waitress was talking about the simple royal blue dress she’d borrowed from her cousin Terra.

Blushing from root to tip, she realized she hadn’t had a one night stand since college, and now at thirty-four years old, she was feeling like a virgin, even though she wasn’t.

Vicki’s phone buzzed. “And that’s my cue,” she said standing up. “You have a good night.”

“Wait, Vicki,” Morgan said jumping up and following Vicki to the door. “I don’t know him!”

“That’s the point!” Vicki said and rushed out of the door.

Morgan was about to follow but realized she hadn’t put her shoes on and it was cold as hell outside.

Turning back around to the bar, the large stranger had moved over to her booth and picked up her shoes.  He dangled them from his pinkie finger, and even that looked large.

As she walked up to him, she swore the man lifted steel containers for fun, and she so wished she had not stopped smoking ten years ago.

He extended the other large hand at her. “My friends call me Luke,” he introduced.

His voice was thick, and his eye contact was direct. She needed a drink and was glad her Manhattan was still on the table. She was almost tempted to drink the rest of Vicki’s but held herself back. She didn’t want to look like a drunk.

She raised up her eyes passed his wide chest, thick arms, broad shoulders and thick neck to a godly chiseled dark desert skin and a tight goatee. His hair was dark and not a strand was out of place or brushed the wrong way.

Licking her lips, she said, “My friends call me May.” She started to take a deeper look at him.

In his dark expensive Italian suit, Bulgari watch, freshly groomed nails and handmade Italian shoes for his exceptionally large feet, he was too handsome for words and suddenly she knew he was out of his element.

“You don’t come here often?” she asked skeptically.

He blushed. “I told your friend if you’re a smart woman you’d figure that out.”

Confused, Morgan raised a brow. “You know my friend?”

“Yes, she approached me in the lobby this morning at your hotel while you were busy making some arrangements. I was speaking to the bartender there. Asked if I was in town alone and would I like some company tonight. I wasn’t interested in her, but then she showed me a picture of you.”

Worriedly, she asked, “It wasn’t the…oh lawd, please say she didn’t!”

“Orange suits you very well.”

Morgan wanted to die of embarrassment. Two years ago when she was dragged on a trip to California and Vicki got her in a too tight bikini, snapping a picture right before she nearly burst from the garment.

“I told her to delete that photo!” she hissed.

He smiled gratefully. “I’m glad your friend didn’t.  I was speechless and impressed.” His eyes drifted down her body and then back up again in a visual caress that made her heart race.

“I can’t believe Vicki set me up.”

He pointed to the booth, and she sat down. When he knelt down in front of her and took a foot to put on her shoes, she wanted to die again of embarrassment. Morgan felt as if someone touching her feet was too intimate.

“Oddly, she said that’s what you do,” he noted. “She explained you’re always doing for everyone else and you never have time for yourself.”

Rolling her eyes around, Morgan said, “I never imagined I had a nose for helping others do so until I found my daughter a perfect man.”

He stopped what he was doing and just held her toes tightly. His hands were so damn warm. “You married your daughter off, May?”

“Well, yes, she’s twenty-one. They’re getting married in a month.”

Frowning, he questioned, “You have a twenty-one-year-old daughter?”

Blushing, she said, “I wasn’t always the good girl. I was rather promiscuous in my olden days.”

“How old are you?”

“My birthday was two days ago. I turned thirty-four. I was birthing my daughter and graduating from high school at the same time. Luckily, my mother made me go to community college at night and work during the day for two straight years to get my life together, so I could raise my daughter and get a decent job to support myself.”

“Wow, beauty, brains and a hard worker. Rare in a woman these days.” He finished strapping on her other shoe, but didn’t move from his kneeling position and didn’t take her foot off his thigh. His hand casually rested on her ankle. “So why is an extraordinary woman like you having such difficulties in finding a good man?”

Leaning in close, she said, “Because sometimes it’s not always a good man, people are looking for, Luke. It’s the right man.”

He smirked. “I didn’t think I would enjoy meeting you, but I must ask would you grant me the pleasure of your company tonight, May?”

“Was that difficult to formulate?”

He chuckled. “With your name, I’d sound like a complete idiot saying May, may I have.”

She laughed with him.

Damn! She hadn’t laughed with a man in a very long while. Licking her lips again, she said, “I would be honored for you to join me in my room tonight, Luke.”

Suddenly, he looked uncomfortable and put her foot down. “I have a better idea. I know your friend will be waiting for you to come back to the hotel tonight with me. Let’s keep her guessing and find another hotel, my treat?” He held out his large, strong hand for her to take. Briefly, she noted there was a missing ring off his left hand, but she hoped in the back of her mind that this meant he was either recently divorced.

Morgan didn’t know what she was getting herself into, but this man was so damn handsome she didn’t want to care. “Lead the way,” she insisted, taking his hand and guiding her out of the dive.



Chapter 2

There was a black sedan outside waiting for them with a driver who ushered them in from the cold into the back seat.

“You arranged all this with Vicki?” she asked skeptically.

“I was coming to this bar anyway tonight, and I asked your friend to meet me here around the time you arrive. You were a little late, but I didn’t mind waiting.”

She noted he seemed very interested in talking with bartenders around Chicago but made no mention of that observation. One of her superpowers was picking up on things people choose not to say. It was a blessing and curse. Tonight, she needed a blessing; a very orgasmic blessing, and if Vicki had checked him out already, Morgan was determined to enjoy herself.

“So what did Vicki tell you about me?” she inquired.

“She said you were very hard working, loved your family and friends, sacrificed for people you cared about and did everything in your power to make everyone was happy except yourself. She asked me to make you happy, for one night.” He leaned in close to her. “When was the last time your lips were thoroughly kissed, May?”

Sadly, she couldn’t remember. “I recollected when I was on a date a couple of years ago, but it was so sloppy, I don’t want to try to remember. The experience dissuaded me to stop dating.”

“That bad?” he asked.

“It was horrible. There was a river above my lip I had to swipe a couple of times to clean off.”

“I think I can help repair that memory,” he said.

“You think?”

He chuckled sensuously. “You’ll have to close your eyes.”

InstagramstoryMan.jpgMorgan breathlessly shuddered as she closed her eyes. He moved even closer to her, and his breath brushed the top of her lip. She could smell the Irish whiskey, just before his warm lips pressed against hers in the perfect slant. He pressed up slightly up, drawing her breath out of her, making her forget to take more in as he pressed again in a deeper slant. This time not so perfect, but making her gasp and then moan. Slowly he straightened up, rubbed her nose to his and moved away.

“Did that help you forget?” he asked.

“Forget what?”

Again he chuckled sensuously. “You have a delightful sense of humor.”

In all honesty, she had forgotten what he had been trying to make her forget. She just wanted to find a way to get kissed again. “Do I get a reward for that?”

Luke didn’t need to ask what kind of reward she was looking from him. This time, his arms came around her waist, and he seem to slide her across the seat until her side was molded against his. His lips returned to hers.

This time she was ready to show him some of her passionate kissing skills, and before long, he seemed lost in her lips. Luke’s tongue delved over her teeth and entwined with hers as if he were meant to be there and they had been kissing for centuries before.

A voice cleared several times, and they realized the car had stopped in front of another hotel. He reluctantly slid her to her side of the vehicle and nodded to the driver.

When they were in the lobby, she let him go to the desk to make arrangements for a room. He joined her almost too quickly and led her to an elevator.


When he pushed the top button and used his key to trigger the elevator, she looked at him curiously.

“How did you reserve the penthouse?” she questioned.

“I have some friends around town. They keep a room here for clients.” He winked and pulled her into his embrace. “Now where were we?”

His large body had to swoop down to kiss her, but he didn’t mind at all. Going up to a penthouse, kissing a very handsome man was what any woman dreamed.

His hands immediately cupped her full figure rear and kneaded her hips. One hand came around and fondled her breasts. She, in turn, touched his wide chest, moved down his rippled stomach and moved over his hardened shaft that seemed to want to burst out of his pants.

Morgan determined he would be a nice she could handle although she had a feeling his girth might be a challenge from what she felt.

She was barely cognizant of getting off the elevator and making their way to a door. He couldn’t stop kissing her, and when they were inside of the penthouse, he may have flickered one light.

There was just enough light to make their way to a bedroom, between kissing, desperate touching and the rubbing of their bodies together; they knew one thing together – they wanted the other.

She turned around so he could unzip her dress. It was as if he read her mind and quickly pulled the zipper down kissing her neck, unhooking her bra, and helping her off with her dress. When she turned to him, as her black bra fell from her body, he gasped in amazement.

“Damn!” he whispered so low if there had been any other noise like music playing, she didn’t think she would have heard him. He dropped to his knees in front of her. Her five foot two height, even on her heels was still a challenge to him, but he curved her body so his mouth could suckle her large dark nipples.

His large hands were perfect for her forty D cup breasts, and his worship of them almost made her cry.

He stood up abruptly lifting her with him by her ass. His mouth returned to hers as he carried her over to the bed and then laying her on her back sideways away from the pillows.

She whimpered as he left the bed to strip out of his clothes. When he returned to her, he pulled down her panties. She was about to take off her shoes, but he stopped her.

“Leave them on for later,” he ordered.

She heard a condom package tear and fully relaxed glad he was taking precautions.

Luke was fully hardened as he pressed into her. The dim light from the other room outlined his large muscular body, and she was very right about his girth. Despite her being very wet from him, Luke’s thickness challenged her.

Worriedly, he asked, “Do you need some lubrication?”

Just the way he said those words made her think of him providing natural lubrication for her down there with those sexy lips of his. A flood of her essence leaked all over giving him enough natural lubrication where he pushed right in.

They both gasped amazed her body had taken so much of him. He was still very tight inside of her, but Luke was learning her body, particularly the spots that seem to excite her and was quick to master. His reward, more natural lubrication so he could ease even more of himself into her.

She became so aroused she could feel a river running between the crack of her rear as he pushed more and more into her. Soon he was to the hilt and then ground deeply within her.

Moaning and scratching his back, bucking up into his body, she passionately kissed him loving every centimeter of his largeness over her and inside of her.

He thickened more.

“Ugh… my… Gawd!” she cried as each stroke took her to an out of this world plateau.

And he joined her, growling right before he buried his face right in her neck.

She giggled loving how he carefully didn’t put all his weight on her.

“That was fun,” she whispered.



Chapter 3

luxury-hotel-2.jpgAfter a few minutes, he raised up from her and though he was flaccid, she could feel a substantial pull out. It took a moment for her body to adjust to his circumference and she closed her eyes and smiled trying to remember everything she was feeling.

He’d walked out of the room, but returned shortly.

“Damn, woman, you look like you want some more,” he said taking her hands and guiding her to stand up.

Morgan admitted, “I haven’t had sex in a very long time.”

“How long?” he inquired.

“Four years to be exact.” She pushed the sadness away. “After my mother died, my fiancé to be decided he couldn’t cope with my depression and decided to step away. I haven’t seen him since the funeral.”

“Damn! That is cold blooded.” He continued to guide her around the hotel room to the bathroom.  The shower was going, and he pulled her inside using his body to shield her from the water. “You sure it wasn’t for something else? I’m shocked a beautiful woman like you haven’t been touched by a man in so very long.” He was soaping up a washcloth and started to wash her up.

This was a unique gesture for Morgan because no man had bathed her. This fine nucca was not only cleaning every nook and cranny on her body, but he was also arousing her at the same time.

She had to think for a moment before responding to his question. “I’m a workaholic, which doesn’t help me find anyone. I guess my friend felt bad for me knowing how long I’ve been celibate.”

He looked impressed as he kissed her collarbone and then moving down to her breasts with the washcloth. “You must love your job.”

“I do… I mean, I did until I came here.”

By this time, he was moving down to her stomach and lowering his body, so his face was down there too. The shower water rinsed away the soap on her chest and streamed down her body.

“What happened?”

“Our company is being bought out by this other company, and we came here to strike a deal with the new owners. The guy that’s buying us out didn’t have the balls to show up. It’s like he wants to throw his money around and just expect us to accept everything. He doesn’t understand how hard we worked for this company to be successful and in my opinion, he doesn’t care.”

He paused for a moment as he circled the cloth around her stomach, moving disarms around her waist to look up at her. “He could’ve been busy doing something stupid or important. Life always gets in the way of things.”

“Are you defending him?” she asked incredulously.

“I’m just a sympathetic businessman that understands life,” he explained.

“He should have been busy taking care of business and had his butt at that meeting.”

He started kissing on her stomach and then using the tip of his tongue to tickle her belly button. His hands were soaping up her thighs and rear, while his mouth moved down between her legs.

“Wait,” she whispered but forgot what she was going to say as she felt his chin circle her clitoris. His fingers parted her lower lips, and she could feel the water drizzle down between her legs. A finger pressed into her as he used his chin to increase the stimulation on her most sensitive part. His mouth licked the corners near her thighs and planted kissed in her bed of hair.

It was just too erotic for Morgan, and she was once again propelled into the sensuous unknown enjoying her orgasm to the fullest. It was a good thing he was down there holding her steady because her legs buckled more than once unsure of holding up her weight.

When her senses had come back to reality, he was finishing up by her feet washing each toe as if he had an agenda for them later.

He stood back up, moved his big body to the side and let her rinse off. Kissing the breath from her, he gently spanked her bottom and said, “Order us something to snack on while I finish up in here. Charge it to the room.”

She stepped out of the shower and grabbed a guest towel.

After ordering a fruit tray, she grabbed her phone and saw Vicki had texted her several times.

Morgan saw her friend’s worry and texted back, “I’m fine. He’s fine, and we’re at a hotel together. I’ll see you when I get back later.”

Putting her phone down, she made sure her clothes gathered in a chair by the door. By this time the shower stopped and someone knocked on the hotel’s door.

He called out from the bathroom, “Get in bed. I’ll take care of them.”

Doing as he ordered, she watched as he came from the bedroom with a guest robe that barely closed around his large body. He grabbed a money clip out of his pants and went to the hotel door.

When he returned to the bedroom, he was carrying the tray of food she had ordered. With her towel just around her body, she didn’t feel she had clothes on.

“Are you hungry yet?” he questioned.

Slowly she shook her head and looked down at his robe. His member was still flaccid, and she understood he needed time to “refresh” himself.

He put the tray on the table and moved to the end of the bed. “Are your feet still sore?”

She only shrugged.

Gently picking up her foot, his strong fingers began to massage her heel. Their eyes met, and she blushed. He was clearly enjoying giving her a foot rub as much as she enjoyed receiving the foot rub.

His mouth dipped down and kissed the center of her foot, and then he planted small kisses up to her toes where he also kissed each tip. He looked at her again. By this time she had bitten down on her lip and was waiting breathlessly for what he was going to do next.

He dragged his lips across the bottom of her toes and planted wet kisses all down her feet to her heels.

The sensation was ticklish and erotic at the same time.

Morgan was not surprised when he picked up her other foot and did the same thing, but this time, he took his time on each toe, sucking, licking and laving all around, all the while massaging her foot, then her calves and then moving up to her thighs.

She was in blissful arousal by then as he crawled up her body with kisses, moving her towel aside.

Pushing his robe off his broad shoulders, she lifted her body up and kissed him recklessly. His hardened manhood laid above her womanhood. He was ready for her and they rolled around on the bed until she straddled his waist. He quickly put his hand in the robe’s pocket and produced another condom. She took this one from him, scooted down while opening the package, but didn’t put the condom on immediately.

Morgan wanted to return the favor and used her mouth to excite the various parts of him between his legs. Kissing his thighs, moving up to his large scrotum’s which she could barely fit in her mouth and laving the shaft until it was so thick, she could hardly open her mouth wide enough to take him in.

Highly aroused, by the time Morgan put the condom on, he lifted her up and jammed her down on him.

Gasping and then moaning, Morgan’s juices helped her take him all the way until she was groin to groin. He sat up partially to kiss her softly as if in thanks for giving herself to him.

Damn, did he make all his females feel like they were doing him a favor having sex with him or was he this connected with Morgan as she was to him? Every time she lifted up and returned, she found her body building up an ecstatic fever until her body was burning with the desire to want everything from him.

He was mindless as well with his head thrown back straining to hold himself back until, Morgan squeezed every muscle in her body inside on him rocking and grinding down, bone against bone until…

His curses to the heavens was music to her ears, and she let her body receive him rejoicing in the pleasure that drowned their souls.

She collapsed on him knowing her body weight was nothing to his strength. They were both panting in wonderment and weakened states.

Not sure who fell asleep first, but all Morgan knew the rapid beating of his heart in her ear was something she would’ve loved to listen to forever.


Somehow in their slumber, Morgan had rolled to the side of him, and his condom was off his body and discarded. He was in a deep sleep and didn’t wake when she slithered out of bed.

She gathered her items and went to the door of the hotel. When she was finished dressing, she could still hear him sleeping and spotted his wallet/money clip by the door.

There was a large chunk of ones, and she was tempted to open the wallet part and see his whole name.

Shaking her head, she loved the mystery of not knowing.

It wasn’t as if she would ever see him again. She was through with Chicago and had no intentions of coming here again in her life.

Tomorrow morning she would return to Detroit with the knowledge that she had the best one night stand in her life.

Slipping out of the hotel room, she asked the desk manager to call her a cab.

After she had given the driver her hotel address, she sat back with a wicked smile on her face.

As much as curiosity had been killing her to open the wallet and see his whole name, she was going to be satisfied she had kept Luke… only for one night.

…The end…

Author Note: I do hope you enjoyed this short story challenge and read other short stories that I have available.

This is an ongoing monthly series that started in December and has been wonderful in strengthening my writing skills.

I do need you to let me know how I’ve progressed and what you think of the stories.

Only For One Night (c) 2017 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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