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A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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Diamond in the Rough is a little known book I wrote for the Heart of Detroit Series when I was just trying to write something else. Rob sat in my head and just looked around and I kinda endeared myself to him and needed to get a story out.

Then I was working with a cover designer at the time and he gave me the cover to a novel but the characters on the cover were all wrong.

Rob wanted that cover and I told the designer to hold the design for me until I pushed out the book I was supposed to be working on.

Amazon | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo | iBooks|  Bookbub | Goodreads

I mean I really loved the embodiment of the cover and had to have it. I know the title is goofy and so many times this title has gone and come. I guess that’s why no one really picks this one up.

Yet, I like  this story. I like Rob and I like how Diamond effects him.


Rob had all but given up on himself. A convict doomed to suffer for the rest of his life, he kept to himself… until he saw her…


A dame like no other and one he found himself obsessed with possessing.

Diamond In The Rough is a story of chances, stealing, and love inside the City of Detroit & a man where all hope is gone.

Can one woman change his destiny?

Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

Another addition to the Heart of Detroit Series that will leave you wanting more.


Amazon | Smashwords | B&N | Kobo | iBooks|  Bookbub | Goodreads

So if you haven’t gotten your hands on this book, please download it now. It’s free wherever books are sold. Maybe I’ll put it in a paperback on my exclusive site in a reader’s gift package.

  • We’ll see or you’ll let me know if you like that idea. Contact me.
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