His African Sweetheart – Part 11

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His African Sweetheart

Part 11

By Sylvia Hubbard

Part 11

Aeden’s slow massage continued to her back until he came to her shoulder’s where she could feel he had full control of her upper body. His eyes moved down to her lips, and he drew his bottom lip in as if he was hungry. She could feel his manhood pressing against the front of her and slightly thickening. And she gasped, knowing he wanted her badly. 

Whispering in warning, she said, “Aeden, we don’t want to do something we’ll both regret-“

He hushed her softly, “Let’s pretend there’s no past. There’s no present. We’re just here, right now… together.”

“But our history,” she refuted.

He cut her off again and begged, “Please, Enola, not now. Please give me this moment.” His eyes raced returned to hers, and she almost drowned in the sweet pools of his need. 

Enola couldn’t help herself as she gave in to his need because it was what she wanted too. Despite what he had done to her in the past, there had been too many nights she had fiend to feel his touch, his kiss, to feel him hold her so close she could barely breathe.

Feeling his lips on hers seeming to grab her pulse as she pressed into him because it felt so damn good. 

She did as he asked and pushed away from the past, slowly letting the present melt around them enjoying this incredible moment of pure passion, feeling as if she could become one in the heavenly universe that only they could ascend inside. Enola’s arms encircled his neck, drawing the kiss deeper as she parted her lips and felt his tongue worshiping her mouth. He tasted like sweet hot toffee, and she kissed him, relinquishing all sense as if she were striving for a cavity. 

Moaning, Enola ground her pelvic, indicating her lust for him. He loosened his grip on her back, feeling comforted that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. 

On her down rub, he bucked up as his shaft was nestled perfectly over her sensitive area.

“We can’t,” afraid she was going to lose control.

“I know, I won’t enter as we promised,” he whispered abandoned in his lust. 

She could barely hear his response inculpate to the dominant force swirling through her body like Derecho storm. Wrapping her body against him, stroking his manhood between her labia, the milky oil of the bath provided just enough friction to stimulate both of them. His fingers dug into her sides as he joined her gyrations until they produced a synchronized blast, almost rocking the tub from its secured spot. 

“I’ve been waiting forever to be with you just like this,” he confessed as they were calming down together.

Enola frowned as her brain cells started to clear up from the sensual fog. There were too many questions rolling around in her head, but her lips could not formulate a damn word.

That orgasm had knocked her to another dimension, and her senses had yet to return fully.

He pulled his bottom lip into his mouth because he was still hungry for her, and she groaned, feeling herself wanting to give into him yet again. 

Damn his sexiness.

“What do you have in store for me, Enola?” he demanded to know. 

She still had yet to think that far and had used the excuse of getting in the bathtub with him to prolong what she had planned on doing to him later on. Honestly, there was not one mean or treacherous bone in her body, but she wasn’t going to allow him to take control of this night anymore. Responding, she said, “As I remember, I had no idea what was going to happen to me that night.”

Aeden turned her body quickly around but didn’t let her move back to the other side of the bathtub. She allowed him to pull her back against his chest.

“So, I guess you will leave me in just as much mystery and torture as I left you that night?” he asked. 

Wickedly she teased, “Maybe even worse after everything you have done to me, Aeden.” 

The fact that they could talk so easily about what had been done to her almost felt as good as if they had put the past behind them. 

His hands moved along the front of her body and down around her posterior, only to return to cup her breasts gently. She also touched him over his thick thighs to his knees and returned up again. 

“I know you’re giving Redd milk for Angel,” he confessed.

She stopped her rubbing and waited to see if he would say something more. 

“Thank you,” he said.

Relaxing, she said, “I wanted our son to have something of mine in some way. I knew if I asked to be his wet nurse, you’d deny me.”

“I probably would out of pride and stubbornness,” he admitted.

This new side of Aeden was strange. Having his guard down, made her put her guard back up. What was he trying to accomplish? Or find out? What did Aeden know?

“How do you know, Redd?” he questioned, moving slightly to the side so he could look down at her. 

“She’s a street doctor. Where do you think I live?”

“And you’re still refusing to accept my generosity?” He had the nerve to look hurt.

“We aren’t going to start that again, are we?”

He sighed and nodded, accepting the fact she was not going to take anything from him. “How will I get in touch with you? How will Angel when he’s grown?”

“I’ll find a way by then, but I can’t stay here, Aeden.”

“Are you taking Naaji with you?”

“Of course not, but she doesn’t know that yet. I can’t. She still has a large debt to settle, and she has to stay here until she finishes paying her debt. My visa has expired, so I can’t stay in America any longer. I have to leave, and I don’t plan on coming back. This place hurts my soul.” She looked away from him, scared her eyes would reveal too much. 

He didn’t take this as deceit, but he still looked hurt, and she knew he probably wanted to say more to try to convince her, but he didn’t know what to say. His hands moved up to massage her shoulders.

“Is this a strange position to be in?” she questioned.

“Naked with you?” he asked.

Enola blushed and turned slightly to look at him, feeling powerfully supreme. “No. Speechless with no control over the situation.”

Aeden only looked down at her with a mischievous smile on his lips. Her hand cupped his cheek, and Aeden leaned into her palm as if letting her know he was at her mercy.

Moving her hand further to wrap around his neck, she pulled his lips to her for another delicious kiss as filled with passion as the last, making her insides all warm and tingling. Aeden met her passion equally.

She knew everything about being in this moment was morally wrong, incredibly stupid, but it felt so damn good. Enola accepted the wickedness and dived head in as she deepened the kiss by pressing her tongue between his lips. Delicious toffee enraptured her as he was a willing participant growling in wantonness until they both heard a tiny bell ring, and heard a click from the door. 

Their time in the room was up, but as they broke the kiss, staring intensely into each other’s eyes, they knew what was to come would be even more potent through the night.

Enola moved away from him, just as a light knock came to the door, and Beth entered a moment later, followed by Libby, who was holding two thick towels and two robes. 

Beth took the largest robe and held it up on Aeden’s side.

Libby and Beth looked away as Aeden rose out of the tub, but Enola didn’t blink as she watched him stand up, and the water trickle from his beautiful Hershey chocolate body.

He smirked down at Enola, knowing she watched him as he stepped into the towel out of the tub. 

Beth moved around the tub to his cigar and lit it for him before handing it to him. She moved to Libby to take the towels and robe away. “Please take care of our other guest that just arrived, Libby.”

Libby nodded and left the room.

Aeden instructed Enola, “Beth is going to take you to the room to prepare for me.” This knowing smirk stuck on his lip as he took a long drag of the cigar, while Enola raised from the tub.

He watched her the whole time with delight dancing in his eyes. 

Beth came around the tub holding the bathrobe near Enola. 

Stepping into the robe, Enola asked sarcastically, “Did you rent the whole floor again?”

“Of course,” he answered obviously. “It IS my wedding night.”

Straightening up her spine, she narrowed her eyes at him, but because they had an audience, she couldn’t rail her questions at him. How could he make her feel so much passion one minute and then so much anger then next?

Beth started from the room, and Enola couldn’t follow her fast enough so that she could get away from Aeden. She almost ended up bumping into another customer coming down the hall. 

“I’m sorry,” Enola apologized and looked up at the woman.

Petrya smiled. “Oh, my goodness. I can’t believe you’re here.”

“Me either,” Enola said wanted to burn up and die. 

Libby was standing next to Petrya, looking embarrassed. 

“I thought you were just a nanny,” Petrya said to Enola.

Enola didn’t know how to respond. This woman was going to be Aeden’s wife as of tomorrow, but tonight, he was going to be Enola’s lover. 

Beth interrupted their conversation, clearing her throat. “Libby, please get Ms. Larry to her massage. Your time is valuable, and you’ve been paid a pretty penny today.”

Libby nodded and encouraged Petrya to follow her with just body language.

Petrya held a finger up to Libby for a moment and looked at Enola. “I hoped that we could meet again. I wanted to thank you for your help that day.”

“You’re welcome.” 

Petrya took a card out of her robe and handed it to Enola. “I’m going on my honeymoon tomorrow, but in a week, can you give me a call so we may talk? I think we can become friends, and you’d be wonderful as my adopted son’s godmother.”

Enola wanted to pass out. Every ounce of mental energy had to be used to keep from blushing from head to toe in front of this woman. The hallway had started to spin around her slowly. 

Beth said urgently, “You really should get to your massage appointment, Miss Larry. I wouldn’t want you to miss a minute of it.”

The woman smiled and said dismissively to Beth, “Yes.” Yet, Petrya didn’t move from where she stood, clearly blocking Enola’s path down the hallway. “Oh my goodness, where are my manners, what’s your name again? I never caught your name properly. I’m so sorry,” Petrya said apologetically. 

Under her breath, Enola muttered, “I never threw it.” 

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Petrya asked, leaning in closer.

“It’s Enola.” She was too flustered to lie about anything. 

“Oh, that’s beautiful,” Petrya commended. “Beth is right. I really should go. Maybe we could meet here and get massages together; have a spa day together.” 

The room started to spin a little faster. Enola had to reach out and hold on to Beth’s arm to steady herself.

Petrya continued in her little world. “I think that’ll be perfect, don’t you?”

“Sure?” Enola said questionably confused as to how to handle this situation.

“I can’t wait to hear from you. it was so good to see you again,” Petrya said excitedly and then followed Libby into the massage room across from the door Enola had just exited out. 

Beth hurried to lead Enola out of the spa to a private hallway where there was an elevator. Enola was in a dazed, as she realized why Aeden was marrying Petrya. He could live his life the way he wanted without judgment, and that silly cow would make up her reality. They would be a sad couple but to everyone else… happy.

Why would he want to live a life like that getting his brand of justice to others, while being miserable?

Taking slow deep breaths, Enola used the time in the elevator to gather her equilibrium that was heading to the upper floors of the hotel. “I’ve never been so embarrassed in my entire life,” she confessed to Beth. 

“It could have been worse,” Beth responded. “You could have been his mistress, and she could have already been his wife. That has happened a lot more often here than anyone cares to admit. And some even know each other.”

Enola shook her head in disbelief. This entire situation was insane. What was she doing embroiled in this hot mess? 

Taking more deep breaths, she had to remind herself again why she there. Every survival instinct in her body wanted to run her butt home, pack all her stuff, grab her daughter, and never look back at the United States of American ever again. Yet, she had to keep her promise to give Aeden this one night. At which time, she would put him, her past, her sister, and everything else behind her. She would get lost in Canada

Beth led her to the room and instructed Enola to use the gold key to gain access. 

When Enola stepped into the room, Beth asked, “Can I be honest about something, ma’am?”

“After the afternoon I’ve had, honesty would be quite refreshing, Beth,” Enola encouraged.

“I was going to let you know that Mr. Faust has been coming to the spa for as long as I’ve been working at the new spa, and I’ve never seen him as happy as he was tonight with you.”

Enola didn’t know how to respond to this statement. 

Beth wasn’t looking for a response and continued, “I just thought I should let you know that, and he’s not paying me to make him look good. Matter of fact, I’m pretty much the only one who can deal with him. The other staff thinks he’s ornery and too particular. After all these years, I always feel sad for him because he never seemed like he was happy about anything, but he is a good tipper. In my mind, I’ve wished him well, but he’s never brought anybody with him before.”

Clarifying, Enola asked, “Never?”

Beth answered with a sad shake of her head.”  You’re the first woman I’ve ever seen him with.”

Enola hated Beth had given her this information because yet again, her heart was doing flip-flops at the idea of how special Aeden could make her feel even when he wasn’t around. “Thank you, Beth, for your honesty. I don’t have my personal effects to give you a tip. I’m sorry.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t accept the tip. As I said, Mr. Faust is a good tipper. He takes excellent care of us.” Beth took a deep breath and said, “I understand what’s happening, and I know this sounds rather crude, but I thank you for making him happy for least one night of his life.”

Beth wished her goodnight and then closed the door, leaving Enola standing there feeling crazy inside. 

Dazed, Enola slowly turned around to take in the room, which was similar to Naaji’s hotel room so long ago, but Enola could almost feel that day when she was carried through the door like a sack of potatoes, bound and gagged by Barron.

Would Aeden come bound and gagged? 

The thought gave her pleasure. Darnit, Enola, focus. Anytime he’d be in there, and she didn’t know what she was supposed to do with him. 

Enola paced, trying to remember everything that happened previously in the bathtub. Now that the fog of lust had faded, she could remember bits and pieces of their conversation. Particularly after their moment together. 

Aeden had said something about being careful like before. But that would indicate he had done something like this before, but Enola knew they had never done something like that which could only mean he’d done something with her sister and Aeden had confused the matter. 

Something happened Naaji had not told her. 

Frantically, she went over to her items from the spa on the couch in the front room on the loveseat seat. Her purse laid on top of her clothes, and she dug down to the bottom where the burner phone was Kansas City had given her. From her last horrible moment in life when she had lost everything, Enola remembered all phone numbers provided to her and never kept any in the memory of the phone. 

She dialed Naaji’s number, and her sister answered on the first ring, sounding very concerned. 

“Where are you?”

Enola immediately became suspicious. True, Naaji changed her ways, but deep down inside, Enola knew her sister struggled with her selfish behavior.

“Why do you ask?

Naaji responded, “Because I know you’ve put yourself in a horrible situation and that man is more dangerous than you know him to be.”

“Is it because you have forgotten to tell me something that I should know before I put myself in this situation, sister,” Enola asked. 

There was a small pause, and then Naaji said, “There are a lot of things I haven’t told you, Enola, about my time with Aiden, but it wasn’t as if I was trying to keep anything from you.”

“Oh really, so why is he so angry about you losing a baby?”

There was another long pause before her sister responded in terror. Her voice almost a whisper, “How does he know? How did he figure that out? Did you tell him something?” 

Enola demanded, “Naaji, he said this to me. He’s punishing me yet again for what you’ve done to him. Tell me the truth. I need to know everything before this night is over.

“Well, it’s a long story and, Enola, I didn’t think I needed to explain anything.”

“You need to explain everything, sister. Because this man is angry at me because he’s angry at you for deceiving him.”

Naaji had the nerve to breathe in exasperation. “I did get pregnant, but it wasn’t by him. I told you that. But I didn’t think he even knew I was pregnant. He must have found something out afterward and came to some conclusion.”

Enola could surmise this was the truth because initially at the Villa, Aeden wasn’t so angry about a baby, but now circumstances had changed for the worse. “So, why would he think that when you led me to believe you guys never had sex.”

“We’ve never had sex. There were times when I’d allow a little foreplay to get out of hand so that I could entice him away from the stodgy girlfriend of his. Being as sexy as Aeden is, sometimes, it got a little bit out of hand one or two times, but only because it was a way to get him closer to wanting to marry me. I teased him a lot, and we would have these grinding sessions.”

Appalled that her sister would pretend to be her and be so careless, she gasped. “That’s not me! You said you acted like me.”

Naaji exclaimed, “Do you know how difficult it is to be you, Enola, and try to get what you want out of life! I don’t know how YOU do it! I don’t know how you maintain your sanity or even be happy with yourself trying to please everyone. I had so much trouble trying always to be good and always trying to say the right things. Trying always to be properly cultured. I don’t think I could be you EVER again.”

Her sister’s confession shocked Enola. Reprimanding, she said, “You didn’t have to be me, Naaji. Why didn’t you try to be yourself?”

“Because that’s not what Aeden wanted. Aeden wanted YOU. Aeden fell in love with YOU. I had to be YOU to garner his attention or his love. It was just every once in a while, I could manipulate him my way, but that ONE time I let it get a little bit out of hand about eight months before the wedding.” Naaji sniffled pitifully and calmed down a little. “That was when Aeden decided to want to marry me because he knew he wanted to go even further, but only if we were married.”

“So, you had to be me ALL the time.”

Naaji confirmed, “All the time or his affections would wane. It was as if he was disgusted by anything other than YOU.”

Enola snorted in disbelief. “There is no love for me, Naaji. I think he’s just confused. He doesn’t know what he wants.”

“He desires you. That man is going to do anything and everything to have you the way he wants to have you. That’s why I’m so concerned about you and Angela. Now that he thinks that the baby was his, he’ll never stop hating me, and he’ll never stop hurting you. He’s going to get you, Enola. I know your heart is in it too. I know you love him. I also know you’ll eventually going to give him her.”

Quickly protesting, Enola said firmly, “I am not going to give him, Angela. He’s never going to know anything about her. After today I’m never going to see him again.”

Disappointedly, Naaji said, “You’re lying to yourself, sister. I know you love him, and I know he loves you, and you guys are going to realize something tonight, and you’ll become some odd side family he’ll covet, and he’ll make sure you never want to see me ever again. You’ll be under his control forever. I’ll have no contact with you or Angela.” 

Enola heard desolation in her sister’s voice. “That’s not true, Naaji. I can control this. I can control him.”

“No, you can’t. Aeden’s too smart, too strong!”

Enola was very sure of her power over Aeden now. Confidence from being in the bathtub with him, she remembered Redd’s words. She could have the upper hand with Aeden, and he not even realize anything. Yes, he was smart, except he was ignorant in matters of the heart. At least for tonight. “Don’t worry,” she assured Naaji. “I’ll make sure he won’t get what he wants, and Aeden will never want to see me again this time together.” 

“Why don’t I believe you, Enola? This past year, you have become stronger. I’ve realized a lot about this past year. If I’d known you like I come to know you this past year, I probably could have become you better. I think I’ve always known you were the better sister. You were the best in both of us. Deep down, I was always ashamed because I didn’t want the world to know that I was not good enough to be your twin,” Naaji admitted bereft. “All our lives, you’ve done everything right even when it hurt you. And I’ve always hated that about you. Because no matter how I tried, I always wanted to be selfish, and I always wanted to be the one in the spotlight, but I was doing it all wrong. And I felt if I hurt you, then you disappear, and I’d be worthy of having this face.”

Enola had wondered where the sense of confession from Naaji had originated. Now was not the time to go into this with her sister. “I’ll come right home after this, and we can talk some more, Naaji. I have to go.”

She hung up and stared at the phone for a long moment. When she went home, she would have to tell Naaji the truth. Enola planned to take Angela away and live in Canada for the rest of their lives. 

Unfortunately, with her debt, Naaji wouldn’t be able to join them immediately, and probably by the time the debt was paid, her sister wouldn’t be able to find them. Enola planned to stay hidden and never return to the United States ever again. Aeden would never find out about Angela, and Enola would never be tempted to see Angel.

True, Enola was running away from her heartache, but if she were to be a good mother to Angela, this would be the only way. 

Enola shook herself back to her reality and walked into the bedroom but stopped immediately at the doorway.

Beside the bed was an elongated wooden table on wheels, which looked specially set up because it wasn’t apart of the luxury furniture, topped with various instruments to bind someone. The tools included soft rope, handcuffs, and blindfolds. There was a cupboard under the table, but Enola was too terrified to look.

The bed had been modified, as well. The headboards were rails, which were perfect for all the instruments on the table.

At the end of the bed was a long nightgown, with surprisingly a matching headwrap. How odd for Aeden to be respectful to her culture after all he had done to her? 

Moving back over to the table by the bed, her fingers trembled as she started to touch the instruments knowing they had placed in this room… for her…

The burner phone vibrated abruptly. Looking at the screen, Enola recognized Redd’s phone number. She was almost inclined not to answer but was about to have a panic attack from looking at the table because she knew she was way over her head. 

Redd would serve a nice distraction while Enola tried not to think about the instruments on the side table by the bed. 

Grabbing the nightgown and the head wrap, she locked herself in the bathroom and turned on the sink just in case Aeden came in abruptly. 

Keeping her voice low, she asked worriedly, “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, she’s got him Kansas wrapped around her fingers. I’m staying with them because he has to leave for an hour to get his brothers out of trouble again. I called because you need to know, Aeden has figured out you were responsible for giving Angel the milk, and he knows I was your doula. He told me everything.”

“You just spoke to him?” Enola asked in a panic. “He told you we took a bath together?”

“Well, he only said he spoke with you at the spa. Were you in a tub with Aeden? You get to work, E.”

Blushing in embarrassment, she hissed, “Shut up, Redd. I thought when you said… never mind. How much does he know?”

“Enough, but not everything, if you know what I mean. Although Aeden said, he knows everything except he wanted details about Angel’s birth, which he knows you’d never give to him, in case anything goes wrong with the child.”

Insulted, Enola scoffed, “There’s nothing wrong with my son.”

Redd said calmly, “I know that, and you know that. He’s just trying to get more information out of me and hoping I trip up and reveal glitter came out of your ass.” She sniggered to herself. “I told him I wouldn’t, and he said if I didn’t, he would tell you everything I never wanted anyone to know.” 

Enola asked, “How does he know your secrets, Redd? I thought you had to introduce him to your services after he took Angel?”

“That’s not all the way true. He knew about me. I only needed to convince him to use my services, but when I understood what you told me about him knowing your smell, that it wasn’t me who convinced him to use my services. He had been convinced.” 

Her question was not answered, and Enola repeated the question. “How does he know your secrets, Redd?”

“Because I knew him… in college, Enola,” Redd admitted quietly. “I was his girlfriend in college.”

Enola gasped, realizing Redd was the woman who had initially aborted Aeden’s baby. 

His African Sweetheart – part 11 (c) 2019 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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12 thoughts on “His African Sweetheart – Part 11

  1. Can’t wait to see what Aedan has planned for Enola. I pray Enola can remain strong enough to not let Aedan in on the fact that they have a daughter. By what Redd said Aedan is suspicious of Angel”s birth. Wonder what he really suspects????

  2. Wow Aeden is thinking she is a twin so is there a possibility that Enola had twins so that is why she not fighting so hard for Angel….why she can provide milk, just overall not dui g what he perceives a mother would do who really love their child…..hmmm They need to really watch Nahji she feeling some kind of way from way back……

  3. I’m loving the feedback. Honestly, this was a hard chapter to write. I struggled with the character’s growth. I’m conflicted constantly with Aeden because he’s very difficult to hear. I hope I’m doing justice and we’re going down the road to closing this story up, so thank you for hanging on to the ride.

  4. Damn you are the queen of plots. That last one was a doozy, didn’t see that coming. Redd??? That new chick he is with is too damn ditzy for me or good at pretending. I can’t take it. Can’t wait for the next update.

      1. I can tell. You got me questioning myself, in a good way of course. 😆 Girl, but Godmother??? GODMOTHER? Is this chick really that ditzy or is she faking? I know you can’t answer that but… 👀 👀 👀

      2. SHHHHHhhhh…. And we’d have to go to the Wood Brother Series, which hasn’t been published at all yet. But one of the books and the series synopsis can be found in Work In Progress sylviahubbard.com/wip

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