His African Sweetheart – Part 10

Author’s Note:

Part 10 is a little over 4000. Yes, I’m a little late a posting, but this was a hard chapter to write. Coming into the moment where a character has to change for the better or worse is difficult and to wrap that around the suspense and romance that is happening around them is even more difficult, but I did it… I think. I’ll hear about it soon.

We are wrapping up the story because I gotta move on to the next, but I need to make sure all storylines are closed up. Let me know what am I not addressing and what do you think should happen at this point.

I’m also needing a new name for this book when it’s published so please suggest a great title in the sense of what you’ve read. I’d love to hear what you think.

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(Author’s Note: I do ask that you be 18 or over to read the following content. Thank you)


His African Sweetheart

Part 10

By Sylvia Hubbard

Part 10

Her stomach churned in anxiety and her senses were on high alert. Aeden was trying to get her off her game so she couldn’t fall into his traps. 

The hotel employee led her to an elevator where she was taken to the second floor. Enola noticed in order for the elevator doors to open on the floor the employee had to scan their badge and then when the elevator stopped on the second floor, the employee took the gold key card and scanned.

When they were getting off the elevator, the employee handed Enola the gold key card and then led her straight to a high white desk with a model-est type skinny black woman sat with a warm smile. 

“I’m Beth,” the desk personnel said and then waved the employee away before extending her hand to Enola.

Enola didn’t know whether to kiss the back of this woman’s hand or shake it from the regal persona this woman emitted. 

She did the latter introducing herself. “I’m Enola.”

“Yes, we know. We’ve been expecting you.” Beth picked up a white clipboard. “You’re to go through the Platinum Partner Treatment to prepare you in time for dinner tonight in the restaurant by nine.”

“Nine is rather late,” Enola said. “What could I possibly do in a spa for five hours?”

Beth smirked. “What couldn’t you do? Have you been to a spa before, Ms. Enola?”

“No, and you can drop the Miss?” she asked annoyed. 

Ticking her tongue and shaking her head, Beth said, still in a cheery tone, “I cannot drop the Miss. It’s protocol we title everyone who comes to the Gates Spa; even though this is a mini location, we still have to follow all the rules and regulations. Mr. Gates loves to make sure we’re doing our job even when we’re not around.” She gave Enola a wink as if everything was understandable. “In any case, since you haven’t been to a spa before I swear you this experience will be the one you will remember for the rest of your life.”

Taking a deep breath, Enola forced herself to relax. She never got the appeal of going to a spa so curiosity was certainly killing her, but the fact this was a gift from Aeden meant she needed to be on her guard and most likely wouldn’t enjoy this whole experience. 

Beth continued, “Now the Platinum Partner Treatment consists of a full mired bath from rainforest substances. Next, a full body scrub with Hawaiian black sand. You’ll be groomed and then -”

“Groomed?” Enola interrupted. “What on earth are you grooming?”

Beth responded matter of factly, “Places where hair shouldn’t be.”

“Why would I need or want anyone grooming any personal places on my body?”

The woman’s eyes widened as if Enola should know why grooming in personal places was necessary and Beth said, “This is our most popular package and most expensive package. It used to be nicknamed the mistress package.” 

“I’m not trying to be anyone’s mistress,” Enola said disgustedly.

“Even wives get this package for entertaining their husbands.” 

“I am not trying to entertain any man,” Enola said with a stoic face. 

Beth huffed, “Well sometimes we women just need to feel beautiful and I guarantee that this package will make you feel just delicious from the inside out.” She looked down at her clipboard and smiled with enthusiasm. “There’s also an additional massage package with one of our best masseuses. She’s coming from the main campus and her massages are to die for. Whoever loves you paid a pretty penny to have her because her schedule is booked and this looks like last-minute scheduling so he must have paid a lot of money.”

Flippantly, Enola let her anger encompass her, “I don’t care how much it cost and if this was Aeden Faust he certainly only loves himself. I really don’t want to be here.”

The woman looked deeply insulted and very upset. “You know this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some women. I would give my left breast to have this package given to me for free. This is four weeks of my paycheck. So when you stand here and say you don’t care or you don’t want it you are insulting a lot of women who wish they could be in your position. It doesn’t matter who’s paying for or how it’s being paid just enjoy it, especially since it’s not coming out of your wallet.”

Calming down, Enola decided to calm down and take this woman’s advice. Aeden had gotten her nerves up in a pickle and she knew she was taking her frustrations out on this woman and it wasn’t Beth’s fault. “I’m sorry,” Enola apologized. “This is all new to me. I really haven’t been to a spa in my whole life and you’re right I should just enjoy myself.” And the fact that Aeden was not around, did help calm her.

Beth went immediately back to her chipper self. “Let’s get you in a robe add ready.”

“Will I have privacy or will I be surrounded by other women?”

Looking down at her clipboard, Beth said, “It’s specified all sessions are to be done in complete privacy and we even had a light towel head wrap for your hair.”

Enola wanted to scream at how thoughtful Aeden was being by respecting her traditions even when she wasn’t around.

Damn him for this! Just Damn him altogether. Aeden Faust was a selfish insane asshole and she wasn’t going to fall for any of this over thoughtful tricks anymore. 

Whatever he was trying to pull Enola had to keep her senses on high and not be enticed by him ever again. 


By the time Enola made it to the private massage room basked in the smells of lavender and peppermint oil, aside from the painful grooming process, she was too relaxed.

She swore she would make sure she started a fund for her to bring herself to the spa once a year to treat her body to the deliciousness she felt now.

The private massage room had pillowed walls and candlelights everywhere. There was a massage table in the middle of the room and there were large towels and sheets on a side table. 

A moment after she entered, Beth and another woman, who was quite tall, entered. 

“Well, how is your experience going?” Beth asked.

Enola admitted, “It is is going perfectly actually. I have already devised a spa purse to come every year for this experience. I apologize for my earlier nonchalance.” 

“That’s okay,” Beth forgave. “It looked as if you had a lot on your mind coming in, but I hope we have helped just a little bit.”

The other woman started preparing something a table across the room with her back to them.

“This has,” Enola said. “It has helped a whole lot.”

“Good,” Beth responded and then tapped the other woman on the shoulder lightly.

The woman turned to them with a calm smile. 

“This is Libby and she is the masseuse from the main campus I was talking to you about. Her hands are magic and you will love it. She’s mute. Libby lost her voice box from scarlet fever when she was sixteen, but she hears quite well. If there are any instructions she usually writes them down. Most times, Libby just lets her hands do the talking.” Beth winked. “Your benefactor paid a handy price because to get Libby at the last minute is very difficult.”

Libby even nodded at this point.

Enola tried not to let the fact Aeden was funding this endeavor ruin her excitement of Libby’s massage. 

Beth finished instructing. “If you could please get the sheet, disrobe and wrap the sheet loosely around you after I leave. Once you relax on the table, face down, Libby will get right to work.” 

Libby pointed at Enola’s head.

“Oh yes, Libby wanted to know since you have complete privacy, would you mind a scalp massage?”

This was Enola’s first massage but she had faith that Beth would not leave her in careless hands and they were completely private, so taking advantage of the full experience would be wonderful.

She gave permission. “That’s fine.”

Beth winked in approval before leaving them alone. It took a moment for Enola to situate herself on the table, but once she relaxed, Libby got straight to work.

And Enola was transported to heaven. Libby’s hands elicited uncontrollable moans from Enola’s lips as every muscle was kneaded and pressed to relaxation.

At one point, Enola was sure she had passed out and when she awoke Libby was down by her feet making each toe feel beautiful. Somehow, Enola was turned over and the sheet was loosely over her body.

Libby did a once over then pulled a notebook out. 

Enola read the note Libby handed her. “How do you feel?”

“Amazing,” Enola noted.

“Beth will be in soon. You may put back on your robe.”

“Thank you.”

Libby nodded and left the room to give Enola a moment to herself to put back on her robe and wrap her hair again. 

Enola really had enjoyed herself and didn’t want to admit to Aeden had given her a nice present. 

Beth came in just as happy as ever an Enola was starting to believe the woman was on some type of uppers.

“How long was that massage?” Enola asked stretching.

“About an hour.”

“It definitely didn’t feel like an hour, but it felt wonderful,” Enola said.

“Good. The last thing is what we call an almond butter bath. It’s a special bath with special aromas. We steam the room to open the pores. You’re enclosed inside for two hours but you can stay in the tub. The door is automatically locked once you’re inside so we don’t open it and you don’t come out. The whole two hours are needed for the full-body soak to be effective. Afterward, the door unlocks. You’re booked for the room for four hours.” 

Enola was ready and the longer she stayed away from Aeden the better. 

Beth led her to the door and smiled. “The pass you were given opens the door. I’ll be done with my shift by the time you’re done, but I want to let you know you’ve been wonderful to treat.”

“Thank you, Beth,” Enola said gratefully and walked through the door. 

The steam was thick in the all white-tiled room, but the floor was heated and that was nice. She could see the foot of the tub, but the steam seemed to thick up so she couldn’t really make out the top of the tub until she slowly started to make her way toward the middle of the room.

The door closed as soon as she walked in and she heard the lock click. At that same moment, she came upon the tub and gasped.

“Well, it’s about time,” Aeden said, slowly blowing out a long puff of cigar smoke.

He was naked… in the tub… IN THE TUB!

She wanted to scream but the terror in her chest wouldn’t let her. Instead, she backed up until her back hit the door and she tried to turn the knob, but nothing happened.

Turning around she desperately tried to get the door open.

“Scared?” he questioned. “I could come to help you-”

“No!” she almost shouted. Closing her eyes, she took in a slow deep breath. Trapped in the room with HIM for two hours. This had to be planned.   

Aeden was testing her. He was trying to break her down, weaken her more and desecrate her so he could have control.

Turning around slowly, she braced herself and had to force herself to become Naaji. If Naaji was here, she wouldn’t back down. She could become some seductress, right? 

How would Enola know when she refused to ever talk to her sister about being with Aeden? Naaji had tried to get details, but Enola refused to talk about her sister about her sexual encounters. 

“We have to talk, Enola. And there’s no time like now.” He dashed his cigar out on a table next to the tub.

“We could have a decent and proper talk across a table where we have clothes on,” she insisted.

He actually chuckled. “What fun would that be?” 

“You’re insane.”

“Probably, but clearly I needed to catch you off guard. Really, Enola? You’re still scared of me?”

Walking confidently to the bathtub again, she kept her eyes on his face. He now sported a three-day stubble beard, trimmed to perfection and on his square jaw, he was sexier than ever. His thick Afro Fade highlighting his natural curl was lined just right connecting his beard. His light sparse dark hairs on his chest called out to be touched, wrapped in and stroked, but she resisted the urge.

He still kept his body in great muscular condition and below the smokey waterline, she could remember the length and thickness of his phallic and what he could do to her body. She still forced her eyes to stay on his face though.

The tub was huge and would most likely fit her body with his, but she was scared of herself of what could happen if she got in the water with him.

“Why did you need to catch me off guard, Aeden?” she asked seriously.

Aeden smirked. “You were winning and you know I hate to lose.”

“Winning? How?”

“Get in the water and I’ll tell you,” he promised.

She looked down at the water and then looked at his face again. “Are you trying to get out of your end of the bargain?”

“No,” he answered. “I have our hotel room upstairs and ready for us to make sure you get what you wanted from me. That’s why I felt we should talk beforehand. Get things out of the way.”

“Close your eyes,” she ordered.

He shook his head, still smirking. “Get in the tub, without the robe and join me, Enola. You’ll have all night to tie me up and do whatever you want, but for now, we talk.”

She really had no idea what she was going to do to him later, so maybe this would serve as a distraction or a time-waster before she had to eat her words later on. Tie him up? Force him to enjoy himself? She would have to become a mega goddess seductress before the end of the night? 

Enola took a deep breath and unloosened the robe. Turning her back to him, she let the robe fall to her feet. Quickly stepping into the water on the other side of the tub, she hunched down and used her hands to cover her chest, while drawing her knees up to wrap her arms around them for balance and covering. The facet was behind her, but she wasn’t trying to lay back. 

The water was very warm and silky. She could smell the Almond Butter immediately and knew the soak would be wonderful on her skin. She was just mad she couldn’t really enjoy the luxurious soak with Aeden there.

“Good,” he said. “Now that we’re comfortable, we can talk.” His tone was filled with sarcasm.

“I’m not trying to get comfortable with you, Aeden. Answer my question,” she insisted.

“You’ve managed to erase yourself off the grid completely. You’re looking no worse for wear and you turned over Angel just a little bit too easy.”

“It wasn’t easy to give you my son,” she said stiffly.

“But it was easy not to cash the check I left at the hospital,” he responded quickly.

She tightened her whole body not wanting to give him the satisfaction smile that wanted to play on her lips. 

“You were given that check on your exit interview. I made specific arrangements to have it given to you then and you refused it?” 

Enola remembered the exit nurse handing her the exit papers with the check attached. “I wasn’t going to allow you to clear your conscious by paying me off. You’d already paid the hospital bill.”

He tightened his grip on the side of the tub. “You gave no address and no insurance. I knew you couldn’t possibly handle that bill. You noticed I paid it so I know you saw the check. Plus, how would you have paid the bill? You had nothing. I made sure of that.”

“Oh yes, you burned my home, left me with no I.D. and no way to get my life together, so yes, you’re right. I had nothing. I was nothing.”

He slammed his fist on the metal tub making the water vibrate. 

She wasn’t afraid of him and even straightened up her spine as if to say, “Do your worse, Aeden.”

Leaning forward, Aeden looked as if he were gathering his control. His hands had tightened on the side of the tub. “You were a tool I needed to get the justice your sister deserved for what she did.”

“And it was all about you?”

“It was all about the baby she aborted. I’m sick and tired of women taking away my right to be a father.”

Enola paused as she could see a terrible hurt on his face and knew something deeper was going on. Quietly she questioned, “Naaji wasn’t the only woman who did that?”

He flinched as if she had scratched him and lowered his eyes to the milky water. “No, she wasn’t. There was another. We’d been seeing each other since college and she disapproved of my way of getting justice. It could have been the stress of her medical residency or the huge distaste she had for what I was doing, but we had a vicious argument when she was nineteen weeks pregnant and she screamed that she hoped Karma did its job on me. The next morning, I was called to the hospital. She claimed she lost the baby in her sleep, but she was glad about it because she would hate me for the rest of her life and maybe I didn’t deserve the gift.”

Every fiber of her being wanted to reach out and touch him, hold him and kiss him for the pain he emitted, but Enola held legs tighter to her chest. “She had a point. Your way hurt people.”

“That’s not my fault. It’s their fault for the wrong they did.”

“And hurting me was my fault?”

“Unfortunately we cannot pick our family, but you could have left. I didn’t keep you prisoner. You thought you were helping her and that’s the moment you fooled yourself.”

His cold attitude wrenched her away from feeling pity for him. “You’re a horrible person, Aeden. I don’t care how you try to justify anything. You’re only doing all this because you’re still a hurt little boy trying to get the justice your mother never fought to get for herself.”

“If I’m such a horrible person, why’d you give birth to MY child?!” he demanded to know.

Understanding came to her soul about him. “You felt I was going to abort too?”

“I just knew you were. I had done every worst possible thing to you. I purposely took everything away from you and I expected no less.”

“And this is why I’m winning. I broke your odds. I made your statistics and knowledge look like trash? I’m not someone you put on paper and predict what I’m going to do, Aeden. I’m my own person and you cannot ever know my heart because you have no heart.”

“So why did you give birth? Why did you keep the baby when you knew there was nothing?’

Screaming in frustration, she said, “Because HE deserves to live! He didn’t ask for any of  this and I felt just one beautiful lovely thing had to blossom from the evil and horribleness my life had become.” Tears streamed down her cheek remembering her son, feeling him on her chest, smelling the goodness and pureness and seeing the love in his eyes for her. “I put the last of my love for a man in him. Angel is my heart.”

“And why did you give him up so easily?” Aeden questioned. “Are you that weak that he’s not worth fighting for.”

She rubbed her tears away with the back of her hand and answered. “Angel is worth fighting my last breath for but you’re not worth fighting with, Aeden. You don’t play fair and there is little left of my soul and spirit to go back and forth.” Taking a deep breath, she gathered her dignity around her like a cloak. “Plus, I don’t want my son to see his mother suffer like that. If I’d had kept him, you’d have made my life difficult raising him, but giving him up and never seeing him again, well, it’s tearing me apart to be this close to him, so I’m going to leave. I’m going to get as far away from here as possible.”

His hands suddenly relaxed and moved down in the water as he hung his face down so she couldn’t see what he was thinking. 

“I don’t want my son to grow up and see what you’ll do if I stay close by because I know I will most likely break the agreement again and try to see him,” she admitted. “This time had to be goodbye… forever.”

There was a long silence before he asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’d be a fool to tell you where I’m going, Aeden, after what you did to my last house.”

He nodded and moved down in the tub until only his neck and face were above the water. “What if I promise I won’t hurt you anymore, Enola, give you a place to stay and allow you to see your son once a month on supervised visits… alone without Naaji.”

She was shocked by the offer but knew it was too good to be true. “You’re a good liar, Aeden. Keeping me shacked up with limits would be just another way to continue to hurt Naaji. And only seeing my son once a month? That’s even more torture. If I cannot see him on my terms, which is all the time, I do not want to see him at all.”

He narrowed his eyes. “You’re a fool.”

“I’ll be the fool and be done with this life… you… our past… my son…” Her voice shook at the last, but she took a deep breath and slowly let the air from her lungs. I need to move on or I’ll be stuck like you are.”

His fist hit the side of the tub again. “I’m not stuck. I’m-”

She cut him off. “Doing justice. I know, Aeden.” Rolling her eyes around, she said, “And hell just needs your help.”

“It’s Karma.”

Snorting, she said, “And in ten years when Angel asked you what you do? Is this what you will tell him?”

“I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done.”

“Answer the question. Will you be able to look into your son’s eyes and tell him what you have done, honestly? To others who got in the way? To his mother?”

“There are things called justifiable evil and if you’re not going to let me help you out-”

Again she cut him off, “I don’t want ANYTHING from you! Why don’t you get that?! Everything you’ve given me breaks me, but when Angel asks… why I left, I only ask you to tell him the truth about me. Tell him you were stronger, smarter and unbeatable. Tell him I had nothing but him to love but I was unable to win against you.”

“So after this, I will never see you again?” he questioned looking at her as if she had cut him. His hands dipped down in the water and he touched her feet.

She flinched but didn’t physically protest or abhor his touch. “Nothing you can do or say will make me change my mind.” Yet her body was welcoming him to feel her. She knew it. He knew it.

Aeden didn’t speak as his hands massaged the milky oil bath into her skin. She allowed him to pull her feet to him and he rested her heel on his shoulder. She had to use one hand to hold onto this side of the tub, while he rubbed her calf and then moved down to her thigh.

They never broke eye contact as he switched up her leg and she didn’t retract her initial leg to her but allowed her calf to rest over his thigh. She did have to haunch a little more in the water and hold on to the side. Maybe it was the milky oil or maybe it was his touch… maybe it was both, but she was starting to relax.

When he had finished massaging her other thigh, his long arms moved together forward to gather her posterior and lift her to him until she straddled his waist. He was still low in the water, so she could put her arms on the side of the tub to hold her chest away from him.

His hands began to massage her back and she had to close her eyes for a long moment because she couldn’t help but luxuriate in the pleasure of everything feeling so good, so peaceful, so needed.

Aeden’s mouth said one thing, but she could hear his body saying something different. Just like when they made love for the first time, he spoke volumes with his touch and all she could hear was how much he needed her. 

The offer to stay wasn’t just for Angel and deep down inside Enola knew that, but Aeden was just too damn stubborn to admit the truth. 

Redd was right. Aeden would probably do anything to keep her and Enola really had power over him all along. She could possibly make this man love her if she really opened herself up to him. To become the enticing seductress with so much power at her fingertips sent a hurricane of lust through her soul.

The tub was incredibly wide and she wondered about the possibilities of forgiving Aeden for all he had done and making love, right there in that moment. Maybe he’d forget about marrying Petrya and want to be with Enola forever.

Maybe he’d say how much he had loved Rnola and he was a stupid fool to hold a grudge in his life for so long, but the love they’d made would make him forget all of that and want to live happily with her?

Maybe Aeden Faust would let her be a mother to her son and make her his wife forever?

His African Sweetheart – part 10 (c) 2019 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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12 thoughts on “His African Sweetheart – Part 10

  1. Aeden is smart but in the beginning, this whole ruse started with Naaji tricking him into having sex with her sister because they hadn’t been sleeping together she was trying to be “old fashioned”….so here he is saying that her sister aborted a baby and another girl miscarried and he is pissed because of that…
    Great speech Enola gave about not agreeing with the offer for him to let her see the baby once a month on “supervised visits”…..

  2. I think Naaji and Aeden set Enola up from the beginning. He just told on himself when he said Naaji aborted his child. Supposedly they never had sex that’s why Naaji tricked Enola in the first place. Something is sour in that almond milk bath, lol.

  3. I enjoyed chapters 1 – 9. The suspense and the conflicting love/hate moments made for good reading. Keep my interest. Chapter 10 puts the icing on the cake. The uncertainty was on point. And the intimate scene was perfect for what is to come next. (Whatever that is!!!!)

    The way I see it, Enola can never have a relationship with Aeden, long or short. (Maybe quickies! lol) If he finds out about Angela, the other baby, somebody is going to die. It would be an exciting twist if she gets pregnant again and has another multiple birth. This time it could be more the twins — triplets or quads. I know that Enola could take care of the babies. But, would she be able to keep the babies hidden from Aeden. I hope there is a Chapter 11 that will give hints on the direction Enola will take.

  4. There are too many “what ifs” and a round of sex is not going to make Aeden forget his pain. He definitely has feelings for Enola, but his need to place hurt on others is too strong. He has been on the revenge path so long it would take great effort on his part to want to change.

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