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Silent LynxThis post is a long time coming …

It really all started with Silent Lynx

Even though I had no idea what I was getting myself into or where this was going to go when I originally wrote this story, I thought it was just odd as years passed how many downloads I received from this story after someone would read another story of mine.

Readers have enjoyed this one and believe that this story is going to be the answer to all the mystery surrounding the Heart Family.

Haven’t met them? Here’s the family chart (click here)

RED HEART: A Heart of Detroit SeriesNext came Red Heart. Even though prior to writing Red Heart, readers got the first taste of Lethal Heart and his sister, Onyx Heart, in Stealing Innocence.

But as I developed Lethal in my head, there was something more deadly about him that my readers had not yet discovered.

In particularly, King Heart.

And then there were the cousins that were in the war between these two deadly cousins.

(See Family Chart)

Now I’m not going on into the story and if you want to know more about what’s going on, you’ll have to read all the stories that surround this family.

But Red Heart was really the key to know just how deep, dark and dangerous this family had gone. Like Hell and back, but earth was their vacation.

Daemon Heart became my focal point after I clearly introduced myself to King Heart. (Don’t like him at all).

I didn’t know how, but I knew he was clearly the root of all evil and he was aware and wanted to destroy what he had produced.

Prince Heart was a lighter cousin, who although came from Daemon’s blood showed that the Heart Family wasn’t all mean as all get out.

(Cabin Fever: Print Version | Ebook Version)

He arrived inside of Secrets, Lies & Family Ties, but I gave him his own novel because a lot of fans were asking, who was he dealing with while Grae was on her own storyline.

Near the same time of Red Heart, I came out with a lighter novel which was Baby Doll. A light playful, yet a little bit disturbing short with Sheriff Heart.

The good cop/bad cop thing. (Two Covers Below – one old and the other new)

BABY DOLL: Heart of Detroit Series

Now a lot of people ask me who  is on whose side.

That’s a hard question to ask. It’s brother against brother, sister against sister and cousin against cousin. But there are lines that are crossed (even though everyone knows Lethal and King will kill each other eventually, there is a sort of secret language they all seem to speak and there are house rules that must be abided by.

The next short to be added to the series is now Diamond In The Rough.

This explains a lot of the animosity between Onxy and Blaque and some of the dark past of the ruthless, Daemon Heart.

So now you know the story behind the Heart of Detroit Series and of course, there’s always more to come, but for a second I’m going to take a break.

Yes, I know you’re waiting of Lethal Heart’s story and he’s coming, along with Onyx Heart’s story. Got her man all ready for her.

No, I won’t tell you who, so quit calling my phone and texting me. (You know who you are.)

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